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He did not give details but said security had been redoubled, Swiss police had been contacted and security measures had been taken to ensure the council meeting could go on "with calm and dignity".

As the new Philippines government takes an uncompromising line on crime, will it finally end rampant gun violence?

"The government must understand that the system that they have set up is simply unacceptable in the modern world," Smith said.

Moore explains why Clinton has his vote, and we debate the cause of Venezuela's financial turmoil.

The INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) for Eritrea is located at the EPF headquarters, in close proximity to all other national law enforcement agencies. 

Turkish President Erdogan challenges US support for Kurdish fighters in operation to seize Raqqa from ISIL.

Harrowing insight into the rise and fall of one of the world's most cruel dictators.

The UN inquiry, constrained by its terms of reference, stopped short of declaring whether Eritrea's government was committing crimes against humanity but recommended this be examined further, so that a decision could be taken about whether to refer the case to the ICC.

"Systematic and gross human rights abuses" on scale seldom seen may include crimes against humanity, report finds.

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Sheila Keetharuth, one member of the commission, said the threats were "specific" but declined to give details.

Police'n Hizbin Eritrea Police Crime Report (July 22, 2015)

Eritrea has not cooperated with the investigators nor let them into the country. It has tried to discredit the methodology and motives of the report but has not shown any contrary evidence, Smith said.

Tesfamicael Gerahtu, Eritrea's ambassador to the United Kingdom and Ireland, was upbraided by Ruecker for telling the council that the commission was "ignorant" and had "a sinister political agenda" and that their report - based on 550 interviews and 160 written statements - was "a travesty of justice".

Eritrea's neighbours Djibouti and Somalia are backing a Human Rights Council resolution to extend the team's mandate for a year to enable it to say if crimes against humanity were committed, and to ensure "full accountability".

The story of Somalia's decline from stability to chaos and the problems facing its people at home and abroad.

At INTERPOL today, we have a strong network of 190 member countries, each represented by a National Central Bureau and committed on a daily basis to international police cooperation.

INTERPOL is the world’s largest international police organization, with 190 member countries. Our role is to enable police around the world to work together to make the world a safer place. Our high-tech infrastructure of technical and operational support helps meet the growing challenges of fighting crime in the 21st century.

Joachim Ruecker, the president of the council, said on Tuesday that the investigators had been subjected to "various threats and acts of intimidation in their hotel and in the streets since their arrival in Geneva".

Our global police communications channels and internationally recognized alert systems allow police around the world to share data instantly and securely. A 24-hour contact point and specialized teams provide targeted support to serious crime or disaster incidents. 

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More on Eritrea: From child soldier to Swedish parliamentarian

The law enforcement in Eritrea is carried out by the National Police and Security Forces, commanded by Brigadier General Simon Ghebredengel, and by the Eritrean Police Force, commanded by Colonel Beraki Mehary Tsegai; there is also the INTERPOL National Central Bureau in Asmara, who is headed by Abraham Debesai. According to INTERPOL, major security issues are human trafficking, terrorism and maritime piracy. [1]

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Clashes erupt as police break up protest camp in the path of pipeline construction that threatens sacred land.

The Police In Eritrea

Mike Smith, who led the inquiry, said the Eritrean government had a choice between carrying out meaningful political reform or further UN scrutiny that could lead to it being referred to the International Criminal Court.

It registers the complicity of the Eritrean government in trafficking and its failure to prosecute those involved in these human rights abuses.

INTERPOL Asmara is staffed by four EPF officers. 

NCB Asmara is the national platform that allows domestic law enforcement agencies to take their investigations beyond the Eritrean borders and get investigative support and input from other INTERPOL member countries. The NCB’s responsibilities comprise:

People & Power on 'Africa's North Korea', plus Iran's remote and dangerous border region.

This is the official report by the U.S. State Department – and it is damning.

Kurdish Peshmerga forces say they've seized control of nearly three-quarters of Bashiqa, a town 13km east of Mosul city.

Eritrea, one of the poorest countries in Africa, declared independence from Ethiopia in 1993. An exodus of Eritreans fleeing to Europe by crossing the Mediterranean is widely blamed on the harsh conditions in the country.

Switzerland has given police protection to three UN investigators into Eritrea's human rights record  after a top official said they had received threats on the streets of Geneva and at their hotel.

A Reuters witness saw Swiss police guarding the team even though the meeting was held within the United Nations compound in Geneva.

The story of Turkey's media crackdown, told through the numbers. Plus, the state of the media in Serbia today.

Training consists in a 2-3 months-long training for those with prior military experience, while it is 5-months long for civilians.[4]

A three-part documentary series chronicling the Tuareg struggle for an independent homeland.