While it is hard to generalize, as every transaction is different - typically the agents commission is 5% of the agreed up price, and all other costs (legal fees and taxes) are typically between $750 and $1,500 for a regular condo or house purchase.

We are a registered Ecuador Real Estate Company based in Manta, Ecuador. Our office is located directly in front of the beach in the Port of Manta. We have offices in Canoa, Montanita, and Manta on the coast and affiliate offices in Quito, Cotacochie and Cuenca in the highlands.

AddressAvenida Solano y Alfonso Moreno MoraCuenca, Azuay, EcuadorTelephone: +593 98 687 7071Email: zach@mls-ecuador.comSkype: zcashero 

Following in the footsteps of Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and other Latin American countries, the Ecuadorian currency collapsed in 1999. The Ecuadorian President made an extremely bold, unique, and politically unpopular move at the time, adopting the US dollar as the official currency of Ecuador in 2000.

You can sometimes get the sellers to provide financing, but they will typically require at least 50% down payment. Another option is with new construction - the builder/architect will often provide financing, especially for "pre-construction" projects.

Government relations with the US continue to be cordial, despite some recent disagreements about the ownership and management of oil reserves in the northeastern jungle.

from fishing carters, surfing, social events and of course great real estate opportunities here in Ecuador.

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The strong middle-class has led to a housing boom in the major cities. The number of higher end apartment buildings under construction or recently completed is astounding, and here in Cuenca, well over 90% of these luxury condos are purchased by locals.

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Major industries and exports are oil, mining, textiles, metal work, chemical production, fishing, lumber, bananas, coffee, cacao, rice, shrimp, sugarcane, sheep, beef, pork, and dairy.

We encourage foreigners to only pay "local pricing" when buying property. How is this done?

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This decision single-handedly saved the Ecuadorian economy. Inflation fell from 96% in 1999 to less than 1% in 2002, and has remained under 5% since then.

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The typical bio starts out with history, schooling, degrees and on and on... I am not your typical person and very thankful for that. I have had a number of revelations in my careers/jobs over the past 50 years…Box Boy to Vice President of a major investment firm. I can say that the best one I have had though has been showing and sharing real estate here in Ecuador. I believe my benefit to you is that I have now been On The Ground almost 9 years hunting properties for myself and others.

While title insurance is available in Ecuador, it is not always necessary. Just don't let a seller rush you into any transaction without having a lawyer do a proper title search.

Property taxes are due on January first of each year, and are not "past due" until December 31 - so you have a full year to pay the tax! Property taxes are not pro-rated when a property is sold - so if you buy a house on January 3rd, the seller needs to pay the property tax for the entire year.

Your best bet, however, is to get financing from your home country - family, friends, or even tapping a HELOC will often be a better choice than trying to get local financing.

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Many people write to us to ask about the political situation in Ecuador.  It is true that Ecuador does have a history of ousting the current president before his term is officially up - but it has always followed a constitutionally approved process, it has never been through a coup or military takeover. The core of government operations has been stable throughout.

Of course if you just want to learn about Ecuador, we’ve got you covered there too!

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We work hard to earn your trust and respect not only thru Ecuadorian Coastal Properties but thru other offices in Ecuador to receive your visa's, purchase properties, rent your dream home or to experience our Ecuadorian Lifestyle.

In theory financing is available in Ecuador, but in practice it is difficult to arrange. The Ecuador constitution guarantees free access to the banking and credit market to locals and foreigners alike, just as it guarantees the free right to own and hold property.

The one caveat in Ecuador is to be wary when buying property that is "Derechos y Acciones" – basically, the rights granted to heirs when a property owner dies and leaves the property to his or her estate. The risk is that unknown heirs could potentially file a claim on the property in the future (see additional info here). 

If you are looking to learn more about the coastal life feel free to check out our blog. We'll be posting weekly updating you on everything

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However, there is no "credit rating" system in Ecuador, and the default rate is high - so it's hard to qualify for a loan without a local employment history or a co-signer. A good credit rating in the US does not mean anything here. Interest rates are typically 12% or more, and 30% to 50% down payment is standard. 

Since we represent the buyers only, we have no allegiance to the seller.  We do not take a commission from the seller and we will not "mark up" the price of a property to give a buyer the false sense of having negotiating room - our mission is to find the absolute best price possible for the buyer, and to advise the buyer if that price is a good deal or not.

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From our family to yours we look forward to helping you find your dream here in beautiful Ecuador.

My husband is from Ecuador, but hasn't lived there for many years. We want to call Ecuador home when we retire, and so we took a trip in September of 2008...

If you are the adventurous type,  I truly believe you will LOVE exploring the possibilities here.  So pack you bags and make what could be the most incredible journey of your life to Ecuador. This is Hands Down the best deal in Latin America.

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