1. The needs of students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) are met well at Cape Cornwall School.

In 2013 a 'Cornwall Special Educational Needs (SEN) Strategy for Children and Young People 0 - 25 Years' was produced which sets out how the Council and its partners will improve support for young people with SEN across the county.

10. The school encourages professionals, such as health and social services bodies, local authority support services, e.g. Cornwall Autism Team, and voluntary organisations (for example, Cornwall Advocacy) in meeting the needs of students with SEND and in supporting the families of students. Relevant professionals are always invited to annual reviews, and when a TAC (Team around the Child) or Early Support Plan is in place.

Our Vulnerable Students Coordinator and Pastoral Leads for key stage 3 and key stage 4 ensure that the emotional, mental and social needs of students with SEND are met, along with form tutors. Where further expertise is required, CAMHS or another relevant professional is contacted.

Cornwall Council is committed to working with a wide range of partners, including young people, parents and schools, to ensure that there is sufficient, high quality Special Educational Needs (SEN) provision to meet the needs of Cornwall’s children and young people with complex educational needs.

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8. Students with statements of SEND, are an integral part of their annual reviews, deciding on venues, attendees (in addition to those who need to be invited) and choose the refreshments for their meeting.

The following priorities emerged from the review and form the basis of our implementation plan. See our July update below which provides examples of some of the activities set out in our plan:

The school has an usually large percentage of students with a ‘band 3’ statement, meaning that their needs are complex and funding is in place from the Local Authority to provide full-time support, if necessary.

For more information and to take part in the online survey please click on this link www.cornwall.gov.uk/senreview

There will also be four consultation events that will enable people to hear details of the emerging priorities face to face and contribute ideas in a group setting.

Merits and postcards home celebrate a student’s successes with their family.

11. Contact details for professionals can be accessed through the SENDCo, or quite often, through the family GP.

We welcome colleagues from educational settings, health and social care who may wish to understand more about how the Panel works. Visitors are welcome from 12 noon to see the paperwork involved, the meeting starts at 1pm.

The school's Accessibility Plan (Physical Environment) Policy can be found here. Humphry Davy School follows the Local Authority Equal Opportunities Policy and guidelines. The entire school is fully committed to the promotion of equality of opportunity in all areas of school life.

The outcomes of the review of provision for young people with complex educational needs in Cornwall was taken to the SEND Board in June with the implementation plan identified as a key deliverable within the refreshed SEND Strategy for 2016-17. This is how actions being taken will be monitored, and support and challenge provided, by the multi-agency SEND Board. The July Young People’s Policy Advisory Committee considered the provision review in conjunction with other aspects of SEND.

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Our Autism Champion has regular training and updates from the Cornwall Autism Team, and we have links with Nancealverne Special School should we need further outreach support.

Cornwall has a long history of inclusion and supporting its young people with Special Educational Needs (SEN).

Whilst the review of provision process draws to a conclusion, we are already beginning the actions to respond to the findings. A team led by the Head of SEN Assessment and Inclusion is meeting regularly to deliver the objectives set out in the implementation plan, reporting on progress to the SEND Board.

Progress of students with SEND is also assessed and reviewed though Individual Education Plans (IEPs). Targets from these are reviewed regularly so that they do not become static.

If you are interested in joining us as an observer, please contact us using the contact details on the right hand side.

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Cornwall Council’s ‘Special Educational Needs File’ is designed to support Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCOs) and other professionals in meeting the needs of children and young people with special educational needs (SEN).  It is also a source of information for parents / carers and young people.

9. Any complaints about the provision for SEND at Cape Cornwall School are taken seriously. Complaints will be dealt with in the first instance by Mr Christian Denley, head of school.

Attending can support  professional development and is an opportunity to gain an insight into how decisions about SEN statutory assessments and provision are made.  

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Area Resource Bases (ARB) are currently hosted by twenty mainstream schools across Cornwall. An outcome of the review is to expand this specialist provision further. Three different ways to do this are now underway:

4. The person responsible for students with SEND is Mrs Sarah Hamshaw (SENDCo and Assistant Headteacher). hamshaws@cape.cornwall.sch.uk

Informal lesson observations include a non-negotiable section on 'narrowing the gap,' and formal lesson observations use an Ofsted framework and grades lessons on the teaching and learning experience, and progress of all students, regardless of whether they have additional learning needs.

If you would like to submit a query or provide more information on this story please get in touch below.

Outside professionals such as educational psychologists, occupational therapists, and representatives from The Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) are referred to where the assessment and identification of additional needs is beyond the remit or knowledge and experience within the school.

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Changes to the SEND Code of Practice from September 2014


The school engages in an intensive transition programme for students joining us in Year 7, visiting their Primary School and organising a number of additional transition visits to ensure we know the students well before they join us in September, and have a plan in place to support their needs.

For interventions and the very extensive range of intervention strategies available, please see the school's 'local offer,' published on the website. Please note that this local offer formed the scaffolding for many schools in Cornwall as Cape was chosen to work on the document along with the Local Authority.

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As a school, we are well-prepared for these changes, and are working closely with the Local Authority who are keeping us updated as to their progress in deciding a County-wide approach.

The SEND Code of Practice describes the principles that should be observed by all professionals working with children and young people who have SEN or disabilities. These include: