We are one of only a handful of Islamic schools in the UK striving to nurture the next generation of scholars, thinkers, scientists and leaders. Our aim has always been ‘Shakhsiyah’ development of ourchildren, staff and community based on our research and understanding of the need of Islamic education in the modern context.

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May Allah ta'ala help us in this great task to improve the education of the next generation of Muslims, for Allah is the best of helpers.

Premises Licences become effective on the date requested on your application, or the date granted if this is later.

All... 10-10-2015 Car Wash Fundraiser Please help us reach our target to save our school before our lease... 09-10-2015 New Premises Appeal  

Application forms, notice templates and other documents are available below. You can also apply online.

ISF is committed to raising funds for the development of Islamic education. As well as running two independent primary schools and nurseries, our work involves the training of Muslim teachers, research and development of teaching methods, production of educational resources and community projects.

In most cases applications will take at least six weeks, but may take up to two months.

Their admiration didn’t last. Just five years later, the same body declared the site inadequate for its still-growing demand, noting that it provided no possibility for expansion, and threatened to pull funding if new premises were not found.

Please make all cheques payable to Winchester City Council and forward your application form to:

The fee for a new premises licence depends on the non-domestic rateable value for the premises. Below are the bands and fees. If your application is granted you will be required to pay an annual fee, which is payable on the anniversary of your licence being granted. The fee for this also depends on the non-domestic rateable value of your premises as set out below.

We’re very excited about the move and delighted that so many of our fantastic volunteers have chosen to come with us. We hope they will enjoy working in our new, improved environment.  We’ll definitely be looking for new volunteers too as our operations expand, and we’d love anyone who might be interested to get in touch with us.”

Your kind donations will insha’Allah ensure the continuation of 120 children’s Islamic education, as well as help us to continue our research, teacher education and preserve a wonderful school community that has grown over the last 14 years.

Science, DT, Food Tech and Art Technician Jennifer Uffindell

Licensing Section Winchester City Council City Offices Colebrook Street Winchester SO23 9LJ

we need your help to raise the remaining funds!

All premises* that require a premises licence for the sale of alcohol must name an individual to be specified as the Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS). This person must hold a Personal Licence to authorise the sale of alcohol. The DPS should be the person who has been given day to day responsibility for running the premises by the Premises Licence Holder.

The fee payable depends on the Non-Domestic Rateable Value (NDRV) of the premises, and other factors. You can find the NDRV for your premises on the Valuation Office Agency website.

We look forward to welcoming all of your children for the start of an exciting new year at Chichester Free School on Friday. One where we will nurture, challenge and inspire your children as we have before, but in stimulating new ways, with new people in new premises!

A premises licence under the Licensing Act 2003 is required for any premises where any of the following take place:

Principal’s Receptions A reminder for all parents of Year 7 and Reception children that there will be a special reception to welcome you to the school in the first few weeks. For Year 7 Parents this will be Wednesday 9 September and for Reception parents Thursday 17 September.

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Primary Teachers Julie Clarke – Year 1 Richard Cook – Reception Jessica Powell – Year 1 Kate Whalesby  – Year 3 Georgia Wade  – Year 5 Parysah Yazdanpanah  – Year 4

Send a copy of everything on the list above to each of the other Responsible Authorities, except the cheque in payment of the fee.

A public notice (template available below) must be placed in the local newspaper of where your premises is situated, within 10 working days of submitting your application. The above must be completed for the application to be valid.

Your kind donations will be supporting not only children’s Islamic education but also research into Islamic education, Islamic teacher education and many community projects.

Where the management committee of a community premises is applying for the sale of alcohol for the first time, it should include the form with the new premises licence application or the premises licence variation application. No extra payment is required beyond the existing fee for a new application or variation.

New Premises

Chichester Free School The Courtyard Vinnetrow Business Park Vinnetrow Road Chichester PO20 1QH

Contact details for all these bodies can be found on our Licensing Contacts page.

Alhamdulillah since the launch of our campaign in 2010 we have raised over £800,000 in savings, donations and pledges and are asking for your help to meet the £1,000,000 target.

We strongly advise you to discuss your draft application with the police (and other Responsible Authorities to suit your proposals) before sending the final version. Where official objections can be negotiated away, there is much less chance of needing to attend a hearing.

There are so many new staff joining, and we are very proud of the extremely high calibre of applicants we attract for every post. I’m sure your children will enjoy the exceptional teaching and support from all the staff at CFS. Our new staff are:

You should check carefully the time you will need to put your application together, as you will need to obtain plans of the premises.

Please help us raise funds for our new premises.

Cash can only be accepted if paying in person. Please do not send cash in the post.

“Although the charity’s Retail and Trading operation has been based in Tring for many years, when our rent rose significantly, we had to review the situation and look for a cost-effective solution.  Our new premises will not only save us money, but also offer us space to expand over the next ten years.” 

Rennie Grove Hospice Care has relocated its Retail and Trading operation, previously in Tring, to new premises in Berkhamsted in a move designed to save costs. 

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