falconcy...I totally get where you are coming from.Maybe there can be a compromise...emmy can do a proper dish,and then on the side,prepare the tree bark paste to send home a message?As in,they could be eating *insert proper prepared dish* if generous donations are made...as opposed to the tree bark paste...

The cuisine is East Timor is made from the available recourses in the country. The cuisine normally consists of rice, cassava, sweet potatoes and corn which comes with seafood, pork or chicken and also includes fruits and spices.

Heya Rania, apologies if our recipe is wrong, could you be so kind to send us the correct one or post in our facebook page? Thank you!! (i will make the changes as soon as possible)

I actually saw the link yesterday falconcy,but don't know if Emmy's course instructors will see her as trying to take the mickey out of it...?

I promote TUKIR as timorese pure and unic dish as part of Timorese Gastronomy Diplomacy.

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Ikan Saboko (Fish with spices herb rapped in banana leaves) there is no tamarind juice involve Your recipe is totally wrong and the name is wrong too

Wow Rania that sounds really amazing! Please do send your recipe and I am happy to add it here (timor@visiteasttimor.com) and give all the credits to you! Any pictures are appreciated as well 🙂

minutes to spare, it would be great if you could answer a quick questionnaire.

I am coming to Timor-Leste very soon and I am a total foodie! Can anybody recommend any other foods/drinks to try and also popular restaurants or places where I should try a signature dish? Thanks in advance, I am so excited to come to this amazing country!!

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Thanks for all of this! You are firing a deep hunger for a return trip to East Timor. The site looks beautiful, by the way.

Meanwhile, in other news, Ava has eating with a fork down pat. As in, she no longer needs our help to eat yogurt, apple sauce, or even Bakso Noodle Soup. Amazing! But… now what? How do I fill my time?

The second category of food consists of poultry, pigs, and goats. Most homes in East Timor raise their own food animals for meat. Fish is also a source of animal protein in this country as fishing is also an important occupation after agriculture.

The staple diet for most East Timorese is similar to that of Indonesians (rice and spices) although there may well be difficulty in obtaining a variety of foods outside main urban areas due to the unstable political situation, the financial situation of many of the people and internal logistical difficulties. In Dili, there are a number of restaurants and cafes serving western cuisine, catering to the foreigners living and working there.

Coffee (East Timor coffee is very high in caffeine, organically grown and renowned for its sharp flavour). Beer.

Ah, Brian, you got that right: if it doesn’t come with Tapai, we don’t want it!

Sorry emmylu, I have no idea, but thought I would give your thread a little push

The Cuisine of East Timor consists of regional popular foods such as pork, fish, basil, tamarind, legumes, corn, rice, root vegetables, and tropical fruit.[1] East Timorese cuisine has influences from Southeast Asian foods and from Portuguese dishes from its colonisation by Portugal. Flavours and ingredients from other former Portuguese colonies can be found due to the presence of Portuguese soldiers from other colonies in East Timor.

Far, far away is a country called East Timor.  Everything seems so different on that side of the world and yet, with hardly any exotic ingredients, we easily brought the flavors of this distant nation into our kitchen.  No specialty stores. No expensive grocery bills. Hurrah!

There is no service charge added to bills, but if the service calls for it, a 10% tip is sufficient.

I love all our Timorese food .especially Batar da an and the vegetables .

Midarsin (midar=sweet and sin=soiur) is one Timorese Typical food. Pork ribs with Tamarind juice and sweet soja sauce) I can give whole recipe if needed. Thanks

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The crop has grown in the country for centuries. It accounted for half of the country's trade when it was a Portuguese colony in the late 1800s, but during 24 years of Indonesian occupation the bumper business was neglected when the military took over - prices fluctuated and many coffee plantations were battlefields so the quality of beans worsened.

This is all mouth watering… Looking forward to the chicken and tofu recipes.

The food in East Timor is divided into two categories: vegetarian and non vegetarian. As agriculture is the main occupation in East Timor, the primary food is rice, which is cultivated widely in this country. Apart from rice, other staple food items which are cultivated in East Timor include sweet potatoes, maize, cassava, and taro. These primary staples are supplemented with beans, cabbage, spinach, onions and cowpeas.

The coffee of East Timor is organic and a major cash crop for the island nation. Coffee accounts for 90 percent of the country’s non-oil exports, while 46 percent of East Timorese households rely solely on coffee for their income

Cuisine Of East Timor

• Fish (preferably fried, with delicacies being prawns).• Curries (chicken is a favourite).• Authentic Chinese, Japanese and Portuguese dishes.

thanks for that guys! susanneH- thanks for the bump falcony- thanks for the recommendation, i will check that book out.i think im pretty much screwed for this assinement now, lol... nah, i will keep at it, im sure i can find something.. i think i may just find an indonesian recipe and then maybe adjust it to suite the east timorese culture

I'm not trying to inject any sarcasm here, but if you want to hit a point home here, ie that food can be kinda scarce in East Timor, you could always try tree bark.See:http://stir.org.au/stir/Content.aspx?topicID=349http://stir.org.au/stir/Assets/ContentImages/recipe.swf

You are so welcome and thank you, Karen! After all, it is your story that inspired this entire week… it makes the experience so much richer to have first-hand accounts like yours. Thank you.

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In East Timor the gastronomy is mostly influenced by Southeast Asian foods and the Portuguese typical dishes from its period under Portuguese influence. Regional popular ingredients are pork, basil, vegetables, fish, rice, corn, tropical fruit and root vegetables.

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The discovery of a new dish does more for the happiness of the human race than the discovery of a star.

You might want to serve Tapai along with this. Tapai is a traditional Timorese dish made of rice that’s allowed to ferment with a special yeast. http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Cookbook:Tapai http://www.easttimorpress.com/food/famous-cuisine-of-east-timor I believe that dog meat is popular in Timor but you probably don’t want to serve this because it is usually not eaten with Tapai.