When he arrived at BGTC four years later, it was a rough place, in special measures since the previous October, with police vans regularly sitting outside the school gates. A major problem, Keary explains, was territorial rivalry - the school is on a borough boundary and Tower Hamlets Bengalis would turn up to challenge the black kids from Hackney at going-home time.

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"Several teachers oppose the move" says anti-academies campaigner and local parent Rob Hoveman. "They know the very good work done at BGTC has been a collective effort, and this decision has been made with the minimum of consultation. Making it an academy isolates it outside a community of schools which have been incredibly supportive".

"It sounds a bit like the Waltons Academy but we have the most robust approach to teaching and learning I've ever been part of. It's not founded on just letting pupils feel good about themselves and making excuses for them. There's an element of continual education, looking to the next mountaintop."

The concept has since been extended with a science and technology week, and an autumn term event last year saw teachers and pupils strapped into harnesses to scale the walls of the gym.Former BGTC English teacher Marie Hamer also recalls a Strictly Come Dancing contest among staff back when the school was in special measures. Keary and Montgomerie did a Pulp Fiction routine which pupils noisily cheered as an early sign that things were starting to change.

A row with the LEA ensued and a councillor and others resigned from the governing body, with concerns not only about the school taking charge of its own admissions but a sense that the change is ungrateful when massive investment and improvements happened under local authority control.

Gatehouse School Sewardstone Road Victoria Park London E2 9JG

Exam results, in all areas, are improving and we expect further improvements in 2016

Mark Keary, a strapping, personable Glaswegian with childhood ambitions to be a footballer, is not what you might expect from a super-head. He left school at 16 and took a job packing sweets before going back into education and training as a PE teacher. He taught at a range of struggling schools before becoming head of Rokeby in Newham, in 2002, at the age of 40.

Walls are painted with stirring sayings and Keary's own mantra is accountability. He drums into new teachers that they are "agents of change".

Morpeth is a co-educational school for pupils aged 11 to 18. In our most recent Ofsted inspection we achieved our second successive ‘Outstanding’ grading. All aspects of the school including ‘pupil achievement’, ‘behaviour’ and ‘quality of teaching’ were deemed ‘outstanding’. We believe our success is built upon the professionalism and commitment of all our staff – teaching and support - and a shared set of values.

Yesterday's GCSE results confirm that Bethnal Green Academy - widely known as "BGTC" after a decade as a technology college - is the most improved school in London by the Government's measure, and the second most improved in the country.

In December 2012 the Academy was inspected by Ofsted and was judged as being "an outstanding school".

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In January 2012, the school became an academy, and changed its name once again to Bethnal Green Academy. The school has a Sixth Form for students aged up to 19.

If you are considering joining Raine’s please feel free to contact me so I may be able to answer any question you may have.

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Green Spring Academy Shoreditch (formerly known as Daniel Street School, Daneford and Bethnal Green High School, Bethnal Green Technology College) is a coeducational academy school for students aged between 11-19 based in Bethnal Green in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, in East London.

And this in a school where 53 per cent of children are on free school meals and with such a pupil turnover that some 45 per cent of the student population arrived after secondary starting age.

Perhaps Ed Miliband was hoping for some reflected glory with the choice of venue for his comeback speech earlier this month.

The school's name was changed again, this time to Bethnal Green Technology College, as the school had acquired specialist status. The school had another uniform change as well as a new school badge.

Our aim at Raine’s is to ensure that all our pupils can be the best they can be, every day, ensuring they achieve their potential in all aspects of life.

Raine’s Foundation Church of England Secondary School is an all ability co-educational school for girls and boys aged 11-19. The School is rightly proud of its long tradition of achievement within a Christian ethos and welcomes pupils from all faiths and those with none. We are a local school for local children.

This week’s Commendation photos are now in the Parents’ Area! We also have next week’s lunch menu up in the “School Meals” tab of the “School Life” section.

The indoor gym was opened in 1998. The school has a history of participating in Hockey tournaments and developing young players.

Staff are assiduous about providing extra lessons and extracurricular activities. A great gym makes up for a lack of green space on site and a new airy atrium/dining hall - known as the "street" - has hugely boosted the school environment.

Raine’s Foundation School is one of the oldest schools in London and has played an important role in the East End for nearly 300 years.

The school used to be a single sex boys school, however between 1996-1997 after lengthy consultations and votes, the school accepted girls. Complying with rules, the school name changed from Daneford to Bethnal Green High School. New school uniforms were designed to reflect the change, the new blazers were dark green, shirts were white, trousers were black and ties were diagonal dark green and gold stripes. The school's population is predominantly Muslim.

Bethnal Green

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So what's the magic dust that has transformed this previously failing school? Visitors from Norway to central China have been beating a path to the school's door to find out.

Its A*-C GCSE grades have climbed from 27 to 79 per cent in four years and by 21 per cent in the past year. Its English faculty is in the top one per cent for value added in the UK - making the school's maths teachers, whose department is merely in the top three per cent, quite jealous.

We are an improving school as we strive towards our goal of ‘Achieving Excellence by Unlocking Potential’

"Everything else we do is nothing if we don't make pupils think of others: an antidote to the insular, individual culture of 'what's in it for me'," he says. He points to a diagram of his own design showing a table illustrated with buzz phrases such as "widening attainment" and "helping and learning from others", explaining how the elements of the school's ethos interrelate.

But despite the announcement of success yesterday, political controversy has engulfed the school once again. At the start of the month, it became an academy - the first Tower Hamlets school to do so.The process was started by Keary last April on the grounds that it would provide the school with enough control over its resources to continue improving, and because its borough border location leaves Hackney pupils unrepresented by Tower Hamlets local education authority.

They were the first to approach him when he asked for outside-the-box ideas and he advanced many of them to leadership positions swiftly. Such youthful staff could relate easily to the children and show them the real potential of going to university.

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Keary took decisive action at the start on replacing staff. "There were people in senior positions who were more than happy to blame everyone but themselves." He has been helped by young teachers who have come to the school through the Teach First initiative, whose approach has gelled with his.