JAKARTA, Indonesia—A machete-wielding man injured three police officers outside the capital and tried to set off a bomb before being fatally shot, in the latest attack here that police say may be linked to Islamic State.

As an additional complication, super large provinces like East, West and Central Java have intermediary co-ordinating commands (Polisi Wilayah or Polwil) designed to enhance co-ordination between provincial commands and districts (to illustrate, Polda Jawa Barat in West Java has no less than 29 district commands – a major challenge for command and control). However Polri has a stated commitment to dismantle these Polwil in the near future.[7]

Bareskrim or RESKRIM (Indonesian: Badan Reserse Kriminal), lit; Criminal Investigation Agency, is an internal police unit of the Indonesian national police, its main duty is to investigate criminal activity and crime identification

The key tasks of the Indonesian National Police are to:

The headquarters, known as Markas Besar/Mabes in Indonesian, is located in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta near the national police museum.

An official admission of violence by police officers came in 2016 when Chief Gen. Badrodin Haiti admitted that officers of the Detachment 88 anti-terror unit were responsible for the death in custody of terrorist suspect Siyono, who died of heart failure after being kicked hard enough in the chest to fracture his ribs. The Indonesian National Commission on Human Rights stated in March 2016 that at least 121 terror suspects had died in custody since 2007[28]

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There are several units within the National Police of Indonesia which is known as Kesatuan which are:

In 28 June 2010 and 21 April 2013,numerous Tempo magazines are bought in extremely numbered all over Jakarta by a group of people that wearing the police uniforms,Tempo said that the magazines are lifted some police officials secret bank account containing a million of united states dollar and exclusive property in South Jakarta.

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SABHARA (Samapta Bhayangkara) is the main public unit of the National Police of Indonesia that directly supervises the public order and public security. It is the most common police unit in the country which actively conducts patroling and community service. This unit becomes the first dispatch for standard law enforcement, policing activities and public matters affairs.

This police unit is known as (Indonesian: Direktorat Reserse Narkoba) is a police unit responsible for the handling and prosecution of illegal drugs and narcotics.

Mitsubishi Lancer Indonesian Vital Object Protection ("Pam Obvit") unit patrol car

The DIR is located at the INP Headquarters.  Its main working priorities include;

Because the DIR  has a key role to play not only in assisting the INP to fight international and transnational crime but also in drafting legislation on extradition and mutual legal assistance, it enjoys excellent working relationships with all governmental and law enforcement institutions.

Heavy arms are always available to Indonesian police personnel, such as the Heckler & Koch MP5 sub-machine gun, Remington 870 shotgun, Steyr AUG assault rifle, M4 carbine, M1 Carbine. and other weapons. The standard rifle for the Indonesian National Police are the Pindad SS1 and the M16 rifle. Units are also issued the "Sabhara"/Police V1-V2 Pindad SS1 special law enforcement assault rifle.

In the Indonesian Armed Forces and Police, there are three types of uniform worn by service personnel. there are Ceremonial uniform, service uniform, and field uniform. The one on the picture (right) is an example of service uniform of the police force. Field uniform example is at the "Sabhara" unit above.

The Indonesian National Police is also taking part in international UN missions. The Indonesian Police Force has been providing security and protection to Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) for nearly one and half year while Indonesia’s Formed Police Units (FPUs) have been a very capable and integral part of UNAMID’s mandated-task of protecting people of Darfur.[3]

Customized Ford Ranger Mobile Brigade Special Police Operational vehicle

BAINTELKAM POLRI (Indonesian: Badan Intelijen dan Keamanan Polisi Republik Indonesia) is one of the main tasks of police executing agency in the field of intelligence.

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The Indonesian Police Force is not to be confused with the Municipal Police of Indonesia which is known in Indonesian as: "Satpol PP" (Civil Service Police Unit) which is the municipal police unit of Indonesia. Their uniform are slightly different with the Indonesian Police which is mainly all Khaki where in the other hand the Indonesian police force wear brownish grey and dark brown.

