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I became a fan in "we believe" season, It's like a dream to see this team killing it. There aren't many gsw fans in Turkey I guess. It's nice to see you too (:

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I am a man (: I think there is a misunderstanding here' so let's start again. How do you make money from those sites? I thought only girls who exhibit their titties can earn money from those kinds of camshows. Am I missing something?

4 hours a day seems like a great deal, I'm going to check that out asap.

Now we all know how /u/thrwwtrk earns his moneyzzz

I never really considered bartending. Do you know the average wage of those kinds of jobs? In addition to that, continuous nightlife and school seems like a bad mix. Especially if you want to be good at school.

Anyway, these are my ideas. They can seem ridiculous and I accept. but if you want to earn money, you have to be a little creative...

How many days in a week do you work? Is your schedule flexible?

I earned quit a bit by teaching guitar lessons and doing translation during university. Other menial labor jobs are slavery in comparison.

There is a link on where to buy currency at the top right of this page.

Exchange a little into Lira before you go for the first day or so while you get your bearings. If you have Euro left from previous trips bring them along as well but don't bother exchanging to Euro before you travel. The rate of exchange is always slightly better here in Turkey than the UK. GBP are widely accepted except on dolmus and in smaller shops. There are plenty of exchange office and banks. Don't exchange at your hotel though as they generally offer a lower rate :o)

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"I applied for some part time jobs but they offer a very little amount of money(something like 50 turkish liras for 10 hours of work and for me it's the equivalent of ""SLAVERY"" and some of them don't even offer you lunch WTF?!"

Philip, I can't understand why people are telling you to take euros. Please take the advice on this forum - just have a little amount in lira to take over with you and then change your sterling in resort.

use the following search parameters to narrow your results:

Well, tutoring, expeccially young kids, is about teaching a bit but from what i gather from my friends that did it is that they are being like a big brother /sister to the kids. Sort of a cross between mentor and a good influence.

You work 6 days, 4 hours on weekdays and 8 hours at weeekends. They are really strict about schedule, you can't get a day off at weekends but with time they may get more relax about it for example I haven't gone to work many weekends to go to concerts etc. and again with time you might arrange your own program according to your needs. I saw many part timers who work 4 hours every day with no free day.

Second one, your own efforts can be valuable. I know also a guy who sells homemade bracelets on Instagram. He did pretty much.

Do you guys know some opportunities to earn some more money while being a student? Maybe some part time jobs with more cash or some other gigs?

hi jumb,,,,deff turkish lira,,,,you get a better price on every thing,,,,the euro..in kuss prices,,,is for the tourists of the the big ships that call in kuss the princes and the rest,,and thay will pay in euros,so get lira,,the best place for changeing cash is the ex,office,in the grand bazar,just up to the left from the port,,its just down the bazar ally with a gold shop on each side,,its the one used by the carpet men,ect,,,and thay want the best price,,,for euros ect,,,, bye

I mean, so called "cheap" labor in china can make up to 2 dollars for an hour of work. That is STILL more money than what cheap ass employers here offer.

At the moment you are getting 2.4 lira to the £ in the Uk and 2.5 in Turkey. Always use lira in the resort.

Why Euro? Just change some TL b4 u fly n bring sterling for exchange later in Tky.That will save u from double exchange loss.

Arent u from usa? How can u get aid from kyk?

You could say that I should ask for some money from my parents/relatives. Well.. I don't like to ask for help. Like ever. I even hated asking my parents for anything all my life. I'm trying to be independent and self-sustained.

Maybe exchange 10 or 20 pounds of sterling to TL in the uk to get you by until you can exchange pounds to TL at the exchanges in Marmaris. If you can avoid it dont change money in the hotels.

To be honest i would take a small amount of Euro and get turkish lira with Pounds sterling when you get there. All 3 currencies are used i.e 3 T shirts for £10 in the markets but on the dolmus or in restaurants you can use Euro or Turkish lira. In my opinion you get more for your money on the dolmus using TL.

Fourth, never sleep and get night jobs like bartender as it is told.

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Many people tell me not to take Turkish Lira, just take Euros to spend in Turkey .. can anyone advise me what is best????

Making Money In Turkey

You don't have to be a native speaker. Almost any fluent English speaker can teach English in Turkey or abroad. There are a lot of success stories from people in your situation.

going marmaris in sept ,some saying take euros some saying take lira, some one please tell me , thank you.

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It was mentioned somewhere on the Red Dragon Diaries YouTube channel that there's even a certificate non-native speakers can earn to put on their resumes. It involves an exam. You could also spend a few weeks tutoring some kids for free to get references.

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Teach kids English. You'll roll in money if you can find some parents who are willing to hire you to tutor their child. In Istanbul, I'm sure you can get paid up to 100-150 liras an hour, maybe more so since your native language is American English.

My work experience is 1-2 months in UNICEF and I worked 1 full year in an ice-cream shop.