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Despite being a non-selective school, Hendon Prep pupils consistently achieve excellent results at both 11+ and 13+, enabling them to move on to some of the most selective senior schools in the country.

Dr Jonathan Lubin, an occupational health doctor, said: “He had no suicidal thoughts and he was sleeping well. He had no agitation, no signs of mania.

He was also a recovering alcoholic who had been attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Our talented and innovative teachers challenge pupils on a daily basis, building confidence and curiosity and helping them to develop a life long love of learning.

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The court was told Mr McKellar had been offered two terms' salary and a good reference at the meeting, and had also been given a letter.

Coroner Andrew Walker said he died as a consequence of an act of self harm, adding: “He was dependent on his job. Anybody would have found this a colossal blow.”

Our enhanced academic and co-curricular programme is what sets us apart from most other schools and enables us to offer outstanding opportunities for every child.

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Hendon Prep pupils move onto schools ranked the very best in the country

Kevin McKellar, of Hillfield Park, Muswell Hill, was found hanging at his home by a friend on August 24 last year.

After his death last year, his daughter, Lili McKellar, said: “My dad was an amazing man, father and headteacher. Words cannot express how much he will be missed.

At Hendon Prep we see and develop the potential in every child.  Our children engage enthusiastically with knowledge, embrace new ideas and are intellectually stimulated and extended beyond their age.

Andrew McAlpine, chairman of governors at the school, said: “A doctor recommended he shouldn’t be alone when he received the letter and they should keep in touch to make sure he was alright afterwards.

  A headteacher described as an “amazing” man died as a result of self-harm, an inquest heard.

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Mr McKellar, a father, was a keen painter and was planning on holding a fundraising event to sell his art to raise money for the secondary school.

Speaking at the inquest, doctors outlined their reasons for recommending Mr McKellar should return to work.

“There were allegations from staff members and he said he was very upset. I asked him if they mentioned everything he achieved at Hendon. He said in a quiet voice, nothing.

The exact nature of the accusations was not revealed during the inquest.

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His family members, who were present at the inquest, queried whether he was really well enough to go back to work given that the letter had tipped him over the edge.

Hendon Prep is a non-selective Independent Day School and SIS rated ‘outstanding’ Nursery for boys and girls from 2 to 13.

UPDATE: 'He made the school what it is today'

The 48-year-old, who was the headteacher of Hendon School, in Golders Rise, was signed off work after a manic depressive episode in May.


“He wanted to go back to work to clear the air. Nobody discussed that he might not be able to go back to work until the investigation had been completed.”

“What we were about to tell him would have shocked anybody. We were in a difficult position. We were told he was well enough to go back to work but we had to investigate the allegations.”

Children learn best when they feel valued and safe.  The environment we have created at Hendon Prep enables every pupil to fulfil their potential.

Doctors decided Mr McKellar was well enough to go back to work, but he was told during a meeting with governors on August 21 that teachers had made “allegations” against him.

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Mr Brown told the inquest: “He was ashamed and upset by the allegations. He thought it was the end of him.

Under his leadership, by 2011, Ofsted inspectors gave it the education watchdog's highest 'outstanding' rating and named it one of the “best comprehensives in Barnet”.

Every child is different and at Hendon Prep we celebrate individuality. Our personalised approach to learning means that every child’s talents are nurtured and that all of their educational needs are supported.

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He began working at the school nine years ago and is credited with taking it out of special measures, before transforming it “beyond recognition”.

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