What this tells us is that no separate record is kept in most of England’s councils as to how many of the children in their care are being, or have been, sexually abused. One might assume that such abuse, and the prevention of such abuse, would be a top priority for persons or bodies in the legal position of guardian to many children. This does not appear to be the case however.

Prof Jay said: "No-one knows the true scale of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham over the years. Our conservative estimate is that approximately 1,400 children were sexually exploited over the full inquiry period, from 1997 to 2013."

Rotherham was at the center of a child sex abuse scandal which saw systematic molestation of more than 1,400 children as young as 12 from 1997 to 2013.

It lays out how Rotherham Council and the police knew about the level of child sexual exploitation in the town, but didn't do anything about it.

These comments yet again reveal a vast cultural gulf between Western and Pakistani/Bangladeshi youth. It is a gulf that we simply cannot ignore any longer. The image of white women as “fun” (and no doubt “up for it”) seems to be common among young “Asian” men and may well help explain the willingness to rape and sexually abuse white girls in large numbers.


Following a few revolting Tweets about footballer Fabrice Muamba – who had collapsed from a heart attack on the pitch – Welsh student Liam Stacey was jailed for 56 days. Again, his behaviour was uncivilised and wrong, but the fact remains he was sent to prison for using words only, and the message to the public was repeated; mere language from white people is more serious and significant than violence from non-white people.

Articles at Jihad Watch by Robert Spencer Hugh Fitzgerald Christine Williams Blain Tamarin Raymond Ibrahim Andrew Harrod Michael Devolin Jamie Glazov

“This is further perpetuated by 14 far-right demonstrations in our town that have zapped poison into our local community.

In a message posted online the group ordered fellow Muslims to immediately cut all ties with law enforcement or face being made pariahs in their own neighbourhoods.

Norfolk went on to state that he had faced “strong criticisms from people who feel we’ve ventured in to territory we had no right to venture in to, and who would seem to say that we are attempting to make, effectively, a racist point”.

There have been a total of 1109 children looked after at any point between 1st December 2009 and 31st December 2014.

One of the most significant verses on the relationship between men and women in the Koran is surah 4.34. This verse commands women’s obedience to men (immediately assigning a position of inferiority), and provides permission for men to use violence against women who refuse to accept such a status.

This insanity has to stop and the Protected Religion Of Islam made accountable for its evil and barbarism.

Speaking after the publication of the report, Victims' Commissioner Baroness Newlove said: "I'm appalled by the extent of the horrific abuse endured by these vulnerable victims.

In all these incidents, the abusers were Muslim men, and their targets were under-age white girls.

Swedish authorities are quick to put this down to an increase in the reporting of rape, but publications by the authorities do not touch upon (according to the above article) the background of the perpetrator.

Arguably, had policing been “colour-blind” there would have been no finding of “institutional racism” in the report. Indeed, some would submit that “colour-blind policing” is exactly what was needed to prevent the crimes in Rotherham, Rochdale, and elsewhere, and it is the prohibition of “colour-blind policing”, as required by the MacPherson report, that allowed rape of white girls to continue.

Regarding the ethnicity of CSE perpetrators, Ms Casey wrote:

An elderly Asian man has been murdered and racists have threatened to rape Muslim women since the Jay report into the grooming of young girls for sexual abuse by mainly Asian men was published in August 26 2014.

South Yorkshire Police and the local council were both savaged for failing to avert the scandal, with officers later claiming they failed to intervene for fear of being branded racist. 

The report found: "Several staff described their nervousness about identifying the ethnic origins of perpetrators for fear of being thought as racist; others remembered clear direction from their managers not to do so."

The report estimates 1,400 children were sexually exploited over 16 years, with one young person telling the report's author that gang rape was a usual part of growing up in Rotherham.

What we do know is that some police officers and public sector workers have publicly stated that this child grooming by Muslim men has been occurring for decades, and with almost complete impunity. The reasons for this I intend to explore.

As the police continue to push this line, it is worth remembering that the Jay Report into the scandal, released last year, concluded that among the primary reasons for the police turning a blind eye to the industrial scale rape were myths of “islamophobia” and fears of being accused of racism.

The Muslim community “has been under perpetual attack and demonisation” despite its wholesale condemnation of child sexual exploitation, said a statement passed by the meeting.

Rotherham Muslims

The importance of language cannot be overstated. If one reads the words “beat her” but determines to argue that it does not mean “beat her”, one must alter the meaning of the word “beat”. Given that the law itself depends on objective language definition, clarity and objectivity is absolutely non-negotiable; law simply cannot exist without an objective language.

Dr Taj Hargey is an imam in the English city of Oxford. Following revelations of organised child sex abuse by Muslim gangs there, Dr Hargey wrote a striking article in the Daily Mail in which he argued that “political correctness” had prevented British authorities from facing up to harsh realities regarding the religion of the abusers.

“We have made representations to the Home Office and are seeking legal advice to see what our options are for future demonstrations.

“We will not be treated as criminals any longer.”

And so it is entirely consistent and understandable that these traitorous fools would be on the job against “Islamophobia.”

I have tried in vain to obtain full details on exactly what guidance/training is provided to police in England around child sex exploitation, and I wonder if you may be able to supply this. Are there any plans to update or review police training in this area in the future, given the extent of this crime and its obvious continuation – indicating that perhaps current training may not be sufficient?

He added: “We really want victims of hate crime to feel confident in coming forward so if you have been a victim, or know someone who is a victim, please do tell someone, whether that is the police or another agency. We can deal with reports and information in confidence.”

“It wasn’t called grooming then, it was called prostitution,” Dr Jesson said. “The girls were all aged between 13 and 17 and were all under the care of Birmingham City Council social services.

Prof Jay said the first of these reports was "effectively suppressed" because senior officers did not believe the data. The other two were ignored, she said.

Normative Islamic rape culture in all Muslim cultures makes rape the fault of the victim, especially if the victim is a kafir, because her word counts for nothing in court against a Muslim male’s word. The important thing under Sharia law is to defend the ‘honor’ of the Muslim male.

• A forced back-street abortion • Girls covered in burns from stubbed out cigarettes on their bodies • Girls urinated on • Torture with knives, meat cleavers, and baseball bats • Threatened with a gun • Girls subjected to biting and suffocating

“While racially motivated recorded crimes in Rotherham are lower than this time last year, we are aware that this is an under-reported issue. This is something we are addressing by working closely with third-party reporting centres and exploring how we can improve our response to this crime,” he said.

“But the report was shelved, buried, it was never made public. I was shocked to be told that copies of the report were to be destroyed and that nothing further was to be said. Clearly, there was something in this report that someone in the department was worried about.”

Again, these deeply misogynistic comments from an Islamic cleric demonstrate clearly who he believes is to blame when a woman is subjected to sexual assault; the woman herself. The notion that women should be subject to the will of a “master” (i.e. a male) is also quite clear.