We want our candidates to be truly reflective of the society that we live in.  We welcome applications from potential candidates regardless of their background, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or any other part of an individual's identity.

Glosswitch is a feminist mother of three who works in publishing.

If you are successful, your win will be publicly announced and you will be given information on how to attend Parliament. Successful candidates must swear an oath or make an affirmation in Parliament before they can take their seat as an MP.

Certain groups of people are not allowed to stand, these include:

You should appoint polling agents who will oversee the ballot, and you must notify the Returning Agent in writing of their names and addresses at least two days before polling day.

Parents might moan about the judgments of other families, but we judge each other. We don’t mean to, but we do. It’s not that we expect perfection from one another. Sometimes it’s more a case of “Christ, if he/she’s doing that with them, does that mean I have to, too?  To which the answer is always: “No, but you’ll dwell on it so much you might as well.”

A group of enthusiastic volunteers campaigning on your behalf may well swing those who have not yet decided to vote for you.

If you are representing a political party, it must submit quarterly loan and donation reports to the Electoral Commission. If you don't have a party, you must declare details of any donation over £50 after the election.

The Electoral Commission is an independent body, accountable directly to the UK Parliament, that regulates elections in the UK, promotes voter awareness and works to build confidence in the electoral process.

A voluntary association of 53 independent sovereign states. Excluding Mozambique, most are former British colonies or have historical links to Britain. The Queen is the Head of the Commonwealth.

So stand as an independent or, even better, start your own political party.

Unsubstantiated reports have emerged alleging a variety of motives for the divorce – including Jolie’s dislike of Pitt’s parenting methods. All claims have been denied and we may never know the true reason for the separation.

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Role within the party: Once elected MPs must remember they have been elected and selected in order to represent the Conservative Party. They are expected to become key players within the party and work hard to promote the Party’s profile. However, they are also there to represent the needs of their constituents and must do so to the best of their ability.

Finally, go to the town hall for the result - and don't forget your bottle of champagne!

As well as the obvious costs of travel and accommodation, or even relocation, if you aren’t originally from the constituency, the little things just keep mounting up. “It’s the campaign incidentals,” Stride says. “You always find yourself spending £50 here or there, because the buck stops with me.” In the ConservativeHome research, several candidates cited the cost of attending local association events and having to buy raffle tickets or pay for childcare to do so.

Full guidance for candidates is provided by the Electoral Commission, the independent body that regulates party and election finance and sets standards for well-run elections.

Take a tour of Parliament and enjoy a delicious ‪afternoon tea‬ by the River Thames

Then, before you know it, you’re engaged in a parenting arms race, each of you stockpiling as many arbitrary rules as possible simply to make sure you’re not falling behind.

There are enormous social, financial and practical benefits to shared parenting, but often it can feel as though the other person is not playing fair.

Four staff networks for people to discuss and consider issues.

Organise protests against school or hospital closures, poor transport or planning decisions.

Candidates are also entitled to free use of rooms to hold public meetings during their campaigns. You can use suitable rooms in any community, foundation or voluntary school in the constituency - a list will be held by the local authority.

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How you parent can reveal an awful lot about the person you are. While we might all be destined to fuck them up in the end, most of us want to be doing it in unison, not each in our own, guilt-ridden, lonely way.   

Authorisation is required to stand for a specific party, otherwise candidates will be described as independent or have no description.

In order to encourage only serious candidates to stand, a £500 deposit is required when submitting the nomination papers - returned if the candidate receives over five per cent of the total votes cast.

All candidates need to appoint an election agent, who is the person responsible for the management of your election campaign and its financial management. If you do not appoint an agent, you will become your own agent by default.

Both assessments are based on a competency framework and to be approved as a candidate you’ll need to possess the following abilities and qualities:

How to stand as an MP

Get out into the community and really get to know people. If they recognise your name on the ballot paper or you have done something to improve their lives, they will be more likely to vote for you.

1) The first step is to get in touch with your Local Conservatives. It is important to volunteer to help with any upcoming electoral campaign. Other tips to raising your profile as a potential MP include becoming a Council candidate and committing to local charities and organisations. This will serve to demonstrate your affiliation to public service and the Party.

The Liberal Democrats and their elected representatives may use the information you’ve given to contact you. By providing your data to us, you are consenting to us making contact with you in the future by mail, email, telephone, text, website and apps, even though you may be registered with the Telephone Preference Service. You can always opt out of communications at any time by contacting us or visiting www.libdems.org.uk/optout. For more information go to www.libdems.org.uk/privacy.

The minimum you need is your £500 deposit, but a good campaign requires between £5,000 and £6,000 of funding.

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See some of the sights you’ll encounter on a tour of Parliament

There are rules on spending and donations that candidates and agents must follow. Candidates need to be fully aware of these rules and ensure that their agent is following them.

If you would like to find out more about applying to be an approved Parliamentary candidate, download our information pack about becoming a Lib Dem Approved Parliamentary candidate or email candidates@libdems.org.uk to get started. 

Our candidates are at the heart of our Party. As a Lib Dem candidate you can make a real difference to your local area and stand up for local people in your community. One day you may be supporting local residents, helping them to solve problems and the next giving your opinion on national Party policy.

Do as much as you can to catch people's attention - loud hailers, balloons, live music.

You will need to become a validly nominated candidate, which means your name will appear on a ballot paper. To do this you need to submit a completed set of nomination forms along with a deposit of £500 to the (Acting) Returning Officer before 4pm on the deadline day for nominations.