If you’re like the hundreds of thousands of people that go running and get injured on a regular basis, probably not.

Since announcing that we have taken on a famous London pub in the middle of Cambridge Circus, where Covent Garden, Theatreland and Soho converge, there has been a different sort of response. It’s a variation on the sentiment described above and it goes something like this:

I may need to slow down to 50% of my 5k pace to make sure I stay in the aerobic zone.

Fortunately, you’re a Nerd Fitness reader, which means you are incredibly intelligent, really ridiculously good looking, and modest.  It also means that you DO pay attention to how you run.

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Brendan Cournane is a USATF and RRCA-certified running coach and motivational speaker based in Chicago. He has completed over 80 marathons, including one in all 50 States. Contact him at Coach@CoachBrendan.com or www.CoachBrendan.com. 

So why am I? Well, I’ve always fancied having my own pub...

Glad to hear that you enjoyed the article Darren. It really will make a big difference to your running if you pace your long run correctly. Let us know if we can cover any other topics that will help with your upcoming marathon! Best of luck!

Don't think about your run or race as a whole. Instead, find visuals or landmarks along the way and work toward them one by one. As a mother of a four-year-old boy, I look for parks and ball fields that remind me of my son. When I pass them, it puts me in a positive place mentally. As a cancer survivor, I also look for hospitals and cancer centers. They remind me of the second chance I've been given and to run like it’s my last.

When most people think of warming up, they probably think of standing there and doing some static stretching for 10 minutes…you know, to make sure you don’t get injured!

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All good advice (minus emphasis on the paleo diet..)

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Here are the top seven ways to get faster without running more.

“It’s informative but not too detailed. I like that it’s factual and realistic about the conditions and the procedures involved. It’s also easy to navigate to areas that you specifically want without having to read all the information.”

Many coaches, myself included, recommend an overall balance of hard/easy training (whilst avoiding the moderate zone), a method now becoming known as ‘polarized training’. The avoidance of ‘moderate’ training is the key, and runners focus on ‘easy’ paced running for the majority of time, with a sprinkling of really hard work (where you really can’t chat!) mixed in for approx 20% of the weekly mileage.

Perform three stretches for 30 seconds on each side. Enhancing mobility will help with any pain you currently have due to muscle tightness, and prevent more in the future.

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…then we can continue the conversation!  Let’s take a look at the first few important steps (get it!) when it comes to running.

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If you’re running the race with a training partner, make it a group session: Share your goals with each other for mutual reinforcement.

When I was training for my first marathon however, I realized I needed a bit more stability doing longer distances (something I would have known, perhaps less painfully, had I trained for a half marathon first).

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How to run

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The road back to optimal running health begins with mobility. Gisselman recommends using a foam roller or tennis ball to work out the knots in your glutes, hips, hamstrings, and lower legs. Before and after any run, roll your muscles on the foam and hold any tender spots until you feel them begin to release. Static stretching for the hips, hamstrings, and calves can also be done pre- and post-workout. 

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6. Don’t Neglect Post-Run CareIt’s easy to forget a cooldown when your pace is lower than you’re used to, but it’s still important to take a few minutes at the end of your run to slow way down, maybe even walking an extra few blocks. And beyond that, make sure you’re adding some dynamic post-workout stretching and doing things like foam rolling or self-massage to help inflammation.

David, I’d be curious to know what your marathon plans max out at?

Here are some thoughts on setting SMART goals, audacious goals, and better goals in general.

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Sometimes, however, their response is not to ask about what I do, but rather to tell me about what they would like to do. It might go something like this:

But for now… It’s time at the bar. A lock-in? Well okay then. We’ll respond to your questions and suggestions in the comments below…

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Hi Eric, thanks for reaching out. As long as you are building up the mileage gradually, you should be okay, especially with a planned down week. The 80/20 method will also help prevent injuries. As for the workout specifics, it will not make too much of a difference which workout you do during that build up time, as long as it does not exceed 20% of your running. Hope this helps!

Hi Scott, thanks for reaching out. We do not believe anyone is too far gone to not be able to incorporate the easy running. The best things we can recommend are to read more articles on this topic to see if any of them help the message stick.

—Lisa Johnson, certified personal trainer, runner, and owner of Modern Pilates in Boston, Mass.

Your primary goal is the one you’ve been working toward during your buildup, whether it’s a personal best, qualifying for Boston, or breaking five hours. Your secondary goal should keep you motivated at the 22-mile mark on a bad day: finishing in the top 50 percent, slowing only 10 minutes over the second half, or just reaching the darn finish line.

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