The strength of the Indonesian National Police ("POLRI") stood at approximately up-to 387,470 in 2011 and the number is increasing every year. It also includes up-to 12,000 water police ("Polair") personnel and an estimated 40,000 People’s Security ("KAMRA") trainees who serve as a police auxiliary and report for three weeks of basic training each year.

Kepolisian Negara Republik Indonesia – The Indonesian National Police (INP) – ranks as a Ministry in itself and answers directly to the President of the Republic of Indonesia.

The Traffic Police Corps ("Korlantas") usually uses vehicles such as the Mazda 6, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, Toyota Vios, Ford Focus sedans, Hyundai Elantra and Ford Rangers colored white and blue. Some vehicles for traffic patrol are also used such as the Toyota Rush and Daihatsu Terios. Sedan types are usually used for highway and road patrolling and escort. Double-Cab types are usually used for Traffic incidents and traffic management law enforcement activities.

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The standard issue sidearm to all Indonesian National Police officers is the Taurus Model 82 revolver in. 38 Special. While police personnel attached to special units such as Detachment 88, Gegana and BRIMOB are issued with the Glock 17 semi-automatic pistol.

(Indonesian: Divisi Profesi dan Pengamanan Polisi) or is known as DIV PROPAM is the internal affairs of the Indonesian National Police. This police unit supervises and maintains discipline in the internal scope of the national police. Personnel of this unit are identifiable with their blue berets and wear dark blue brassard printed 'PROV'.

In Bali, corrupt officers routinely extort bribes from tourists. In 2013 a YouTube appeared of a policemen demanding Rp200,000, which he then used to buy beer, which he drank with the tourist.[24]

In 2014 the Human Rights Watch reported that a physical virginity test is routinely performed on female applicants to the police force.[27] Human Rights Watch decried the practice as unscientific and degrading.[27]

Police vehicles colored orange usually Ford Focus and Mitsubishi Lancer sedans and white-orange Chevrolet Captivas are operated by the Vital Object Protection unit ("Pam Obvit") and usually parked outside and operated for international embassies, airports, and other special specified locations. It is also used by the Tourist police for patrol.

Subdit-Satwa K9 (Indonesian: Polisi Satwa) is an Indonesian Police unit in the specialization of wild-life and animal agency. This unit provides K-9 dogs for police activity and investigation.

Other customized vehicles used for mobilization of police personnel are usually modified Isuzu Elfs and Toyota Dynas with horizontal side sitting facilities inside of the trunk covered by dark colored canvas for canopy. Costumed patrol pick-ups with mounted sitting facilities on the trunk covered with canopy are also operated by the police to carry police personnel during patrol, the pick-ups are usually Isuzu Panther pick-ups and usually operate in rural areas.

The Police In Indonesia

In 2014,Budi Gunawan,the National police chief assistant candidate was being investigated by the national corruption commission for about two days after they found out that his income shows something strange. Media believe that he was protected by some big people and many people disagree when he was chosen as the national police chief assistant.Until now,many books and murals described Budi Gunawan and the police for their corruption.

The National Police Force of Indonesia had changes for uniform colours about 3 times, the periods are:

INTERPOL is the world’s largest international police organization, with 190 member countries. Our role is to enable police around the world to work together to make the world a safer place. Our high-tech infrastructure of technical and operational support helps meet the growing challenges of fighting crime in the 21st century.

In carrying out these basic tasks, Police are to:

Our global police communications channels and internationally recognized alert systems allow police around the world to share data instantly and securely. A 24-hour contact point and specialized teams provide targeted support to serious crime or disaster incidents. 

In the eyes of the people, the National Police force is "corrupt, brutal, and inept".[2] Even becoming a police officer can be expensive, with applicants having to pay up to Rp90 million, according to Indonesia Police Watch head, Neta Saputra Pane.[18]

NA-DFC The National Agency of Drug and Food Control