Matchmaker16 months ago

In addition, BMW factory documentation seems to indicated that the airbag system will still work if the airbag light is on, and there are only minor faults observed. I will quote from BMW factory documents:

Watergirl5 months ago

So it would seem, depending upon the type of fault recorded by the Watchdog system, the airbags may or may not deploy - it depends on how serious the fault it.

MDG Ltd4 months ago

72 01 85 (2042) - "If the SRS indicator light [lights up] the system is faulty; there is a risk of the system not operating in the event of an accident.

MDG Ltd4 months ago

72 01 93 (2137) - "The [airbag] Watchdog subsystem has the ability to disable the Output Stage in the event of certain faults."

Porker4 months ago

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Watergirl4 months ago

There are quite a few BMW Technical Bulletins available on the design and maintenance of the SRS system. Bulletin 72.01.85 details the SRS system, 71.01.93 discusses the later-model Central Activation Module, and 61.02.00 describes the procedures for installing various SRS sensor wire harness repair kits.

Bri19874 months ago

The SRS warning lamp is often triggered for relatively minor reasons that do not require any maintenance on the system. Any number of harmless acts can trigger the SRS lamp:

R2_Amazeballs4 months ago

Most of the time, the airbag error code will be relatively minor, particularly if you know what caused the error. For example, the airbag light went on after I removed the gauges from my E36, and then accidentally turned the ignition on in order to move the steering wheel out of the way so they could be reinstalled.

Col Minessota3 months ago
This problem has been solved

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