If Argentina gave up their rights via a international treaty, then they would be completely on their own if they tried to play silly git in the future.

“Local media reports indicated that the Argentine Air Force (FAA) has begun analysing other options, including second-hand Dassault Mirage 2000s from France or Brazil, but appears to be leaning towards an Israeli offer of 18 IAI Lahav Kfir Block 60 multi-role fighters for USD500 million, with a possible delivery date some 15 months after a contract signature.”

Chile’s decommissioned Mirage 50 Pantera fighters are similar to the Cheetahs, but Chile isn’t interested in selling any to Argentina.

Since the 2000s, the Argentine defense industry was relaunched after the politics of privatization carried out during the 1990s by Carlos Menem administration virtually eliminated all.

“If Argentina gave up their rights via a international treaty, then they would be completely on their own if they tried to play silly git in the future.”

Sources: IHS Jane’s Missiles & Rockets, “Fighter talks may afford Argentina advanced Chinese missile systems”.

Swedish JAS-39 Gripen fighters are the subject of talks with Brazil, but they use American F414 engines and British Martin-Baker ejection seats, to name only the most difficult substitutions. Indeed, about 30% of those planes are traceable to British firms – and Britain has stated that they will block such exports.

"Critically, only the A-4s have an aerial refuelling capability and there are just two tankers. [Airborne early warning] capability is nonexistent, despite the fact that controlling the airspace of such a large country is a major and vital task."

that would be a funny thing to watch them try XD

Well, the last round of Argentinan hardware was dominantly US built with a sprinkle of French. Again, not suggesting it, but surely its better if an allied state provides it rather than Russian or Chinese (who are steadily getting a foothold in the economies of both Africa and Latin America)

In pics: Sinkholes, craters and collapsed roads around the world

Falklands will always be safe! Britain would never let it go

Oct 1/13: Mirage F1. After several months of advance reports, Argentina has reportedly come to an agreement with Spain to buy 16 used Mirage F1s. Iraq’s F1EQ-5 jets were modified to carry the Exocet anti-ship missile, but they required modifications. Spain upgraded their F1Cs to F1Ms, but it isn’t clear whether their planes ever added Exocet capability.

Argentina in October began talks with Brazil to procure 24 Saab Gripen fighters, which they would pay for in instalments. Previous attempts to purchase refurbished Mirages from Spain and Kfir from Israel failed.

Let’s give them 50% of the oil in exchange for then giving up all rights to the island and ending this standoff. I doubt they would go for it, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

A new Argentine gov’t comes in after a few years, promising a harder line on the oil share deal and more of a share of the profits and using it as a tool for the rights over the islands not to mention an admission such a deal would bring that seemingly acknowledges that UK agrees Argentina has some claim to the islands and the economy.

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Whilst your right and they have bigger problems domestically, the same could be said for the UK and why we spend so.much on our military when we have no real external threats.

INVAP developed a synthetic aperture radar to replace the Bendix RDR-1500B on the maritime patrol aircraft Beechcraft Super King Air of the Argentine Naval Aviation[13]

Well if we are not careful mate we could end up like that. That 350 we paid to the EU was mor than we spend on our armed forces in a year buddy

Maybe they’re preparing the fleet for the invasion!

Ramping up the Falklands rhetoric is an easy way of scoring points.

Probably better this than Russian or Chinese doing it as then it will be they that pull the strings.

Navy's arsenals at Puerto Belgrano perform maintenance of the fleet ships, for example the Rolls-Royce Tyne turbines engines.[3]

This is an interesting debate and too many parts to it for myself to fully understand. I am not saying we should remove our militiary, but i do think the size of it is partially for vanity.

No weapons system with parts built in the uk will ever be sold to them. And as for companies thst supply weapons with parts not built in the uk then they can kiss any future contracts with the uk goodbye.

In 1975 the armed forces started a massive operation in the Tucumán Province to crush the ERP (Ejército Revolucionario del Pueblo or People's Revolutionary Army) guevarist guerrilla group which attempted to create a "revolutionary foco in this remote and mountainous province, in the north-west of Argentina."

Defence Of Argentina

Jan 23/14: Kfir. Argentina has reportedly opened discussions with Israel about selling up to 18 refurbished Kfir fighters. The proposed deal is reportedly worth about $500 million, with 6 jets to be refurbished in Israel. Another 12 would be shipped to Argentina along with modernization kits, for local assembly under Israeli supervision.

It’s a deal Corbyn has made with them!

Russia buzzes our borders monthly. And tries to get subs into our waters.

WTF are you idiots still in 1980s! Warmongering. The article is that they have no air force, yet still people are banging on about aggro-Argies.Grow the F-up, move on. They have recently elected a new more mainstream government that wishes to be a closer part of the international community, yet still they get trashed for something that happened 30 odd years ago!

In recent years, DCI-Argentina has carried out inter alia the following projects:

Ever since the January 18 death of Nisman, the president has had to cope with criticism of both her handling of the 1994 terrorism investigation, and of the circumstances surrounding Nisman's death itself.

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Outside them, none of our overseas territories are interesting to anyone.

The modern Argentine Military Forces are fully committed to international peacekeeping under United Nations mandates, humanitarian aid on emergencies relief and support the country's continuous presence at Antarctica.

The Ministry of Defense of Argentina is a ministry of the national executive power that deals with everything related to the country's national defense. It currently works at the Libertador Building, at Paseo Colón 250, Buenos Aires.

Whether or not Israeli Kfir C2s could carry Gabriel Mk.III anti-ship missiles, Argentina doesn’t have any, and any sale by Israel would have serious diplomatic repercussions. Refurbished Kfirs are reportedly restored to 8,000 safe flight-hours hours under warranty, meaning the plane can easily serve for 20-30 years. “Sources: Defense Update, “At 40 Years of age, Kfir Turns into a “Networked Fighter”” | Israeli Air Force, “Roaring Back”.

No doubt Zelda will make a claim on the Falklands again to divert the attention.

We’ll have a carrier strike force soon after that, so id say they’re safe for a generation…