For out of catchment children: priority will be given to those living nearest the school as the crow flies).

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In the cemetery is a 19th-century combined Non-conformist and Anglican Mortuary Chapel.[32]

(All items of uniform are available to purchase at Jual which is situated at The Granary, King Alfred Business Centre, Petherton Road, North Newton, contact number 01278 661199 or online -

It is also part of the Bridgwater and West Somerset county constituency represented in the House of Commons of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. It elects one Member of Parliament (MP) by the first past the post system of election, and part of the South West England constituency of the European Parliament which elects seven MEPs using the d'Hondt method of party-list proportional representation.

North Petherton has two schools, North Petherton juniors and North Petherton infants, however they have been joined together to form one school, North Petherton Primary School.

1.   Children with a statement of special educational needs (SEN) that names the school.

 We will also hold a new parents information evening when you will have the opportunity to; have a tour of the school, see your child’s classroom, meet with staff who will be involved in your child’s education and welfare including our Parent and Family Support Advisor.

The Governors and staff strongly encourage the wearing of school uniform believing that it promotes a sense of belonging, raises the tone of the school and is appreciated by the parents. 

The Walnut Tree (rebranded in the 1970s from the Clarence Hotel, and before that as the New Inn) which now provides the only hotel accommodation in the town, was formerly in competition with the George Hotel (now closed), where monthly petty sessions (court hearings) were formerly held.

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A new £100 m Regional Agricultural Business Centre, including an extensive Cattle Market and Dairy opened just beyond the outskirts of the town in 2007, following construction which began in 2006.[24][25] This replaced the cattle markets in both Taunton and Bridgwater.

In 1926 the Bridgwater Beam Wireless Station was opened north east of the town. It was the UK receiving station for Marconi's UK-to-Canada Beam Wireless Service, (part of the Imperial Wireless Chain,) the first transoceanic shortwave wireless telegraph service in the world and operated until 2002.

2.   Children Looked After (children in the care of the Local Authority) whose care placement is being considered within the catchment area of the school.

4.3 miles away 28 Rydon Crescent, Cannington, Bridgwater TA5 2JT

See Pupil heat maps FAQs for more information about the source of pupil heat map data.

The civil parish of North Petherton includes the villages of North Newton (on the route of the Bridgwater and Taunton Canal) and Northmoor Green (also known as Moorland) in the Somerset Levels, as well as a number of other smaller settlements. Despite several reductions in size, with land redesignated to neighbouring parishes, North Petherton remains one of the largest parishes in Somerset at 43 km2 (16.6 sq mi), and the largest in Sedgemoor.[2]

4.4 miles away 28 Rydon Crescent, Cannington, Bridgwater TA5 2JT

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3.0 miles away Bridgwater College, Bath Road, Bridgwater TA6 4PZ

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This map shows where pupils currently attending the school live

 A child's permanent home address is defined as one at which the child lives for the majority of the time. For children who are subject to shared care arrangements, their home address will be determined by the provision of corroborating evidence (usually child benefit).

North Petherton

Each new year group has a planned admission number (PAN). Admissions are set by the County Council Admissions department and take into account; parent preferences, whether siblings already attend a school and the number of applications they actually receive for each school place.

3.   Children living in the catchment area, with an older sibling at the school at the time of admission, and who live at the same address.

5.   Children living outside the catchment area, with an older sibling, at the time of admission, and who live at the same address.

Our heat maps use groups of postcodes, not individual postcodes, and have naturally soft edges. All pupils are included in the mapping (i.e. children with siblings already at the school, high priority pupils and selective and/or religious admissions) but we may have removed statistical ‘outliers’ with more remote postcodes that do not reflect majority admissions.

At the time of the Norman invasion the Hundred covered a large area corresponding, today, roughly to a north–south corridor along the M5 motorway from Junction 25 near Taunton, to north of Junction 23 at Stretcholt, and east–west from Athelney to Goathurst. The Parish of North Petherton continues to be one of the largest in Somerset to this day.[2]

The extensive cider orchards that used to surround much of the town in the 19th century had largely disappeared by the end of the 20th, by which time local employment was largely restricted to service businesses and farming. Folly Foot fishery is based on a lake which is stocked with Koi, Mirror, Common and Ghost Carp.[23]

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 For all catchment area children: priority will be given to those who have a longer (as the crow flies) or more difficult (i.e. physical geographical barriers) journey, to an alternative school.

Service Offered: Nursery School (Privately Owned), Open term time, Full Day Care

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Please bring your child’s P.E. kit on a Monday and leave it in school until Friday. A drawstring bag is best for P.E. clothes. 

This School Guide heat map has been plotted using official pupil data taken from the last School Census collected by the Department for Education. It is a visualisation of where pupils lived at the time of the last School Census (released annually in July).

In the past the town hosted a Starkey Knight and Ford brewery on Fore Street (demolished in the late 1960s), several maltings, a light engineering works (Trig Engineering, since moved to the Huntworth Business Park adjacent to the nearby Junction 24 of the M5 motorway), and in earlier times at least 7 watermills.

The town has the minster church of St Mary the Virgin, with a highly decorated tower which, at 120 feet (37 m) high, is claimed to be one of the tallest towers in the West Country. The building is mainly dated from the 15th century, with a minstrel gallery from 1623, a peal of six bells, and a clock built in Bridgwater in 1807. It has been designated by English Heritage as a grade I listed building.[29] A specification of the organ can be found on the National Pipe Organ Register.