MDG Ltd6 months ago

Locate the 5-amp fuse in the passenger compartment fuse panel. The panel is beneath the dash under a plastic panel. The No. 28 fuse controls the passenger's power and audio options. If damaged, pull it out with a fuse puller and replace with a 5-amp fuse.

Pete_W5 months ago

Locate the No. 17 fuse in the boot compartment. This panel is on the driver's side fender inside the boot. The No. 17 fuse is a 5-amp fuse for the accessory audio functions. If it is bad, replace it.

Col Minessota4 months ago

The Volvo S60 is a complex piece of machinery. The vehicle melds mechanical engineering with electrical engineering and technology to create the comfort and reliability that has become synonymous with the Volvo name. But problems happen with any vehicle. The most common error in a vehicle involves a blown fuse. With the Volvo S60, a blown fuse may be difficult to locate as the vehicle has four fuse boxes in different locations. Speakers operate off of three of those.

Watergirl4 months ago

Locate the No. 10 and No. 11 fuses in the driver's side fuse panel located to the left of the dashboard between the dash and the door. The No. 10 fuse is a 20-amp fuse governing the audio system, and the No. 11 fuse is a 30-amp fuse controlling the audio amplifier. Replace them if they are bad.

Corrie19993 months ago
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