From Lima to Milan, it doesn’t matter where this blogger goes, her passion to communicate prevails.

The brand based in Nashville, Tennessee is uplifting talented shoemakers from Peru’s northern city of Trujillo.

Image-heavy fashion has become this Peruvian designer’s signature, though she’s left her fingerprint internationally, from her hometown of Huancayo to metropolitan cities like London.

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A mother-daughter duo have been working together in the home-decor business for five years – but is it all in the family when it comes to work?

Aesthetic and minimalistic; modern with a handcrafted feeling- this designer and textile lover wants to show you how.

Juana Burga, an internationally featured model from Peru, plans to dress the runways.

LIF Week 2015 from behind the scenes, or up front and center. PTW was on the guest list. Were you?

Editors of biannual fashion magazine, SKIN, Choy-Kay and Larrea give us the good, the bad, and the 3 pitfalls of LIFWeek.

Perhaps one of the most eclectic shops in Barranco, this store has it all. We spent some time with the owners of Vernácula to find out how it got its start.

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With over a decade in the fashion industry, this dream team has created a visual masterpiece that flirts with Peruvian creatives and seduces the gaze of the international fashion world.

Visit Peru Moda and you can find more than 500 exhibitors from the following lines: Full Package / Sourcing, Fair Trade, Brands, Designers, Infants and Children, Shoes, Accessories & Underwear.

Based in Lima, the young Peruvian fashion designer tells dark tales with his fabricated pieces.

Peru this Week’s Fashion Blog delivers interviews with designers and industry insiders; style and beauty features; and the latest in local and international fashion news.

The Lama brand was built on dreamy cotton and an original graphic style; today the successful underdog has expanded into the art and coffee world as well.

A small fashion business sets out to save the embroidered wear of Peru’s highlands from extinction.

Caroll returns to LIF Week 2015 only to be transported to the Peruvian highlands.

The culture of Peru - Religion, Dress, Celebrations, Music, Art, Architecture - ancient cultures influenced today's peoples in most parts of Peru...

An Italian hairdresser brings hope to women with his award-winning social program.

On July 26, all over the world, streets were taken over by soldiers to fashion – only they were wearing anything but uniforms. Check out these unique creative minds from the parade that took place in Lima last Sunday. (Photos: Raul Burbano)

PERU MODA is the best platform to show the world the excellent quality and design of Peruvian products.

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The entrepreneur is highlighting local and national artisans and convincing consumers to value sustainable and handcrafted products.

Hi, I would like to purchase between .25 and .5 hectares of rural jungle land from an property owner in Northern Peru. Can I do this legally? Is

Temperatures are rising, which means it’s time to revamp your wardrobe- from head to toe!

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Machu Picchu Peru - one of the 7 wonders of the world, is fascination; not only for the incredible and extensive sites of the ancient Inca Civilizartion, but also for its setting