Today’s publicans must transform into expert marketers. Once you’ve understood who your customers are, what they want and how you can provide it for them… it’s then a case of providing that service and promoting it.

A qualified chartered accountant, Andy has played a leading role in the group's evolution to a community-focused tenanted pub business, leading the divestment of unsustainable businesses, with sale proceeds re-invested back into the existing estate and into new acquisition opportunities. Andy has held senior management roles at a number of other businesses, including Enterprise Inns, where he also headed the property & strategy teams. 

Not all publicans in the group have much - sometimes any - direct experience of the trade, admits York, but the majority are familiar with working unsociable hours, whether as milkmen or merchant bankers.

With a career spanning over 15 years in the pub industry, Andy leads the operations teams across Admiral Taverns.

But what matters most is of course the feedback we get from our licensees. This year we were delighted to have built further on a consistently strong performance in the MCA Tenant Track survey, an independent reflection of true licensee opinion across our industry. But don’t just take our word for it, hear from our licensees yourself.

Brilliant content ideas for your pub’s Facebook page

If you buy a pub through Punch Taverns then there is plenty of support, he says, but you still need to be self-motivated and independent-minded.

A qualified management accountant, Glenn held senior management roles at a number of leading retail and leisure businesses, including Scottish & Newcastle, prior to joining Admiral. He works closely with the operations teams on the company's rolling capital expenditure programme, which has seen significant committed investment in the pub estate in recent years.

You need to understand your options for running a pub and which one best suits your circumstances. The 3 options are:

The legislation stipulates that a service provider must take reasonable steps to make their premises accessible to disabled people. What constitutes ‘reasonable’ depends on the nature of your business, the size of your business, the costs of any adjustments, and the impact of any disruption it might cause.

After you’ve got a full analysis of the condition of the property, and details of any repairs that need carrying out, the next step is to get a full valuation of the property itself.

The need to be a 'people person' is a theme that seems to recur more than most.

Andy is responsible for property, estate management and business strategy.

That’s all a restaurant is, really, isn’t it? It’s just a question of scale. If we could find a lovely rural location, we’d be able to socialise while we worked, our friends would come all the time (and would gladly pay), it would be packed every night... oh, it would be so amazing...”

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Feeling ready to buy a pub? We've thousands of pubs for sale in the UK right now, find yours today! 

Of course, food safety is also of paramount importance. You must register your food operation 28 days before the first day of trading, appoint an appropriate food safety manager, and take a meticulous approach to food safety in-line with legal guidelines.

"I probably didn't do enough research. I looked at various websites, and visited two pubs before I decided on this one.

The Disability Discrimination Act seeks to prevent discrimination against disabled people in all areas of life.

The best option depends on your pub’s expected turnover, and the availability of – or desire for – a business partner.

Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL): Collects and distributes music royalties on behalf of performers and the record companies.

You will also have to know about licensing laws, as well as health and safety and food hygiene.

Admiral Taverns welcomed Amanda as PA to the Directors in August 2015.

"Researching your local market is key to staying in tune with your customers. Talk to them, ask them what they want and make sure they are happy."

No surprise then that the pub industry is big business; according to the British Beer & Pub Association there were 49,433 pubs in the UK in 2012, and it’s a market seeing some exciting changes. Pubs are becoming more ambitious, especially with the growth of pop-up bars, and customers become increasingly demanding, which can be healthy for profits.

I think that everyone wants to own a boozer because they genuinely think it will be easy. The user experience of a pub is pretty straightforward: you order at the bar, you pay, you get your drinks and you have fun with your mates, or variations thereof. Because the transaction is so simple (it’s basically “money = beer”, isn’t it?) I’m sure that most pub punters think that the business model is simple too.

Access the Health and Safety Executive’s guidance for catering and hospitality businesses.

However, there are important differences between a lease and tenancy. A lease requires you to provide greater initial start-up costs, the contracts terms are usually longer, and you may get to sell the lease on for a profit.

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He also points out that before you can become a landlord you need to get a personal licence from your local council. First of all, you must complete the National Certificate of Personal Licence Holders (NCPLH) qualification.

How to run a pub

Well, I’ve got news for you, sunshine: don’t do it. In the UK currently there are 27 pubs going out of business every week. There is massive competition from the super-slick chains, backed by very efficient corporate infrastructures, publicans are constantly having to up the ante and offer fantastic value - and added value; it is a very competitive market and pubs, as businesses, are harder than ever to make work. Please, don’t do it.

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Your pub needs a premises licence in order to sell alcohol and provide entertainment. To get one, you need to contact your local council.

"At the same time," he adds, "running a pub can be great fun, profitable, and very rewarding for you and your family. If you're well prepared and work hard, the satisfaction and rewards will make your efforts worthwhile."

Costs will vary so it’s worth getting a range of quotes from different surveyors.

Publicans with passion, knowledge and entrepreneurial flair continue to prove that the dream of running a successful pub can be realised.

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Finding the right pub, in the right place, at the right time, is crucial. Get it right, and you’ve massively boosted your chance of running a successful pub. Get it wrong, and you’re already facing an uphill struggle.

"When I thought about giving up teaching, I only wanted to run a pub - so I just went for it," he recalls, but admits: "I am beginning to think it was a mistake. Financially - the pub is not doing so well.

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