Area SENCo - Work in an area to support local settings who have children with special educational needs

There are ten schools, and a specialist provision within a primary school and a number of supportive providers making up the membership of We recognise that working together, we are stronger. Our collective expertise is vital to meet the unique needs of each child and young person we work with.

We oversee a range of support to meet the needs of children and young people in education aged 0 to 25. Educational support is co-ordinated with other services and there are policies and ways of working that shape the services we are providing.

Children with behavioural difficulties and at risk of exclusion may have a pastoral support plan (PSP) which should be a short term plan with clear targets and details of support agreed in discussion with you and your child. There is an emphasis on involving the child in writing the PSP especially at secondary school.

You can find more information about Special Education Needs on the Somerset County Council website. 

Somerset SENDIAS (Special Educational Needs and Disability Information, Advice and Support) Somerset SENDIAS provides information, advice and support about Special Educational Needs and Disability for parent carers, children and young people (up to the age of 25), including Independent Support to help through the Education, Health and Care (EHC) Assessment and Plan process.

The Local Offer includes information about the provision available in Somerset for children and young people with special educational needs, and those for whom the local authority is responsible, regardless of whether or not they have Education, Health and Care Plans.

It is sustainable and sustained There will be clear arrangements for feedback from users and for review by the co-producers - parent carers, young people and services and providers. This will help in recognising gaps in provision, limitations in services, and help identify future alternatives to address needs.

Did you know? In 2011, there were 6,071 ‘workless’ households in Somerset with dependent children (households with no adults in employment). - 2011 Census

Independent Parental Supporter - Someone, usually from the Parent Partnership Service or someone else you choose, who will support you through your negotiations with the LEA and your child’s school

The intention is that the local offer will improve choice and transparency for families. It will also be an important resource for professionals in understanding the range of services and provision in the local area. By bringing together all the relevant information on services, and through a feedback facility it will also inform the joint commissioning, by agencies, for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities.

Educational Psychologists - Advise parents, schools and the local authority on children’s special educational needs and play a key role in the Statementing process

telephone us on 01823 355578 between 10am and 3pm during term time.   PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE A MESSAGE as our answer machine is not working at the moment and we cannot pick up  messages left for us.

To find out more Phone 01823 355578 (10am to 3pm during term times) Email Visit our website

The Somerset Cricket Board is always striving to ensure everyone has access to cricket. A key part of this goal is to offer coaching and competition opportunities to all school pupils and to help us achieve this we are launching a cricket competition calendar for Special Educational Needs (SEN) schools and departments across Somerset. There are three different formats of the game that are on offer; Table Cricket, Indoor Cricket and Outdoor Cricket.

It’s so difficult not to become emotional at reviews and gatherings at school, especially if something is not working right. So it's always a good idea to take someone with you.

Somerset Local Offer The Local Offer website has information about services and support available locally for any children and young people with SEND aged 0 to 25.

Did you know? 70.5% of working age people in Somerset are qualified to at least Level 2 on the National Qualifications Framework (equivalent to 5 GCSEs at grades A* to C), higher than the national average of 67.3%.

Did you know? The proportion of Christians in Somerset declined from 76.7% in 2001 to 64.0% in 2011. The proportion of people who said they had no religious affiliation increased from 14.8% to 26.6% over the same period. - 2011 Census

A telephone enquiry line for general SEND enquiries, including exclusions and complaints;

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•Where the schools involved are closed for 4 weeks or longer

This provides information about how we use the ‘graduated approach’ to meet the special educational needs of children and young people in schools and how one level of support is built on by the next level of support, as it becomes necessary.

Did you know? In 2014 14.9% of Somerset households were estimated to be in fuel poverty. - Fuel poverty

An Independent Supporter to help you through the EHC Needs Assessment and advice on EHC Plans;        

Learning Support Teachers/Individual Needs Teachers - Give extra tuition to children with SEN, together with the class teacher and SENCo


Did you know?  Life expectancy is 79.5 years for men and 83.7 years for women in Somerset which is higher than national averages.

“It was a nightmare going to Tribunal and facing a whole panel of professionals.  I found it stressful but it was definitely worth it for the positive outcome we achieved by going through this process.”

Education Welfare Officers - Work with schools, children and parents on attendance problems

Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) - The member of staff in a mainstream school responsible for special educational needs within the school

It is accessible Parent carers should be able to find our Local Offer easily and understand the content. It should involve clear and jargon free language, be widely available in the public domain and provide information on where to find extra support.

Education Health and Care Plan - Does my child need an EHC Plan? There isn't an easy 'yes' or 'no' answer to this question for parents and carers. This is because this is something usually decided through the graduated approach and EHC needs assessment.

Did you know?  86.3% of people living here are very or fairly satisfied with where they live, well above the national average of 78.6% (The Place Survey, 2008).

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The existing documents pre-date the principle of co-production and the LA is committed to amend and reform them in the spirit of the Children and Families Act 2014.

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Administrative Officer - Work in the SEN Casework team at the Local Authority and support the Casework Officer

Please note reviews of special schools in Somerset are the subjective opinions of Schoolsnet members and not of Schoolsnet.

But if you and the LA can’t agree, you may decide to appeal. The Tribunal is an independent body that hears parents’ appeals against LA decisions on Statutory Assessments and Statements. It also deals with some claims of unlawful disability discrimination in education. There are strict timetables for making an appeal and these differ for SEN appeals and disability discrimination claims. It’s important to get advice as early as possible if you are considering appealing.

Before a transfer review is to take place, the local authority must notify the child's parents or the young person, if they are over 16, 2 weeks prior to the date of the review. However, if there is an appeal in progress, relating to a Statement, a transfer review cannot be conducted until the appeal has been concluded.