I've seen good results and have heard positive feedback from people who have gone that route. I think it works best when the soil is reasonably good underneath.

3. With hand held clippers, trim your grassy edges horizontally and vertically for a nice sharp haircut.

Yes now if when the mow they keep the grass spray OFF the bed area!!!

Just a wave from Alberta! Well I got my soil, sleeves rolled up, ready to go! I am thinking of having my dog employed to do the digging, darn should of trained the dog properly! Shucks! Oh well, I guess, I will have to dig in my garden myself. Hope it looks good and everything doesn’t die, crossing fingers. Thank you Donna for such a great awesome site, without it, I would be scratching my head wondering how to go about my garden project, Wish me luck!

   Using Roundup is popular because it's quick, easy and kills the grass so there's no chance it'll re-root. In decent soil, you could then plant right into the dead turf within days and mulch over top for a nearly instant conversion.

Hi Donna I am re-reading this as I am gearing to get ready to do this.I have a question do you mulch or add anything or just keep the dirt? We have an open field next door to our home and we need to keep it mulched or stone.We decided on stone because we get allot of wind.Just wondering how to keep this neat looking with stone.Any advice would be greatly appreciated πŸ™‚ xx Anne

What a timely post! I’ve recently noticed that the garden needs new crisp edges, but rather than digging in, I’ve ignored it, preferring to take bike rides instead….promising to get to it later. You’ve given me the incentive to get to work. Thanks to you, and to your brother for sharing!

   Science has some good evidence to support no-till and no-improve, but I've seen a marked difference in results between people who improve and plant vs. those who just dig holes and plant into the existing ground.

3. An ideal planting bed awaits you after several months. Now's the best time to install drip irrigation or a soaker hose, before you plant. Edge the bed, if you wish, with decorative materials such as bricks, stones, or landscape timbers. If the bed is large, such as a boulevard garden between sidewalk and street, lay out paths before you plant.

Hi Donna. I love your wood plank walkway and your garden edging. Your accent pieces and look have inspired me with decorating ideas for my small retail store where I sell wild bird supplies. Thanks for the tips and inspiration. And I must say, your ability to inject little tip templates and your funky junk interiors name on all your photos has impressed me, too! Thanks, Donna and keep up the good your giving!

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Can I do this edging and put down mulch instead of leaving bare dirt?

How to mow? I push the lawn mower along the edge, stop, rotate towards the soil, touch down,  then straighten again. I do this all along the edges to reduce the need to edge by hand horizontally.

   3.) Next, I use a tiller to loosen the existing "soil" to 10 or 12 inches deep. I go over it two or three times. Wait until the soil dries a bit if it's wet. In small beds, I hand-dig with a digging fork.

Oh how I wish creeping charlie would follow the rules! (or die already!!) I trench. It still does what it wants! Someday I will win the battle! Great post and truly a fantastic idea.

Do you know anything about gardening?Β Help answer someone's gardening question.

Thank you so much for the tips. Every year I struggle for that professional look. Now when the hubby mows if I can get him not to spray the grass into my edged area argh!

thanks for the tips on edging … very nice looking

2. Spread a 3- to 6-inch layer of compost on top of the paper. If you don't make your own compost, find a municipal source, or substitute half commercial topsoil or potting soil and half composted manure. Now let the weather and earthworms do the work, decomposing the layers.

OMG! You saved my day! Owesome work! Thanks for sharing! I can do a small flower bed as a reward/therapy after pulling weeds by hand for weeks! Thank u!

Great work! The edges look so clean and professional, something I need to do around my deck. I was wondering though, could you cut in the soil, then place pavers around the inside of the edge? LOVE your husky btw!! I have a husky of my own. What beauties they are πŸ™‚

Plant seed, and keep it watered until nature takes over.

1: When cutting your new edge on the grassy side, cut deep. 2: Make sure you have a wheelbarrow handy, those chunks are heavy. 3: Every 2 years or so add new rich soil to your flowerbed. 4: Use kneepads (found at your big box garden center stores)

I love all the great ideals I get from you, keep up the good work!

Thanks for keeping it simply.Looking forward to more tips and info!

Donna that is the way my daddy edged. I learned from him and that is how my flowerbeds look too.I edge far enough out so my hubby can mow and then you never have to weed eat. O.K. rarely.Your soil looks so loose and rich, not like ours at all. Your beds and walkway look very nice and neat. Good job!!!

I really need a garden. Yours is so pretty with that yellow ivy crawling around.

So glad Barbara! It takes a little effort, but once done, it’s relatively easy to keep up!

Not really following how you mow it . Could you explain further please thank you Liu

Yes! The time… me too! All of mine need redoing so even a little at a time will eventually get the job done. πŸ™‚

Hey Katie! In order to put mulch down, you’ll need to dig away more soil. Definitely leave the trench empty then just mound the mulch up and away from the trench. Should work just fine!

How to dig a flower bed

1. Once you've decided where to build a new garden bed, mark the plot's perimeter using stones or bricks. Spread corrugated cardboard on top of the lawn. Saturate it, using a garden hose. On top of the cardboard, spread a layer of newspaper, 6 sheets thick.

Push the lawnmower along the edge, but a bit at a time. With each stop, turn and tap towards the cut, then straighten and push forward again. Repeat until you’ve cleared the edge. Then go over the vertical cut edge with hand clippers for a super clean finish.

I love the crisp edging too but my question is, how do you get a nice rounded edge or how do you get the nice even flow of the “pattern”? I’ve done the edging but my design looks a little uneven or not symmetrical. do you use a bend board as a guide or a can of paint to spray the path you want to edge first?

While starting a flower bed requires some planning and forethought beforehand, it’s not as difficult as one might think to build a flower bed from scratch. There are many types of flower gardens and no two are ever quite the same. You can plant a flower bed any way you like – big or small, curved or straight, raised or flat – whatever. Flower beds can also be changed as time goes on or as space permits. Let’s look at how to create a flower bed.

That was fabulous! Thanks so much! Very clever presentation and illustrations, as well.

I actually didn’t seed my yard, so I have no idea what was used. I think our yard was turfed but the previous owners.

Do you find that water pools in the bottom of your edging after it rains?

Most people prefer the no-dig approach. It starts with eliminating the grass as we did in the dig method. While using herbicides can effectively kill grass, it may not be suitable for planting until much later, as herbicides are not environmentally friendly. However, you can easily smother grass quickly and effectively without the use of harmful chemicals simply by using cardboard or newspaper.

Hey Kym, ohhh, they grow. I just pull them out when they do. πŸ™‚