Which patronus were you given?
What is your favourite season?
What is your ultimate goal in life?
Which is your favourite HP book?
What is your home town?

Not currently living with dogs though cause I'm at college :(

use the following search parameters to narrow your results:

Question one: Dream Discover Dance = Dream Question two: Make Improve = Improve Question Three: Lead Save Escape = Save (Or Play Prowl Preen = Prowl) Question Four: Who Why = Why Question Five: Hope Trust Love = Trust

When you reach the end of the forest, click and drag your mouse to reveal your Patronus:

Go to my details and "how to close your pottermore account." You can rejoin with the same account.

On behalf of those with thestrals everywhere - we're not sorry. (Well the slytherin ones aren't) Hyenas are still really cool to get - putting it into perspective, what if you got a salmon or a rat?

Lucky me (or unlucky?). I got a thestral. The test said mine was rare and had to ask additional questions before I got it.

Or you can delete the one you have in the my details tab, and reuse the same email id an unlimited number of times.

Wood mouse... not a damn clue what it says about me.

And you can then sign back up with the same email?

As someone with pet rats, I'd be delighted with a rat patronus. They're highly intelligent, curious, affectionate, and can survive extreme conditions! There's a reason why scientists use rats in experiments to study cognition and altruism among mammals. Check out /r/RATS.

I got a rat. Is that literally the worst possible Patronus?

Thanks again! I just knew in my heart I wasn't a hufflepuff!

The Patronus options on the quiz are varied, but once you take the test, you can't retake it and get another. And some of them aren't as majestic as Harry's antlered stag. I landed a wild boar, my husband a mole. Rowling herself noted that most Patronus options are real animals, though a few mythical creatures are sprinkled in the mix.

No, all profiles on Pottermore are private, and your wizarding identity is for your eyes only!

I've taken the Patronus quiz twice. I liked my Patronus the first time (Scops Owl) and took it again because I loved the experience. I got a pine martin a second time, which is also super cute haha.

edit: nope, he was a great grey owl, it was pigwidgeon that was the scops!

Mine was Otter as well, which has me elated. Otters have been my favorite animals for about a decade. All the happy memories and feelings I thought of during the test were ones of companionship (which otters have a lot of!), and a small voice in my head kept hoping it'd be an Otter :3

I was happy I got the Dapple Grey Stallion because my Chinese sign is the metal horse so I thought that was fitting. Now I'm thinking that I got a stallion and not a mare because my boyfriend is also a metal horse like me and he makes me very happy so maybe that's why my patronus is male. I really like that interpretation! :)

Rats are seriously awesome - they're incredibly smart, creative, curious, funny, deeply affectionate, and they bond closely with companions (human and rat alike). They're brilliant problem-solvers and are very determined to get what they want - there's little stopping a rat when they have their mind set on something!

However when I finally had a chance to set down and have a minute to myself, I really thought about my happiest memory and settled on the time that my dad came home from being stationed overseas right after the Iraq War started. When I held onto that memory and did the test again, I got the last thing I would've thought of.

For example, my rats are addicted to cheerios. I left the cereal box in the corner, and within about two minutes my rats had identified it, figured out how to work together to topple it onto its side and then open the flaps it to get at the goodies. One of my rats in particular is great at actively cheering me up when I'm sad: he's always able to tell, and will climb on me and start grooming me whilst bruxing (chattering his teeth - the equivalent of a cat purring).

Have you heard the term 'white horses'? When waves break and get white foam on the top, it's called white horses. So pretty related I think!

That's understandable. I was a little worried for a while.

Pottermore Patronus Retake

In the book it was a real memory, though. When he was told he was a wizard and would be leaving the Dursleys.

I want a dragon!! That's awesome. Keep it!!!

I had a really similar experience! I took it four times and kept getting dogs, and I was really disappointed. It's not that I don't like dogs, it's just I didn't see how they connected to me personally.

I assumed all that as well, and Slytherin would probably be my 3rd best fit, but that quiz format doesn't really get reasons for the answers we give, but it makes value judgments in them anyway. Hence it reading ambition instead of curiosity or reading consequentialist ethics as sacrificing other people's goals to achieve my own instead of fairness or doing good.

Do you happen to remember the answers that you gave to get an otter? They're my favorite animal and I would love it as a patronus.

You can share your Patronus to social media from within the experience.

My happiest memory that I thought of was sitting up all night with a flashlight under the covers reading Prisoner of Azkaban after waiting until midnight to get it. I was a booksmart, floofy-haired preteen who had never wanted anything more than to escape into a world of magic where I could prove that I was special, that I could be great.

J.K. Rowling’s Pottermore website allows fans of her bestselling book series to learn the answers to several questions that mere Muggles could once only speculate about, like what Hogwarts house they’d be sorted into and what type of wand would choose them in Ollivander’s shop.

I got a Manx Patronus too. I am not sure what this signifies, but I like it as well!

Rowling herself even took the quiz (which she wrote, of course) and revealed her Patronus on Twitter — a heron.

My screen froze halfway through and then I refreshed the page to find mine was an Orangutan. :( I feel cheated.

If you want to take the quiz a second time though, you’ll have to create a second Pottermore account, but Houston-based writer Melissa Veres — who got a red squirrel the first time she took the quiz — says it’s worth the trouble to find the perfect Patronus.

I went with my gut as well - and ended up with a Mongrel Dog.

Potter fans will remember that Harry's Patronus was a stag, as was his father's, and his mother's was a doe. Harry's eventual wife Ginny Weasley had a horse, though the Harry Potter Wikia notes that "it could be possible that Ginny Weasley's Patronus could have changed from a horse to a doe, for her love for her husband." Hermione Granger has an otter, and her eventual husband, Ron Weasley, has a Jack Russell Terrier, which numerous Potter sites will point out is "known for chasing otters."

That's really cool. I got a mountain hare as well!

But then, taking it one last time before giving up, thinking of finally seeing Lion King Broadway after 15 years of wanting to see it, while eating a plate of delicious hashbrowns... I got a Manx cat.