thanks i am only a kid that want to learn so bad and this actually helped me

Hey Andrew, sounds like a balance issue but i can reassure u with a little more time in the water you will become easy to ly on your board

Oh, and one last thing: Don't practice your pop up on your board out of the water. You will be probably either ding your board or snap a fin off. We know you are keen on practising, but do try to use some common sense!

Now let's discuss the pop up in more detail and look at a little shortcut if you are struggling. Next: The pop up in more detail.

Wow, this is very helpful! I've always been keen on surfing but never really got to do it properly. This should be great help, cheers mate! x

No kendall j., sharks are not a problem. Crossing the road is much more dangerous. There are only a handful of shark attacks each year.

Refer to previous articles on the learning process here on you will be ready to move on to this important stage in your instruction and learn how to stand tall in a surfing situation.

I was looking at some footage of one of our surfing lessons the other day and this young surfers technique really stood out. She’s not quite strong enough to do the pop up consistently but she¬†illustrates the ‘two phase’ technique beautifully well.

I wouldnt recommend grabbing the rails of a board during popups. One should place their hands flat on the deck instead.

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I feel very comfortable on a boogie board riding big waves, but I suck at surfing. I am lying on a longboard, and I am tipping over. Why is that?

anyone in swfl surfing beside me ? wecollins 74

We encourage everyone to try the ‘pop up’ first as this is the gold standard but the outcome¬†for either method is the same: to stand on the surfboard and get a good long ride to the shore.

Same here-looks so easy but even if you pop up - usually fall stright off!

Hey guys, I think this video would really help you out with learning the proper technique to popping up. It really helped me. Hope this helps!!!!

For all those beginners out there having trouble popping up try switching your feet. I spent ages tying endlessly to get up on the board but slipped off every time. It wasn't until I was just about fed up with surfing when I thought I'd switch my feet around and I caught every wave all the way into shore. Just remember surfing takes a lot of practise and when your just about to give up try something different. It might just work!

Learning how to stand up on your surfboard is what all of you budding surfers have been frantically looking for on the Internet. Well here it is, and we'll first concentrate on the position that you should actually be taking when you are standing on your surfboard riding the waves. What we need to do first is to find out whether you are a natural-footed surfer or a goofy-footed surfer.

Ive never surfed in my life. I dont even live near a beach. I havent been there since i was 5.. 8 years ago. I am very terrified and nervous by sharks. Are they really a problem while surfing?

your pop up - hard to see what the knees and toes are doing. are you starting your pop up from your toes?

Just keep doing it. Yes, it's very tiring. Yes it's hard work. You have to want it. Keep trying without being afraid to fall and you'll eventually "feel it," and it will be much easier going forward.

thanks i am tring to surf like bethany hamilton

Thanks for that. Will try next time im gonna go for surfing (hopefully nest Weekends gonna be sunny^^)

How do you know if you are a natural or just plain goofy? You might not know it yet, but it has already been decided by your natural balance and instinct, and here is how you tell just which one you are.

I just can't do them i go straight to my knees. I try to go straight to my feet but it is to hard!!!

i was doing the step by step and honesty i was really weak, and suddenly after reading your descripstion about pop up all is clear and i can do it!!! wow, tkank you

Yeah, I your hands on top of the board during the press-up. I'm not a great surfer, but it helped me. When your hands are clenched on the rails, the board will turn faster and lose control if you hit a rough patch or if your arms don't have equal down-pressure.

For a surfer, the feeling of standing and surfing a wave can only be described as the "ultimate feeling." Whether you are a beginner or experienced surfer the feeling is achieved by standing on the surfboard and using correct techniques to benefit from the natural power of the ocean.

this is so great for my nonfiction research project on Bethany Hamilton :)

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Hi I have tried so hard to learn surfing but I'm female,nearly 62 years and have spent years trying and had lessons but there needs to be alternative techniques to the standard pop-up for those lacking flexibility and with a few extra kilos.I windsurf,snowboard and am a long distance swimmer.I can surf and am out there every weekend all year round but still useless.

How to stand up on a surfboard

You can practice the pop up easily in the comfort of your own home. You can also help yourself by doing regular press-ups to build up some arm strength.

That is all for the pop up. During these last few lessons, you've learned how to catch a wave, how to paddle around, and how to duck dive. This lesson taught you how to stand up. Now we're going to tell you all about positioning on the board when surfing. Check it out in surfing lesson #5—positioning.

If you are having a little trouble getting to your feet with the pop up, then there is a short term solution to helping you get to the standing position. Instead of going straight up on to your feet, try sliding your front foot up the board, then pushing your body backwards until you are in the crouched position with both your feet in the right place.

why surfer can ride inunbroke waves when there is no translaion in an unbroken waves????

If you made it this far, then you must be able to adequately paddle.

The best way to stand up on a surfboard, without doubt, is to utilise the ‘pop up’ method. This is where you catch the wave, perform a press-up and then whip your feet into place in one seamless motion.

The pop up is not best explained in words. It is better to either check out surfers at your local beach or watch surfing videos to see it in action. Check out the video below.

hello every body my name is christian i am 13 years old i go to owosso middle school but now im going on vication for the fall and i cant wait to take surf lessons im goign to be a pro surfer just like beathany hamilton

Think about how you would skid on a patch of ice. When you run up to a patch of ice to skid, which foot would be your front foot? The skid position that you take on the ice will be your most comfortable surfing stance. (There is no need to go down to the local ice rink to practice or wait until winter before trying!) If you would skid most comfortably with your left foot forward, then you're a natural-footed surfer; if it's your right foot that you have forward, then you're goofy-footed.

As always choose a nice looking whitewater or gently breaking ‘green’ wave and catch it as you usually would then: