I created a separate question for this problem: How to navigate to the last cursor position in Eclipse if it is in the same file and was not edited?

There is this site where you can find threads already pertaining to your concern. You also may create an account and subsequently file additional bug reports and feature requests (which are handled there in exactly the same way).

How to display a piecewise function in LibreOffice Writer?

That link addresses a different use case so it only partially applies.

Unable to complete the action because of changes made to the page. Reload the page to see its updated state.

Meine Curser- "Verzierung" staucht und dehnt sich auch zu der Maus gesehen. Gestaucht in der linken unteren Ecke, gedehnt in der rechten oberen.

(Infact, you can refer to /usr/share/vim/vim73/vimrc_example.vim also)

The following will unfold like :help zv, except that when the cursor matches the start of a new folding level, it will unfold just so that the cursor line is visible without doing the same for the contained folded section.

My Ubuntu LTS 12.04 has vim editor. If I open a file, move to a paragraph and reopen vim, then the cursor goes to beginning of the file always.

There is a plugin called vim-lastplace (I am the author) that will open your files where you left off. It improves on the above suggestions by ignoring commit messages because you're typically editing a new message and want to start at the top of the commit message file.

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Each character's cursor can be customized to match that character's style.  They can have multiple layers, so you can mix and match different styles.  Each layer can show one of many preselected effects, or you can choose your own “Custom” model effect from the game's files.  In addition, you can scale, rotate, and move layers around to stack them up in unique ways.

der faktor 58 am ende passt für meine auflösung(2560x1440)

I google a lot and find BufferScroll.But it doesn't work for me.I can't find any shortcut or how to use it in the document. Update:

I had this same problem and it turned out that the .viminfo file in my home directory had the wrong ownership. It was owned by root:root.

What do you mean by "last position in the text"? a) The last character in file? CTRL+END. b) Last position in line: END c) Some other position: Insert | Bookmark. And then jump to bookmark by right click on status bar "Page" on bottom-left.

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Please explain in detail what is "last position". Please write your LibreOffice version and operating system name/version.

Evince has it. It is a very useful and badly needed feature! Why nobody upvote it?

_Cursor's extensive configuration is available in the Interface Options window, or simply with the <kbd>“/cursor”</kbd> slash command.

A “Set” is a pre-packaged cursor, like a template that you can save and load between characters.  _Cursor comes with a few default sets, such as the <kbd>“Energy Beam”</kbd> default, pictured below.  But if a lightning cursor doesn't fit with your character, feel free to save your old set and create something more fitting from scratch.

The "move to last position" mark you are looking for is the "double quote". Like the "dot" mark it is saved between sessions and can be used at any time:

((on Word it was done with F3) (very long time ago, dont even know if it does work like that now))

This is not the expected behavior. How the vim can remember last read position after closing a file?

As an alternative I found and downloaded the plugin vim-lastplace.

Cursor to last edit works

i have edited line 392 of _cursor.lua to the following:

You may also use those shortcuts (and see the key bindings) in the toolbar:

There really needs to be some type of in game adjustment like that it would solve the problem so anyone could adjust it, great idea.

The checkered box on the right side previews the layer behind a dummy cursor.  The preview is animated, and can be sped up or stopped by clicking on it.  The self-explanatory slider bars to the left and below the preview move the cursor up/down and left/right in relation to the cursor, respectively.

Ist das die Zeile, unter der erwähnten und muss dann hier mit --58 gearbeitet werden? *HILFE*

doesn't take me to the last position of my cursor, as it says it should in the question / answer linked above.

A dedicated toolbar already exists to navigate (Back- Forward) in the navigation history (in the titles).

Like I said thank you for the tip but this addon is still very broken and needs fixed. I wish I knew more about programming etc but I do not. Hopefully the person in charge can look into these problems and fix them soon.

This is still important and still needed, separately from bookmarks. you jump from positions to other positions repeatedly while working with text documents, so, adding bookmark each time is not practical. Also suppose that, you added a cross referance, you ctrl-clicked on that, you went to that section. You want to return to where you came. So, something like: Go Back, Go Forward, just like browsers, but movement in text, would be very nice feature. I need this feature very much.

Und weil ich in der Schule nicht aufgepasst habe, muss ich hier nochmal dumm nachfragen, was ist bitte mit "andere Definition" gemeint und "Doppelminus"?

Replacing the code per UppyDan's instructions fixed the scaling problem for me.  Now my pointer has a tail again and I can keep up with it.

There is Altleft arrow and Altright arrow to navigate to previous/next cursor positions, and CtrlQ to go to the last edited position.

`` moves the cursor to the position before the last "jump". Since you are moving your cursor with the arrows or hjkl there's no "jump" involved and thus no reason to expect `` to work its magic in the current session anyway.

update this addon please so we don't have to jump to crazy hoops for it to work properly

(ich verstehe nicht warum die Berechnung überhaupt so schief geht .. ist eigentlich alles richtig...)