You may choose to send your child to a more distant school or specialist provider. Then you will assume responsibility for the provision of transport and all associated costs.

Any help with travel we provide will be subject to an annual review. The type of transport or level of support may change to reflect the changing needs of the pupil. Travel support may not be necessary as the child grows older and if they become more independent.

During both Stage 1 and Stage 2 you are responsible for arranging and funding any travel until the panel has considered your case.

Our first offer of travel support would be to use public transport where suitable. Otherwise we would arrange contracted transport.

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You must put requests for respite transport in writing to Transport and the Connected County. Please give at least ten working days notice.

You must provide any supporting evidence with your application

We offer independent travel training to help students build their confidence and abilities. For more information please see the leaflet below.

Once a student is beyond statutory school age at the end of Year 11, there is no automatic entitlement to free or subsidised travel. We want to support students of all ages in building their independence when accessing school and college and also the wider community. You should consider this as part of your transition planning.

For pupils with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) or Statement of Special Educational Need (Statement) we apply the same general eligibility criteria as other pupils. We have a duty to make arrangements for travel support up to the end of Year 11 in particular specified cases.

It is not the passenger assistant’s or driver's role to administer medication for any child in their care. This is unless it has been agreed and signed off in the child’s care plan.

The following are some examples of when we would not provide free travel:

You may get assistance until you are aged 25 if you are a student with learning difficulties or disabilities. This is for any continuing course begun on or before your 19th birthday if you meet the other entitlement criteria, and transport was agreed for previous years.

Staffordshire values improved outcomes that support independence for pupils as much as possible. We offer:

Please note: Statutory school age is from Reception year until the end of Year 11.

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A new course is one where the named qualification, learning aims, outcomes, unit/course code or title of the course differ from the previous year. For example, an A level in maths delivered over 2 years is a continuing course. This is because the qualification is awarded only at the completion of the second year.

There is no guarantee that we can meet requests for respite transport. This is because children entitled to home to school transport take priority.

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We will tell you how to make a second stage appeal. You should make a response within 40 working days.

Where a student follows a programme of study such as a level 1 course the first year, and progresses on to the level 2 the next, or completes a series of courses where the outcomes differ each year and there is no requirement to progress to the second or further years to complete each year, this is not considered a continuing course.

We would not offer help with travel for students with an EHCP, Statement of Special Educational Need or s139 Assessment if they can travel on public transport when accompanied. Work or childcare commitments are not generally considered a reason to not arrange such accompaniment.

Children learn at different speeds and not all children learn in the same way. Many children need extra help of some kind during their time at school. In most cases, staff in mainstream schools can help children to overcome difficulties. They do this by teaching a programme suitable for each child's needs and level of ability.

In this section, you can find information to help support your child before school and during.


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Should you need an appeal at stage 1 for a student under the age of 16 (to year 11 only)please complete the form below. Give details of all the exceptional circumstances. Provide all the supporting information you wish us to consider. We should give a response within 20 working days.

Please note:  we provide travel support to and from one permanent home address only.

For children at special schools we may provide help with travel between school and respite care. This is where there is an existing contract that we can use at no extra cost. If there are extra transport costs, parents or the organisation providing respite care will need to meet them.

For information on special educational needs please see the SEND pages on the Staffordshire Cares website.

Please note reviews of special schools in Staffordshire are the subjective opinions of Schoolsnet members and not of Schoolsnet.

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. Post 16 travel assistance application for years 15 and above for 2016-17 (202 KB)

Please note: some of the application forms issued during May 2016 for post 16 travel assistance showed incorrect monthly instalments amounts. The correct amounts that you will pay are on the forms below.

Please note: having an EHCP or Statement of Special Educational Needs or attending a special school or unit does not automatically result in the provision of free travel.

For a student who is year 12 and above to request a review please complete the form below

Rarely we may agree a mileage payment calculated using the shortest driving route. We would calculate this using Google maps, avoiding toll roads.

We provide help with travel subject to the criteria outlined below. The child must be attending the nearest suitable available provision.

We will take such decisions on an individual basis and will take full account of the child’s needs.

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