I approach it as a 4x game with euro elements, and play it as such. I've known players who loathe euros and love Eclipse, so it's clearly doing something right. I have to be bribed to play Le Havre and I've never felt that way about Eclipse.

Eclipse: New Dawn for the Galaxy (commonly known as Eclipse) is a strategy board game produced by Lautapelit.fi. It was designed by Touko Tahkokallio and first released in 2011. The game currently has three expansions — Rise of the Ancients, released in 2012, Ship Pack One, released in 2013 and Shadow of the Rift, released in 2015 — and four mini expansions.

Trust me, I was also leery of the 9 turn limit, but it works brilliantly.

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84 plastic miniatures 300 wooden parts over 300 tiles 7 boards 18 dice 2 cloth bags And more...

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Not the same type of game at all. It's a board game with a design principle of making sure no players get eliminated (and can thus enjoy the game to its conclusion), while trying to cram 4x gameplay into a short enough time so people can actually finish it within a single play session at a friend's place.

Dice based combat means anyone can win/lose at any time which brings some nail biting tension to battles. Units having a hard cap also means you can never feel "safe" in this game since you can only have 2 of the biggest ships in the game.

iPad only - there's too much to cram on an iPhone screen.

The shadows of the great civilizations are about to eclipse the galaxy. Lead your people to victory!

There is a chance to perform multiple actions in each turn, depending on how much you can afford.

Trust me, it doesn't limit it or make it shallow. It is a constraint, but rounds last a while (as VeganTnT explains) and it's a definite improvement over a hypothetical infinite game.

Eclipse is a 4X strategy game where you must lead your civilization to prevail over the others.[1] Players can choose to play as either a human or alien civilization. On each move, a player takes one of six actions: building, exploring, influencing, moving, researching or upgrading. For example, exploring opens up a new tile in a direction chosen by the exploring player. Each action uses resources (money, materials or science), and resource management is a key part of gameplay.[2]

Probably a boardgame restriction to keep the length of a single game manageable.

After a ruthless war, the galaxy has been at peace because of the efforts of the major spacefaring species to preserve it. The Galactic Council was formed for that purpose. But tension is mounting again, and a new conflict seems to be inevitable. Which faction will prevail and lead the galaxy?

That's odd. I play on an iPad 1 and it runs slightly choppy at times - but nothing so bad that it is unplayable. Though it seems GREEN is ALWAYS taking longer turns! Hurry up! 😛

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The great thing about board game ports is that there is generally tons of info on the core game so you can free videos of people playing and read in depth reviews of the game mechanics.

Orange resources are used to pay for the upkeep of your empire at the end of each round.  Each round’s fundamental actions as well as controlling booty-generating hexagons cost orange.  This is mandatory stuff and easy to see on the player board, in fact all of these currency costs are very nicely displayed. Orange is ‘Money’ in the manual.

I saw this when it was called Starbase Orion.

I know that TA does do reviews of strategy games, but it feels far and few between. That's OK. I get that these types of games are niche titles, and TA focuses on looking at games that have a broad market appeal as that brings in more readers (and thus revenue). Besides, for the areas that TA doesn't ordinarily cover, I do go to sites like BGG and Pocket Tactics.

I couldn't call it superficial. The board game is selling for £70 in my usual store, and it's absolutely worth what they're charging. Of course, that's £70 for a game that takes a few hours to play with four people, so if you play it only three times (just enough to get comfortable with the humans and play a game with the alien races) it works out as about £18 each*, and there's plenty more to explore after that.

Don't get me wrong though, these games can still be great fun and I'd recommend downloading without hesitation, just don't expect a game like chess which you're going to play 2 hours a day for the next year. Ultimately it's a $5 game, treat it that way and you won't be disappointed

They did review Battle of the Bulge a few months ago (it also got the perfect 5 stars score) so in all fairness they do review strategy games every now and then.

Naturally, there is a lot more this game that just cube management and expenditure, but hopefully this post can serve to warm a new player up to the general resource dependency aspect of the game.   Stay tuned for a take on eclipse combat in the future.

They had to get Brad from Boardgamegeek to do it, though...

Benjamin - it's a eurogame, it's meant to be somewhat superficial. The point is to have fun with your friends when you play it once every few weeks at game club, not to stand up to intensive multiple times a day play.

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Lastly you have money which determines how many actions you can take that round and how many sectors of space you can control. Clearly knowing how much you can do each round keeps you focused. This is the secret sauce that makes Eclipse so palatable as a grand strategy game. Rather than giving you freedom to control every unit you have in play each round, you are funneled into taking whatever actions you can fit in.

It's one of the benefits of board game ports that we can google the physical version or search it on bgg and learn more than any review could possibly tell us.

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Eclipse also features a very cool ship customization system that is as easy as dragging and dropping. As you research new techs you will get things like bigger guns, better armor, and faster engines. You can upgrade your ships by adding these different techs to what is already on the ship. It has become apparent after playing this game for the past week that ship construction is a key strategy in winning the game.

A game of Eclipse places you in control of a vast interstellar civilization, competing for success with its rivals. You will explore new star systems, research technologies, and build spaceships to wage war with. There are many potential paths to victory, so you need to plan your strategy according to the strengths and weaknesses of your species, while paying attention to the other civilizations’ endeavors.

Eclipse Board Game

Eclipse is an accessible and polished strategy game that feels at home on iOS. This is not a casual game, but if you have been interested in the 4X genre or strategy gaming in general, this is a great place to dip a toe in. Even with the game's excellent tutorial, it requires some repeated play to really master. If you are ready for a grand space strategy epic, this an amazing specimen on iOS.

Of course, this is not solely an economic game, there is also deep space combat. As you explore the galaxy you may encounter “Ancients” which are a remnant of the former controllers of the galaxy. You also may spar against other players as you attempt to invade their territory. Combat in Eclipse is basically done by a roll of a die, but smartly the designers don’t show you some cheesy dice rolling animation. Instead there is an interesting combat animation as ship goes against ship.

...I just wanted to break chops a little bit. 🙂

It's really more like a 4x game where you have a deadline. It gives you a sense of urgency and can even sway decisions. I often feel compelled to attack when I'd rather defend because I'm trying to cripple enemy supply lines as the game draws to a close. An added benefit is that you aren't wasting time eradicating the enemy since that isn't the goal of the game.

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QuickFacts: Board Game Geek: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/72125/eclipse Dice Tower Review: http://www.youtube.com/watch?&v=uS157k0m-YU

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