Thanks Ali. Sorry, I’m confused. If I’m coming from the U.k. won’t I have to go through customs because UK is not part of the Schengen agreement?

Another good thing about having a little extra time on your layover is it will give you some time to stretch your legs and find some food. Having say 3 hours means you shouldn’t have to worry about getting through all the lines, and you won’t feel so rushed. I’m sure you’ll get food on your international flight, but you won’t get more than a tiny bag of peanuts or something similar on your domestic US flight.

Thank you so much Rich! You’re so kind to stop by and let me know, and I’m glad to help! Happy travels 🙂

I have a flight from New Zealand to LAX. I need to book another flight from LAX to JFK. I do not have experience at LAX so I was wondering how long of a layover should I book to give me enough time to catch my LAX to JFK flight. I am looking at Delta airlines for my domestic leg. Thanks!

I am traveling to Florida from Japan. I fly thru Honolulu – Houston – Florida. My question is for the Houston portion. I know that going thru Honolulu I would have to go thru immigrations and recheck my luggage but would I have to do it again at Houston? I’m flying the same airlines with only a 47 mins transfer time so I hope they could go straight thru but I don’t know the regs coming outta Hawaii. I’m a US citizen with a passport.

You’re right, I don’t think a 4 hour layover is quite long enough for your sister to leave the airport. I think the best you could do is meet her for a coffee or something at the airport, though she would still have to come out of the secured area and go back through security again afterwards.

I am highly inspired by your blog. Will follow this wonderful blog which helps thousands of travelling around the world. And also i would love to speak with you one on one in voice. Please let me know if that is possible.

However, coming home is a little different. When you check in at the airport in Morelia, they should still print both of your boarding passes. I’ve never flown through Mexico, but I imagine it’s like every single other country except the US in that you have to go through a separate passport check line before you get to security and eventually your gate.

Sounds like you’re well-prepared! Enjoy your trip, and let me know if you have any other questions!

Proceed through the U.S. Immigration Primary Inspection line.

Hi Hugo! I think 1 hour 10 minutes should be ok, but that’s about the minimum I’d be comfortable with at a bigger airport like DFW. Your bags should be fine too. According to this your gate options are narrowed down to terminals A, B, or C if you’re flying on American Airlines. Also, you don’t exactly have time to waste on your layover in DFW, so check out my tips for short layovers here. Have a great trip!

When you arrive in Amsterdam, look for signs that say “transit” and you should be able to get to your next gate without dealing with customs and immigration because you’re not staying within the Schengen Zone, though you’ll have to go through a security check. Again, since you should already have your boarding pass, it’s just a matter of finding the gate, and your luggage will get transferred from the 2nd flight to the 3rd. Much easier than the layover in Seattle.

Yay, a return customer! 🙂 I don’t think you can really go wrong with these, but here’s what I see as the differences:

Hi Jatin! I think 2 hours 30 minutes should be enough time for your layover in Kuala Lumpur. Look for “transit” or “transfer” signs, go through security, and find your next gate. You shouldn’t have to deal with customs since you’re not staying in Malaysia. Enjoy your trip!

Here are some links to maps of the two airports along with which airlines are in which terminals:

My daughter will be flying from Hilton Head to Portland on Friday and has a connecting flight in Charlotte. Her layover is 53 minutes. She is nervous because she has never flown on her own with someone helping the connections, do you think is enough time? She is flying US Airways for the first but the second says operated by US Airways expressway. Wondering if she has to change terminals or something. Thank you.

AA Flight Attendants ever willing to get you off the airplane first if you tell them your next flight is 1 hour?

Aw, thank you Subir, how nice of you to say! I’m glad to help if I can.

I hope this helps, but feel free to email me if you have any other questions! And enjoy Costa Rica!

Hi there. I’m going from toronto to india and there’s one leg I’m worried about. It has a 2 hour stopover-though same airline and airport. Do you think that will be enough time?

I’m flying from Toronto to Costa Rica with a layover at Chicago O’Hare. I only just realized that I have a really tight connection, only 1:05. There aren’t any other doable flights.

