Babies have had a fun packed day today especially in the paddling pool. :)

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The school finally closed in the 80's when the remaining children, about 5, were moved to the schools in Ashby.

Set in over half an acre of land in a quiet village location close to Ashby de la Zouch.

1.8 miles away Ivanhoe Business Park, 3 Norman Court, Ashby-de-la-Zouch LE65 2UZ

So, if you've been for great days out with the kids, or a school trip, which isn't shown above, just send in an email and we'll add it on so people visiting on holidays and all the other children in Derbyshire can enjoy the great day out as well.

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We received this lovely plaque from one of our Pre-school leavers recently. Says it all really. Thank you x

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Service Offered: Day Nursery (Privately Owned), Open all year, Full Day Care

The school was an evacuation School during the war when numbers swelled to bursting point.

Also teachers may find the site useful for ideas for the best places to take their classes on school journeys with many historical and educational atractions listed

Thank you so much to Heathcote family for the lovely gifts we received. Although it's Scarlet's last day we look forward to seeing her and hearing her tales of school when she comes to collect her little sister from Nursery. Have fun Scarlet. We have loved every minute of your time here with us and Pre-school is not going to be quite the same without you xxxx

This was Toddlers today at circle time. They were having great fun with Heather and Liz playing sleeping bunnies. So cute!

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Smisby School first opened around 1900. The original advert for the Headmistresses job was recently reprinted in the Ashby Times. The job was advertised for "£45 per annum with a free Harmonium, but must run a Sunday School."

The National Memorial Arboretum have posted the following on their Facebook page. We are so proud of our children for getting involved.

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Peggy, who lives in the village, recently gave me four old photographs of the school which were in a poor state. I have been able to scan the pictures and retouch them to make them clearer. Thank you Peggy for trusting me with them.

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Quite a few people who still live in the village attended the school and we have even had visits from people from as far away as Canada who have come to see their old school. There are several people in the village who worked in the Nursery and remember bringing in the frozen bottles of milk and putting them in front of the fires to defrost so the children could drink them.

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