The best thing about all this is that these products are available at prices that will knock your socks off. As the UK’s leading discount retailer, Poundstretcher is able to find and access the best deals from all over the country, offering affordable home and garden solutions to suit all budgets.

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Material choices include wicker, plastic, metal, and wooden wall baskets. When putting flowers in the wall basket, use a liner to keep water and soil from running out of it.

As you can see, we have your planting needs covered. Alongside our planters and baskets collection, you’ll find a great deal of other garden essentials too, from tools, accessories and equipment to patio furniture and fencing. And our range of garden decor and garden toys and pools will transform your garden into a lively, fun and attractive space to relax and enjoy being outdoors.

Trugs, garden baskets or flower baskets.  Wicker Baskets, all available to buy online, make a great gift for those who love gardening.

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Plants are obviously the most important feature of any garden, whether you’re growing them for decorative purposes, or to bear tasty, organic fruits and vegetables. A garden isn’t a garden without plants. Our vast Garden & Outdoor range would therefore be incomplete if we did not offer a wide range of planters and baskets.

Ideal for placement inside or outside of the house, wall baskets come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. The items you want the basket to hold determine the size and shape you need. Round baskets require a bracket to hang on the wall.