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Stone Bay School, Broadstairs. Secondary. Combination of Autistic Spectrum Disorder and severe cognitive impairment; Severe Communication & Interaction Needs and Learning Difficulties

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Schools are all age and non-residential, except where otherwise specified). You will find the official KCC List of Special Schools here. 

The move towards adulthood can be challenging. You'll need to consider issues such as housing, education, work and adult social care.

Forms and documents to use if you work with children with SEN.

The funding for Special Educational Needs is vital. Once an EHC plan has been awarded the benefits to the individual can be life changing, ensuring the child is in the correct provision with the correct support not only in an educational environment but with help and guidance to enable them the opportunity to live an independent life beyond school and college.

Home visit service for pre-school children with additional needs.

Support for you and your child, including short breaks, support centres and childcare.

Edward Timpson, Children & Families Minister said ‘For too long, families have found themselves battling with a complex and fragmented system and the new EHC plans will ensure support fits in with the their needs and not the other way round – they will result in a simpler and more joined up system that focuses on children achieving their best.’

Find out about the Early Help and Preventive Services priorities for service development and change, who are the key contacts and how the service aims to s

SEN students who are transferring to further education and have received a Learning Difficulty Assessment (LDA) Plan following the end of their statement, should, in the first instance, apply to the school college or work-based learning provider for a Kent 16+ Travel Card.

Promoting learning and wellbeing for young people and their families.

Activities and events advice and support health and wellbeing respite care and short breaks.

Choosing a college or sixth form and how to apply if you have SEND.

How does this affect Kent County Council?Kent’s allocation is £957k, which is great news; however, this is not a ring-fenced grant. Financial pressures within the Local Authority could see the cash diverted elsewhere in the Council’s budget.

With over 7,000 LDA statements in Kent currently being converted to individual EHC plans any additional funds could be utilised by much needed Educational Psychologists, Speech & Language Therapists and any specialist equipment providers for those individuals with physical disabilities.

Includes special schools and units school transport schools database how to choose and apply Kent Test

The Local Authority will assess the student's application and if the student is eligible to receive transport assistance, there are several options that can be considered

Clear guidance on transfer of statement to EHCP plans.

3. The Local Authority may consider (with the school/college's recommendation and the parents' approval) Independent Travel Training.

As a parent with a child diagnosed within the Autistic spectrum, I found the application process a daunting and frightening prospect with the entire form filling and phone calls involved.


With the right support and encouragement along with his EHC plan, this has enabled us to monitor not only his current education needs but also what he could need in the future.

However, there is a long way to go. Families currently on LDA statements will be converted over to the new EHC plans, but it’s not expected to be complete until 2018.

The reform will see the current statements of special educational needs and learning difficulty assessments (LDA) replaced by education, health and care (EHC) plans.

 Furness School, Hextable, Closed after a 'colourful' recent history, in July 2015 and replaced on the same site by an annexe to Broomhill Bank Special School, called Broomhill Bank North, catering for day and boarding pupils with high functioning autism. 

1. The Local Authority may consider the direct provision of transport where there is a particular need and/or disability.

This week, Patrick provides a summary of the GCSE results achieved by pupils attending PRUs and the latest exclusion data.

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What will happen if you think your child has special educational needs.

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Emporium Plus, providing high quality resources for loan to Early Years settings, Primary schools, out of school providers and families.

Independent travel training helps young people with special educational needs to travel independently to school or college. Being able to access public transport provides important life skills for students. It will help students make their own decisions about how they live and what they want to achieve. Parents can apply online for their child to be considered for Independent Travel Training or call the transport team on 03000 41 21 21 or email

Despite this, we were ‘lucky’ and awarded a placement within a specialist provider, (which is pretty rare) and although it took five years to secure, the rewards have been amazing. My 17-year-old son had continued to progress, with his reading age increasing by 8 years and his reasoning and understanding now that of a young teen. He’s passed 3 GCSE’s and 2 BTEC’s and is now continuing his education into 6th Form.

Although both plans are available to individuals from birth to 25, the LDA application process could take months, if not years before any money was granted to a child. The onus was on parents and connected outside agencies to apply for the grants and it was often an arduous and complicated process that was at times highly stressful.

How will this funding be used?On speaking to Julie Ely, Head of SEN Assessment & Placement within KCC, I wanted to know how this funding would be used.

KCC recognise the pressures to ensure families can benefit from the new reforms, so the SEN Team are hopeful that if not the full amount, then a substantial proportion will be allocated.