The return journey two hours later saw the train retrace its steps as far as Chinley, rejoining the Hope Valley Line and passing through New Mills Central towards Stockport.

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Hauled by two black steam locomotives, 44871 and 45231 (The Sherwood Forester), the train arrived in the spa town at around 1pm.

A Livestream with David Moyle from onboard "The Buxton Spa Express" which will be running from Preston to Buxton on Sat 17th September with LMS 8F 2-8-0 no 48151.

The Buxton Spa Express steamed into Buxton on Saturday afternoon.

Following its early-morning departure from London, the rail excursion had passed through the Midlands, Chesterfield and Dronfield, before travelling along the Hope Valley Line to Chinley, and then via Peak Forest, Great Rocks and Topley Pike to Buxton.

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Saturday 29th April 2006 – Number 5690 Leander replaced Stanier Class 5 number 45305 and became the first Jubilee to work out of Buxton.