I usually have a stomach problems and stomach acears. Whenever I eat I feel pain in right part of my stomach and sometimes when I eat food about 500g, I could stay for 2days without feeling hungry and I do feel full, when this happen I do take 2-3 days without going to toilet. When I drink much water I got a little better, and always I do pass hard stools. And I don't gain much weight. I need to gaim weight and improve digestion. So what can I do?

Your digestive tract...that mysterious 30-foot tube holds more solutions for your health than most of us could ever imagine.

If spicy foods give you heartburn, stomach pain or diarrhoea, go easy on them in future. If you already have a problem like heartburn or an irritable bowel, avoid them completely.

friends, dont eat junk and take this kayam chon thats all

Fermented foods are high in "good bacteria" and eating them will help you to regenerate your gut flora naturally. The greater the variety of fermented and cultured foods you can include in your diet, the better. Try eating sauerkraut, kefir, fermented vegetables, kimchi, or Kombucha. If you have a severe gut disorder, start slowly. Allow time for your internal environment to change and for your digestive system to become healthier and stronger.

Oil for bowl movement is new info to me. I eat a lot of veggies, but less oil. But recently had bowel issues. After reading this, I added some ghee to my dinner and next morning it gave me a happy tummy ūüėÄ Love your blog!

I take first thing in the morning and before bed, both on empty stomach…

While it seems like a simple formula on the surface, it's much deeper than you'd think. That 30-foot tube which makes up your digestive tract is responsible for delivering the components of what you eat into your body.

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It's true, isn't it? Most of us have received our nutritional education from the media, influencing us with delicious tastes designed to meet every craving and convenience. It's not surprising that we'd forget the correlation between the quality of our food and thequality of our digestive health.

Advice is often given to avoid fat and protein when constipated and up the fiber (the FIBER!!!). Turns out, fiber can be very hard to digest for some people, and that it can contribute to additional gut problems. Guess what is slippery and does help things glide right along? Yep… FAT!

To fix this problem, it seems we simply need to adopt a more natural squatting position instead of the sitting position many of us use today. While squatting on the actual toilet seat is one solution, I personally don’t recommend it if you are pregnant, have balance issues, or simply aren’t already a very strong squatter.

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Probiotics are so-called "friendly bacteria" that also occur naturally in the gut and have been linked to all sorts of digestive health benefits, including helping irritable bowel syndrome and traveller's diarrhoea. 

I Survived the Bubonic Plague (Yes, You Read that Correctly)

I have poor power of digestion,so what to do at this age of 20?

It's important to keep drinking, especially water. It encourages the passage of waste through your digestive system and helps soften poo.

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Find out about the role fats play in a healthy diet, including saturated fats and unsaturated fats

A good way to make sure you're getting enough fluids is to drink a glass of water with every meal. Avoid caffeine drinks as they can cause heartburn.

Also you can make your own sauerkraut and eat it with meals as salad or in soups. Sauerkraut (home made) or raw that you can buy in Whole Foods has more probiotics than pills and is cheaper. I make my own sauerkraut and kombucha. Very easy and about no time to make both.

Focus on whole, fresh foods. Avoid the "fake" stuff, including processed foods and fast-foods, which are typically high in refined salt, sugar, and processed oils. Also, they're difficult for your body to digest, and they don't provide any nutritional value.

The chemical structure of olive oil breaks in high temperature and chemically it start resembling bad oils that clog arteries and create problems. Research short, mid, and long chain fatty acids and oils. Heat stable, and not etc. And you will find out. Different oils are differently digested – that it why it matters.

You might want to look into Pumpkin Seed Oil. I’ve heard that can help with intestinal worms. Good luck and I hope this helps!

Getting PracticalAyurveda recommends a variety of practical techniques for keeping our digestive fire strong. Incorporating these practices into your daily life can strengthen agni and, in turn, facilitate weight loss, improve the metabolism of food, and minimize uncomfortable GI symptoms.

How to improve digestion

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What you eat and the quality of your digestive health are intertwined. Following these 10 strategies will help make sure it’s always a happy relationship.

Stress doesn't just wreak havoc on your mind; it can mess with your digestion! There are many ways to reduce stress and I recommend giving yourself permission to discover what kinds of relaxing activities work best for you. I found that gentle activities such as meditation, breathing, yoga, walking and naps really helped me to reduce my stress levels.

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Check out these simple ways to get younger-looking skin without going under the knife.

Ever since it helped me avoid morning sickness while pregnant, I’ve been a magnesium¬†evangelist, but it is also helpful in digestive health! I’ve gotten many emails from readers who were low on magnesium and who noticed digestive benefits when they started consuming enough magnesium.

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Probiotics are the "good" bacteria that have been shown to improve gut health. They are easily available as dietary supplements. For best results, work with a qualified health practitioner.

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Granted, I realize this post is quite old by now, but it still bears noting: I think the jury’s still out on #2.

Hi, I am saikrishna.I am suffering from indigestion.Can you please give suggestion to prevent from indigestion.Please please please..........................

Your digestive health has adirect link to your body's health. In fact, the quality of food you eat affects your quality of life AND energy. Find out how to improve your digestive health.

Your digestive system breaks down the foods you eat into the nutrients your body needs. If you neglect your digestive health, your body could run into problems digesting foods and absorbing those nutrients.

you can use zymnet syrup its an ayurvedic syrup by aimil pharmaceuticals 2 spoons after meal 3 times a days. u people will definitely feel a great change in ur digestion.

Personally, I’ve noticed a big change in my own digestion since transitioning to a healthier lifestyle, and the change has been most profound for our son who struggled with allergies (and who had a complete turnaround thanks to the GAPS diet).