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Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this? would love to hear from people who have children at the Bourne or South Farnham schools : )

Our heat maps use groups of postcodes, not individual postcodes, and have naturally soft edges. All pupils are included in the mapping (i.e. children with siblings already at the school, high priority pupils and selective and/or religious admissions) but we may have removed statistical ‘outliers’ with more remote postcodes that do not reflect majority admissions.

For some schools, the heat map may be a useful indicator of the catchment area but our heat maps are not the same as catchment area maps. Catchment area maps, published by the school or local authority, are based on geographical admissions criteria and show actual cut-off distances and pre-defined catchment areas for a single admission year.

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South Farnham are merging with the Bourne and this has created a wealth of issues which perhaps weren't carefully considered. I know of someone who has put their child's name on the waiting list and is currently at 60 (ish) so the chances of 60 children dropping out........I chose not to send my child there and feel it has an 'elitist' attitude - one that I would not wish my son to adopt. But then that's Farnham for you....

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I live in the Weybourne area, DS1 goes to Badshot Lea infants which is fantastic. However Heath End has just had an ofsted and is now graded '3', if we're still around when he goes to senior we'll also be considering All Hallows, which is catholic, but does admit local children of other faiths and is outstanding and has been for ages.

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Is there a good way to tell a parent...

This School Guide heat map has been plotted using official pupil data taken from the last School Census collected by the Department for Education. It is a visualisation of where pupils lived at the time of the last School Census (released annually in July).

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This map shows where pupils currently attending the school live

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See Pupil heat maps FAQs for more information about the source of pupil heat map data.

For help at any time you can email: or call 01225 731334.

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This information is provided as a guide only. The areas from which pupils are admitted to a school can change from year to year to reflect the number of siblings and pupils admitted under high priority admissions criteria.

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Due to number of reforms to GSCE reporting introduced by the government in 2014, such as the exclusion of iGCSE examination results, the official school performance data may not accurately report a school’s full results. For more information, please see About and refer to the section, ‘Why does a school show 0% on its GSCE data dial? In many affected cases, the Average Point Score will also display LOW SCORE as points for iGCSEs and resits are not included.