Only the shaco clone as far as I know. LeBlanc and the wukong clones take normal damage.

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Yet Donald claims that musical performances such as Beyonce at the Super Bowl was her clone performing. So if the clone is all those things, why would they put it in a situation where it could malfunction and expose everything? And don’t give me that “The Illuminati wants people to know what they’re doing so they can be overthrown” BS, cause that’s just stupid.

Or lock onto them with an attack or an ability.

I think both of them have the mark, not sure if you get 2 stacks if you kill both

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When they created Dolly, the first sheep they cloned, they knew that the clone would have a shorter lifespan because of the normal damage that happens to the DNA over the years. While the Dolly appeared to be younger, she ended up dying of an old sheep's disease.

Doesn't the clone take more damage then usual? Couldn't you just tell from that.

Also Donald said on Facebook about Paul Walker “Donald Marshall: met him at the cloning center many times, he was going to talk, the Illuminati killed him.”

Can you tell the clones apart? I sure can!

There are macros that will simply type things, then there are mouse macros as well. Not sure at what point it becomes a script. Or maybe they aren't mutually exclusive. I'm at work and don't want to google :P

I think it's fair and square to have this kind of interaction between buffs. And as you can see from winrates, they surely don't suffer from it and I never heard of anyone in the pro-scene complaining about the interaction with blue/red. Thing is, even if you know that the real one has the buffs, it still confuses you for a second, which is more than enough room for plays/escape.

Clones and Stormies: How to Tell Them Apart was a humorous book in the Galactic City Library. It told witty jokes about clone troopers and stormtroopers, including how to tell them apart, and was meant mainly for adults. Here are a few examples of its jokes.

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In spirit…in transition…in service…   Dieter (Indian in the machine)

The enemy Shaco clone will have incorrect stats compared to the real one.

I can't think of anything else off the top of my head, but anything that is determined in the womb as opposed to genetics would work.

Just wanted to point out, LB does not have a high winrate. In fact she's in the bottom 20-30 champions for winrate, at ~47%. See here:

I thought there was a difference in LB clones.

Fingerprints won't be identical either, since they are different between identical twins.

you can also look at the ad. the ad of the clone is lower than the ad of the real one (i think its the base stat ad so around 70 or something)

Another way to know if it's the clone,

So you’re quoting someone who happily bans people that question him as gospel truth. Just an FYI, people who ban others for questioning them (like Tila Fake Tequila) are usually the liars and the banning is because they don’t want you waking people up to their con.

Cloning in today's point of view is not copy-and-paste process...

Please add your ongoing research to the comments section below….

How to tell a clone apart

To have original-clone pair that cannot be distinguished one must copy and paste every single cell in the body, every single neural connection, every single bit of information the body had acquired. If any single feature cannot be copied, this feature is the item on the checklist you are looking for.

This series has so many clones. All are different. Here are some tellers you can use to distinguish all the clones even when they try to impersonate other clones (cheers to Tatiana Maslany for the excellent acting there).

I guess HITLERS workings arent going to waste afterall?

I have seen items but the giveaway is if they have buffs on them. Like statikk shiv, red buff, etc. don't appear usually.

Stealing a clever thought from The Thing, it is likely that a clone would consist solely of biological matter, and thus would lack jewellery, fillings, artifacts from surgery, etc. from the original. While the jewelery is easily fixed after the cloning process, it would require a great deal more effort and ingenuity for a clone to go about getting fillings put in at a dentist, or having a metal plate put in its knee.

At this point, only a genetic sample to determine the cell age would be viable and this is assuming the clone was not made at the birth of the cloned person.

2. He banned me too when I mentioned the Phoenix Journals…. nuff said…. they allow him to live for a reason… he confuses the matter.

You sure? I was just in game and it didn't show the smite buff/dragon buff for me

The clone doesn't know he is a clone, and has all the memories of the original.

It's usually do able when chasing them or at a gank or something.

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I believe his clone works like lb's, if you just left click so you get the champion info in your top left corner or screen the clone has no items. at least that was a thing a couple months ago.

I don't agree. I think there needs to be some kind of way to determine a clone - having no counterplay to anything is dumb.

Blew many Fizz ults + ignites + dive on clones. Fuck you too.

Thanks Azul…. making the best of the situation.😉 D.