So, your iPhone uses local time - the time that displays on the phone at the top of the screen - to log, order, and display recent calls.

The important point for this something else that it attaches to a person or a group an *unchangable' characteristicum that will justify their lower status.

The brain thinks in symbols, so it is important to remember that one can even experience a cautious nature towards a certain person based on walk, talk, clothes, would it be baggy jeans or a police uniform.

Fundamentally, racism exists because of differences between people. It happens that it involves discrimination or negativity based on a specific identifier.

Despite all these changes, we still consider these tweaked humans to be humans. But are they really? How many or how drastic of a change can we introduce to a subset of the human species before the lay-human no longer identifies the victims of our imaginations as members of their own species?

So every time something new is introduced to the reptilian brain, a certain kind of suspicious arise. The same kind of suspicion starts when your boss tells you to work in another way, it is the reptilian mind, it is also the reptilian mind that make you go back to the old routines, even though your intelligent brain tells you it is more efficient the other way.

Humanity is immortal. You can backup your mind, you can choose your body, biological or robotic, in any shape or form.

We've tweaked the human species so it can survive in heavier, bloodier, and thinner atmospheres, among countless others.

One feature seen in the official apps is the “Feed”, which is a combination of the inbox, hot questions from my sites, and other stuff like Careers 2.0. However, I've read the documentation from top to bottom, and I can't find an endpoint for this Feed.

Perhaps the state could mandate that in order to reduce prejudice, during their teenage years children have their bodies swapped a few times for a few months at a go, ensuring that as a result of them existing as a few different genders, sexualities, and ethnicities, they are trained to have greater empathy, as natural out-groups become part of their individual identity.

If science can somehow get to the point of creating this reproductive isolation through genetic modification, that's when you have your answer. To be technical though, that's when you'll get a species different from Homo Sapiens and belonging to the genus Homo.

I've recently come back to playing Monopoly, but one thing that's intrigued me is the following card, in the Chance pile.

So, in your transhumanist future, exist there any power difference, privileges between sentients? If so those in a better position (relative to anyone) will look for a way to justify this, maybe an updated form of cultural racism, maybe they'll invent 'cognitive types' or something else.

2) Through artificial selection new breeds of plants and animals have been created (See Artificial Speciation)

1) We have tinkered with the DNA of a number of organisms (plant and animal) and created completely different entities.

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The racism we see today is based upon specific social developments. Firstly, the domination of the world by European-American Imperialism, which in large part relied upon the transatlantic slave trade, which led to pseudo-scientific ideas for why this had happened, which, unsurprisingly, offered convenient explanation for the imperial powers. Of course Africans are slaves because they're not really human, and so it's fine to enslave them because they can't do any better.

Transhumanism will provide the ability to create not just new races, but entire new species of humanity (descendants of humans who are unable to reproduce with traditional humans without the assistance of technology). Development of these new species will be driven by cultural values.

In times of plenty, everybody are friends and nobody is discriminated against. Not much, anyway.

Society is pretty accepting over very low intelligence to normal to even high intelligence but extremely high intelligence has an alienating quality that precludes definition as human.

When we look at evolution we often discover that doing something the way we always did have been the key to survival. Because hey it worked so far right?

The line is blurry as any line can be. Science will provide one definition (or perhaps 5 or 10, if there is disagreement). Each religion will provide one. Many nations will provide their own. And on top of all of that, each individual person will have to come to grips with their own definition of "human."

Note that these norms are based on fairly open and accepting definition of what makes something human. There have been plenty of times in history where a particular group of people is defined as not-human then oppressed/slaughtered, for example, the German classification of the Jews as not human and therefore worthy of slaughter.

Racism is a broader concept but still it can be used rather than Xenophobia( usually Phobia is used for fears, a person who fears from the people of other countries) but Bigotry is better in case of that store keeper because may be in Canada there can be some people of the same Race which that store keeper belongs to.

Of these, the most agreed upon seems to be the "human spirit," which I define very loosely as "the deep down desire to do 'good,' where the definition of a 'deep down desire to do good' is specified by the observee." In our case with world building, the observer is the reader or watcher of our work. So thus the definition of the edge of humanity would be the point where our reader no longer feels the character has a deep down desire to do what they believe to be "good."

Any motivation for racism still existing in a transhumanist future

An even nastier idea is perhaps that the state or culture encourage racist beliefs as part of their judicial system, and punish people by giving them the body of a group the people have been taught to dislike. Then we don't so much have a meme which associates, say, black people with crime; but rather makes a causal relationship between the two. You are white or black or whatever, because you are a convict.

Chauvinism is closer to saying that "My country is great" rather than "Canadians are stupid," but it conveys much of the OP's request.

Consider this: You have not been promoted, but that other guy is. Which explanation are you most likely to believe:

a person who believes one gender is superior to the other, as a male chauvinist or a female chauvinist. (c. 1970)

In Canada this is oftentimes referred to as Ethnocentrism. In this, there is a false dichotomy that one groups worldviews are superior over other marginalized groups of people based solely on ethnicity.

In Bicentennial Man, a robot slowly gains more and more human traits over the course of his 200 year life. All his organs and body become biologically based with the exception of his positronic brain. For the better part of his life he lobbies to be accepted as human but the global society continually denies him that designation until he permits himself to die. With that act of mortality he places himself within the bounds of human mortality.

It's been mentioned that people are naturally distrusting of those outside of their comfort zone; their in-group. This relates to the Dunbar number, or the average number of meaningful personal relationships a primate species is capable of (thus group sizes and potential for empathy) based on their brain size. That's a fairly hard rule, but it doesn't mean it will translate into institutional racism.

However, there's nothing stopping you playing this variant as a house rule, which is not uncommon:

So, is there any way to get the Feed from a third-party app, or is it exclusive to the official apps?

internalized discrimination is used in fair amount of sources as well.

The body needs to look something like this or the female equivalent along the path from baby to elderly. Missing limbs is okay because a human being can still live if it's missing an arm. However, missing a head while maintaining the ability to move is distinctly inhuman.

the treatment of a person or particular group of people differently, in a way that is worse than the way people are usually treated.

Unfortunately, there's no way to change the Recent calls timestamps.

It's a common thing to hear "...all too human..." when a character in a book makes a huge mistake or succumbs to a typical human frailty such as despair, madness, anger, or fear. Something that looks like a human but does not display any of these these emotional/mental characteristics doesn't usually qualify. Example: Super soldiers who fear nothing and feel no pain at slaughtering other humans could qualify as "not human".

The discrimination is specific to Canadians, not foreigners in general. I'm looking for a word that could be applied to someone who lives in the country they discriminate against. For example if a Canadian announces "all Canadian culture is stupid!" what would that be called?