I wrote this to my program but seems like I have to choose one from these two options. What would you advise me. I would be very thankful for any advise. Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi Ali, thanks for your prompt reply. I will travel carry-on only without any checked luggage and will have approx. 1hr 15mins layover in LAX if flight to LAX not delayed… do you still think its too short?? Its difficult to book my flights on same itinerary as book separately is much cheaper. Thanks again.

Is that a long enough Layover or should I take the 79 minute layover in Dallas instead?

Possibly but not likely, it will depend on the time of day and your airline. I've had AirCanada move me off an international flight if they deemed there was not enough connection time.

25 minutes? That’s crazy! Sometimes it takes that long just for the plane to taxi to the gate and for everyone to get off the plane. No thanks. And you’re right, it’s not always easy to get onto another flight if you miss your connection. Thanks Tracy!

International-to-US connection in Vancouver in 40 minutes

Thanks Ali, you’ve put my mind at ease!

We flying from Philadelphia on American Airlines to Frankfurt with a connection on Lott Airlines to Warsaw. Where will we go through customs?

I am glad I came across your article. I will go to Seattle from India with my parents. The plane I was thinking of booking ( Cathay Pacific) has 1hr 40 mins layover time in LAX. Is it sufficient ? We will have 4/5 check-in bags in total. The other planes are costlier.

This is just a stupendous gold mine on the WWW!! Not just for the article only, but more for the continuous and generous responses by Ali. What a warm hearted and helpful person you are!!

Pleased to get a prompt reply from you. Fortunately, my passenger succeeded to catch the connecting flight after the immigration clearance withing 1 hour 40 mins.

Again Thanks for your help! I’ve been reading through some of your other blog posts… so very helpful!!

Im flying to Los Angeles LAX thru Cathay Pacific, i already have a ticket. Then i have to go to Las Vegas thru Southwest Airlines. According to my Cathay ticket, im arriving at Terminal B, but i dont know which terminal Southwest is. How much time should i alot in LAX before i buy my LAX to las vegas ticket? My arrival in LAX is 8AM on a Sunday April 10.

Hi. I’m flying BA from Heathrow to Changi airport Singapore and have 1.5 hours to make a connecting Singapore Airline flight to Ho Chi. Minh City. I am putting luggage in the hold. Does anyone know if I can get my luggage sent straight through to the hcmc flight, or whether I have to collect it and check it in again… i am concerned that I will not have enough time. Any advice would be really appreciated

I have a flight booked with american airlines, from Aruba to Miami and then to Atlanta (Also with AA) but the layover is 1 hour 10 minutes only.

Hi Annabel! 50 minutes is kind of a tight connection, but not so bad for a domestic layover. And Chicago Midway is a much smaller airport than O’Hare. Unfortunately there isn’t really any way to guarantee your luggage will make the transfer, but 50 minutes is at least reasonable. Try not to worry about it as there’s not much you can do, and chances are it will make it. Just be sure to pack anything valuable and even a change of clothes in your carry-on. Have a great trip!

As for the flight back, she will have to go through customs and immigration, plus claim and re-check her luggage, at the first US airport she lands in. For that reason, I don’t like option #1. She’ll have a lot more to do at the airport before she can get to her connecting flight, and JFK just doesn’t make things easy for claiming and re-checking luggage. I don’t think 2 hours 11 minutes is long enough.

Wandering if you could help, i am traveling on my honeymoon in February and have a international connecting flight From Dallas airport to Sydney. Flying with American Airlines who i will have checked in with @ Aspen. I think the international flight to Sydney is operated by Qanta though. Do you think i will have to check baggage in again @ Dallas and will 2.5hrs be enough time to make the connecting flight to Sydney. Thank you Anthony

I think your Atlanta layover on your way to Cancun will be fine. You don’t have time to waste, so maybe don’t stop at the bathroom or anything, but I think you’ll be fine. Let me know if you have any other questions, and have a great trip!

Have a great trip, and let me know if you have any other questions!