3.  A Cemeteries Officer may take any reasonable action to safeguard the health or safety of the public including closing a Cemetery or part of a Cemetery to the public for the purpose of interments, adverse weather conditions or any reason deemed necessary for the safe operation of the cemetery.

Tel: 01277 633085 Email: enquiries@herongatewood.co.uk http://www.green-burial.co.uk/

20. Each body, whether adult or child, brought into the Cemetery for Interment must be contained in a suitable coffin or casket.  Except:

17. Such Grants will only be made to members of the public either individually or jointly; Grants will not be made in the name of any business or company with the exception of Solicitors or Local Authorities acting on behalf of the deceased.

The cemetery will remove floral tributes following a burial normally after 14 days or sooner if their condition detracts from the general appearance. The cemetery cannot take responsibility for the safe keeping of any items left on the grave space.

We haven’t built up our reputation for quality customer service without going the extra mile for our customers and your memorial will be no exception. No client is more important than another, we make sure that the cemetery memorial you receive is of the highest quality and captures the life of your lost loved ones.

2. The grounds will be open to the public during the following times:

There is also a memorial garden that is reserved for burying cremated remains.


Using the finest cleaning materials and equipment, our experienced team will clean your memorial and restore it to its original beauty and appearance.

Email: admin@chigwellpc.vispa.com http://www.britnett-carver2.co.uk/chigwellpc/

38. Applications for approval must be made on the prescribed form and must contain full details, including drawings and full inscriptions with translations into English if appropriate, of the monument or memorial.  Where required the appropriate permit fee must be paid prior to the erection of the monument or memorial.

Tel: 01702 215015 Email: council@southend.gov.uk http://www.southend.gov.uk/

7.  Any person wishing to carry out an interment or any other work must report to the Cemeteries Officer before carrying out the interment or work.  No interment may take place without the presence of a Cemeteries Officer.

23. The Registrar's Certificate for Disposal or the Coroner's Order for Burial must be produced to the Cemetery Office before the interment of any body.  The Cemetery Office must be advised at the time of booking if the deceased died of an infectious disease.

Tel: 01245 605630 Email: crematorium@chelmsford.gov.uk http://www.chelmsford.gov.uk/

44. On graves where the exclusive right of burial has not been granted headstones must be no more than 750mm (2'6") high above ground level, 300mm (1') wide and 75mm (3") deep.

Tel: 020 8501 2236 Email: info@forestparkcrematorium.co.uk http://www.forestparkcrematorium.co.uk/

56. Any exhumation must be carried out in accordance with all conditions set out in the Licence or Faculty and must be carried out when the Cemetery is closed to the public.

50. All monuments or memorials must be constructed of best quality solid stone.  York stone or similar soft stones or composite stones or wooden or other perishable materials are not permitted.

A complete copy of the Cemetery Rules and Regulations will be provided to each new grave owner. These will provide comprehensive information about all aspects of the cemetery and crematorium.

The site features an attractive brick-built chapel with hymn books for people who want to use them, and audio facilities for cassettes, CDs and mini CDs.

24. The Cemetery Office must be advised prior to the interment of any special tributes or personal items that families wish to keep otherwise these will be removed and disposed of.  All tributes will be removed from graves and disposed of two weeks after the last interment unless a specific request is made.

Tel: 020 8524 5030 Email: john.billson@walthamforest.gov.uk http://www.walthamforest.gov.uk/

Losing a loved one is hard, but it is especially so when it is your child. Offering help and support, we specialise in creating appropriate and meaningful tributes. With a range of services ranging from gravestone inscriptions to headstone cleaning; we make sure that the tribute for your lost loved one is exactly how you want it.

Opened in 1884, much of the 41.5 acres cemetery is laid out with traditional type full size memorials and public graves.

We have a modern digital music system that can provide almost any music choice that is requested. Click here for further information and our current music library:  http://www.wesleymedia.co.uk

27. The Cemetery reserves the right of access over all grave spaces and the right to temporarily remove without notice any memorial, potted plants or frame from any grave to facilitate the digging of another grave for the purpose of interment or exhumation.

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41. Landings and foundations for grave surrounds and headstones may be installed by the Cemetery Staff if necessary. Foundations laid by stonemasons must be of the appropriate size for the type of grave plot.

Rippleside Cemetery has a traditional stone-built chapel with seating for 60 people. 

Our fully-trained and caring team at Parndon Wood are happy to help with any enquiries you may have and are dedicated to ensuring your Funeral Service takes place exactly to your requirements.

If you prefer simply send us a brochure request and we will send you a selection by first class post.

Childrens Memorials Parndon Wood

53. The Cemetery reserves the right to make any alterations and additions to the Rules and Regulations of the Cemetery & Crematorium at any time it feels fit.

Whalebone Lane North Marks Gate Essex RM6 5QX 

Tel: 01279 446680 Email: enquiries.pwc@harlow.gov.uk http://www.harlow.gov.uk/

Full information about care of graves is provided in the Cemetery Rules and Regulations.

12. Cycling, skating, skateboarding, the lighting of fireworks or the playing of games or music are not permitted within the Cemetery.

In addition to full interments, Herongate Wood also offer exactly similar facilities for Cremation Funerals and ashes burial.

9. All monuments, memorials, wreaths, plants, plant holders or other articles placed in the Cemetery are the responsibility of the grave owner, Parndon Wood Cemetery will not accept any responsibility for their repair or maintenance but may take any appropriate actions to make them safe and recover their costs from the grave owner.