Unlike street addresses, IP addresses aren’t necessarily fixed. Your Internet service provider may regularly assign you a new IP address, just as your router may occasionally assign your devices new IP addresses.

An IP address is the number which makes a device identifiable on a network. Compters, network printers, smartphones, tablets, media streamers and all other devices on your home network have an address in the format The first two numbers should always be the same for home networks, but the third may be different depending on your router. Some use 1, some use 2, and some use 0. The final number is the unique number of the connected device, ranging from 0 to 255.

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” How do you configure to IPv6? I thought the date to start using this was June 6th, I don’t see where my provider switched or anybody elses for that matter….”

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If you need extra details such as the network adapter's physical address (also known as the MAC address), then type 'ipconfig /all'  (without the quotes) at the prompt and press Enter. The physical address of our laptop's Ethernet adaptor is F0-4D-A2-DE-41-B5:

Click the name of your Internet connection to view its status.

“…a person can get your IP address and then can look up your physical address…” IP addresses do not equate to your physical location address. They do equate to a general area; that being the service area of the ISP assigned the IP address range you are within. A “proximity” address as it were.

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To obtain your IP Address from ifconfig, enter the following command:

How do you configure to IPv6? I thought the date to start using this was June 6th, I don’t see where my provider switched or anybody elses for that matter.

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First, tap on the Settings app, then on Wi-Fi. You will obviously need to be connected to a router or access point to have an IP address.

total laymen here ,question– why would we need to know all the above IP address etc when would we use this information is all I’m asking

Question you visit a geek site and are not aware of your own IP Address

A quick way to find your IP address in Windows is by running the ipconfig command in a Command Prompt window. You’ll see your IP address in the IPv4 Address row beneath the name of your connection.

Click the Details button in the connection’s status window.

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Your computer likely has public and private IP addresses. You’ll need the IP address if you’re hosting server software – the client computers will need your computer’s IP address to connect to it.

Are you kidding me? Use the command prompt. ipconfig/all will tell you the private from public. Anything behind a well setup router will be firewalled. If one wants to run on a proxy, Google it. Homework is involved. Some of us pay for our education in just looking things up or actually going to school. It ain’t rocket science. If someone gives you the answers for free, you are setting yourself up for some hard times.

You can also access your router’s administration page to find this information. This page displays your public IP address and other information about your Internet connection. Different routers have different administration page layouts and different default local IP addresses – consult your router’s manual if you need more information.

The easiest way to determine your computer's IP address is to visit WhatIsMyIP.com. The site will display your IP address and other information about your system. If the page does not appear, you may not have a working Internet connection and should try one of the methods below.

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This is a good question for the “How to Geek Staff”. What software can REALLY give us some measure of privacy? (privacy–as if there is such a thing anymore).

You’ll find the IP address listed in the Network Connection Details window – look for the IPv4 Address field

If you need to know your 'external' IP address, which is the address you might need to use to connect to your router or other home networking kit remotely (i.e. when not at home) then you can simply go to www.whatsmyip.org from any computer on your home network. The website will show the IP address which your internet service provider has assigned to you. Bear in mind that this external IP address will change from time to time unless you pay for a static (fixed) IP address.

@evielou: Anyone setting up a network should know what their devices’ IP addresses are. Without knowing them is like not knowing the street address of a place you are trying to find. (bad example- someone can probably give a better one)

How to find IP address

This will launch Command Prompt - a black window like the one below. We're using Windows 8 here, but it's basically the same in previous versions of Windows.

The proxy addresses to surf the web anonymosuly. Could you please explain how to set a proxy to prevent ppl from outside to “see” your real IP, can the Public Adress be masked? Is there a way to use a proxy so the router show another real IP which is not my own? IF that is possible could you pls show ina simple. step by step how to set that up?

When your PC is connected to a network, it is assigned an address on the network called an IP address. If the PC is connected to a network as well as the internet, then the PC will have an internal IP address which marks its location on the local network, and an external IP, which is the IP address of your internet connection. Follow this guide to find both.

Assuming you’re behind a router performing network address translation, you have two IP addresses that matter. Your computer’s IP address is likely a private IP address, probably starting with 192.168 — is a range of IP addresses specially allocated to private networks. You also likely have a public IP address, which is used when communicating with other computers over the Internet.

I liked your article. I took some Cisco classes about a year ago at a local tech college and currently work as a transcriptionist at a local hospital where the computer is part of a LAN with an intranet private IP.

“Release” ; “renew” MIGHT work. Do it multiple times if needed.

An IP address (or Internet Protocol address) identifies each networked computer and device on a network. When computers communicate with each other on the Internet or a local network, they send information to each other’s IP addresses.

You can usually obtain more information with the command:

Your article is quite misleading I fear because you do not mention the main issue and problem. The private ip address is NOT accessible from the internet outside your router. You must set up your router to allow someone outside to reach your private ip address. Doing that setup is confusing.

The IPv4 address will be a series of numbers following the pattern xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (e.g.,

It is not actually a “switch over to” situation; but rather an “invoke the new” in addition to the existing IPv4 . Specifically, new site addresses will be in the extended address range (IPv6). This does not mean that any IPv4 addresses will, necessarily, be changed. “…How do you configure to IPv6?…..” This is a matter of your Network Interface port and the software driver, on your computer/device, being capable of the IPv6 address range,.