If your broadband was fine, and you've just seen a big drop in your speed, it might be down to a network issue in your area. Visit the BT service status page where you can enter your phone number to see affected dialling codes and how long we expect the problem to last.

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Now, these also need to be different for the different types of internet. If you have ADSL2+ or cable make sure you have the appropriate filter.

Fibre optic broadband will be your fastest option - assuming it's available in your area, of course.

When you switch off the Hub, your broadband looks like it's disconnecting. This makes the line look unstable and the broadband speed may be automatically reduced to make the line more reliable. So it's best to leave your Hub on - even at night - to get the best speeds and performance.

Psst - we've got a big fancy downloadable ebook all about how to boost your broadband speed. The tips in this guide are a perfect starting point - but if you find you need more in-depth info, complete with a glossary and a guide to your router, give the ebook a gander. 

In this post I am going to show you a few ways you can increase your internet speed. These are things you might not know about.

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File-sharing applications typically run in the background on your computer and use your Internet connection to upload and download files. Closing these applications on all the computers in your home may improve your performance.

So, if you refer to my speed test above you will see that I am getting 11.53 Mbps per second. To find out how many megabytes that is you just divide by 8 which equals 1.44 MBps.

I am thankful that at least we have a connection, though. Without it, my business would not even have a fighting chance. 🙂

Increase your computer's performance to get the most from your Internet connection.

Click here to test the speed of your current connection.

Okay, so, some boring but important stuff here. People often say megabytes when they mean megaBITS. And visa versa. But there is a big difference.

If your computer has picked up something nasty it can slow everything down. Firstly make sure you have activated our free BT Protect service to secure your home network. BT Protect helps prevent infection from viruses, scams and phishing attacks when you're on the internet by warning you if you're about to visit a potentially harmful website. It's free to all BT Broadband customers. Turn on BT Protect now >

If you want to maximise coverage across the whole house, try sticking it somewhere central, maybe at the top of the stairs. Whatever you do, don't stick your router in a cupboard - you'd be surprised how common a mistake that is!

Note that security cameras (nanny cams or pet cams) can also affect performance.

Today, getting 17Mbps+ bidirectionally. Some days, get much higher. Some days much lower. I’ve noticed that on rainy days like today, it tends to be slower (and that was regardless of DSL, Cable or fibre (I’ve got FiOS, now).

NOTE: If you want to test your speed in MBps then go here and go right click > save target as and observe the download or transfer rate.

You can improve system performance and throughput by periodically clearing your cache.

Fortunately, most providers now automatically supply you with a password-protected router, but if you don't have one set up, or have turned the password off, secure your network immediately.

My connection is fast as heck now. I was with another provider who throttled encrypted traffic in an effort to cut down on downloading, unfortunately it slowed the internet to a crawl.

I’ve blogged about how America’s Internet is slow by worldwide standards. Rather than go into that whole thing again, you can check out a post I wrote for a blog I contribute to: http://www.vagablogging.net/asias-internet-goes-to-warp-speed.html

When you first get your broadband, it's normal to experience variations in speed. This happens because we run tests to make sure you get the best possible speeds and connection in the long term. This process can take up to ten days, so please keep your Hub turned on 24/7 so we can work on the line constantly to give you the best possible service.

I’m from Lebanon: 0.42 Mbps / 0.15 Mpbs very informative post btw (:

Old Foxtel boxes can cause interference for your internet, even if you aren’t using them. If your net speed is slower than it should be and you can’t figure out why, it might be an idea to go for a walk around your house and see if you have a Foxtel (cable TV) box that you didn’t know was there. It could be from a past owner. If so, call up and make sure it is disconnected totally.

If you’re trying to increase your download speeds over wireless, this may be a good time to consult our guide to wireless technology and signal boosting. If you have an old router (802.11b or 802.11g), you may see substantial speed improvements by switching to newer, faster equipment.

Avoid using Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections to your office and Internet proxy servers when doing a speed test. These connections can decrease performance.

For best results, use the most current software supported by AT&T. Newer software has updated tools and features for a complete experience on AT&T websites.

There's a pretty simple rule. The smaller, cheaper or older your devices, the less likely it is that they'll deliver great wi-fi. Laptops and computers will have better wi-fi in your home than phones and tablets. They're big enough to be fitted with large antennae so they can receive wi-fi signals in more places around the home.

How to improve internet speed

Download speeds may be reduced because of incorrect computer settings of the computer. Microsoft Windows default settings are not optimized for the fastest Internet connections. We recommend the free tool TCP Optimizer. It is a small program that takes just a couple of minutes to install and run and changes all the settings needed to maximise your speed. When you run the tool just accept the defaults and it will do the rest. Even Windows 8 comes with default settings that are slowing you down.

It's vital to put your Hub as close to where you use it as possible. Obstacles like walls, doors and wardrobes can make a huge difference to wi-fi speeds. To get the best wi-fi signal around your home, follow our advice on improving your wi-fi with BT >

Keeping your computer free from infections and other malware will improve performance.

If this is your Windstream account number, please call us at 1-866-445-5880 for help.

As far as I’m concerned they were ripping me off for years, I paid for a certain speed and because I didn’t use it the way they wanted me too they defaulted on their contractual obligation to provide me with a decent connection. What was really funny is that they kept calling me and asking me to upgrade my speed at extra expense. I used to kind of heckle the poor workers telling them that I would gladly sign up once they started delivering the speed they advertised for the service.

Update: I’m now using the above modem/router called the NETGEAR D6300 (AC1600 Dual Band Gigabit) which is lightning fast, has a huge wireless range and has many other cloud-based features. I highly recommend this bad boy.

I was really surprised at how much the speed of my internet increased the amount of work I could get through; whether it was sending files, downloading and uploading images to blogs, or just loading new pages to read.

Some people disagree with this but I have found that cordless phones slow down or interfere with my internet even with filters. It is worth doing an isolation test by removing your phones and replacing them with different ones (borrow a friend’s) and see whether you get better results.

To boost your speed, shut down services you don't want, as well as any bandwidth-heavy streaming services like BBC iPlayer and Spotify when you're not using them. To do this: