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That’s strange I’ve only ever had Robo’s but mine never ever bite unless I’m breaking up a fight or they think my finger is food through the cage but they never intentionally bite. You must tame it like another comment said or just might be an evil one LOL.

The Super Pet Ceramic Small Gerbil Bath is not just for gerbils. Dwarf hamsters will fit perfectly into it too. You can also find out how to build your own DIY hamster bath house. Be sure to put only a few spoonfuls of sand in the bath each time, or your hamster will end up kicking the sand everywhere. If you need to get the bathing sand too, the Super Pet Critter Bath Sand is a pretty good choice.

When your hamster is used to your hand being in their cage, you can start to scoop them up gently and stroke them gently on your hand. Supervision should be given to children when they are handling small pets. Dwarf Hamsters, especially Roborovskis can be difficult to control as they are very fast small rodents, this makes them more of a “look at” pet. If you want a hamster that is easier to cuddle and handle then, a Syrian would be a better option.

Dwarf hamsters are fun, cute, and interesting little animals that make great pets. They are easy to look after and inexpensive, making them a popular choice within the small animal owner’s community. Keeping your dwarf hamsters healthy and happy should be your top priority, so here are 10 of the best tips to help you on your way:

Your Dwarf hamsters will require a good quality hamster food mix. Hamster mix is widely available from pet shops, supermarkets or from online retailers like Amazon.

There are plenty of DIY options to make your own, but for simplicity and aesthetic reasons it is better just to buy one as they are inexpensive. They are very inexpensive and will go a long way to making your hamster cage look great! There is a whole range of suitable nest boxes available online all ranging from materials used, size & color. is on a mission to educate every animal owner on the proper techniques of how to take care of a pet — everything from the daily care to all the necessary routine maintenance.

Before you pick up and hamsters you need to have a home ready for them to come back to. Glass tanks are a good option for dwarf hamsters to live in. Not just because they offer good visibility, also because dwarf hamsters are so small they can fit through the bars of most normal hamster cages.

Also known as the Djungarian or the Siberian Hamster, the winter white hamster is a delightful little hamster to keep as a pet and being social animals can live altogether in pairs or small groups. Winter whites typically live for around two years and will come in three color variations. Regular, Sapphire and Pearl.

Why my hamster always bitting me? Can i stop them from bitting?

Can someone help me figure out my hampsters plz

This website will teach you how to care for a dwarf hamster, guide you through the process of choosing your new furry friend and preparing for it. We will also offer reviews on many hamster related foods, toys, accessories, and cages.

Specialist hamster mix should provide the bulk of your pet’s nutritional requirements and should be supplemented with fresh fruit and vegetables from time to time. Feeding your hamsters too many veggies may cause indigestion and stomach upsets.

Exercise or running wheel In the wild, dwarf hamsters can travel for miles every day. You’ll need a running wheel to keep your hamster healthy and happy. Make sure you get one without rungs as gaps in the wheel can result in broken limbs or injuries if your hamster falls through them.

Like all dwarf breeds, you can keep Campbells singly, paired up or in a small community. If you do decide to keep a community of dwarf Campbells in a single hamster cage, you should be aware of a few things about how to take care of a dwarf hamster:

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Fill it with goodies that your pet will love. Food, treats, toys — you can get it all here.

Robo Dwarf Hamsters – They have a placid temperament and rarely fight with other hamsters. They do not like a lot of human interaction and prefer to be left alone.

Campbell’s should be bred no earlier than three months and have a gestation period of 18 to 20 days. A Campbell dwarf hamster can have up to 10 pups in a litter.

Hybrid dwarf hamsters are bred from winter whites and Campbell’s dwarf hamsters. They are usually bred for their attractive colors such as orange, pudding, or brown but are prone to numerous health problems. Due to this and other ethical issues, crossbreeding the two Russian dwarf hamsters to produce hybrids is controversial.

In the recent past, dwarf hamsters could only be found through professional breeders but as the popularity of these small types of hamster breeds among small pet owners has increased, some of these dwarf hamster types are becoming more readily available at local pet stores. Often it was only possible to buy the larger Syrian Hamster at the pet store.

As discussed earlier it’s not always easy to tell the sex of dwarf hamsters. So, should you suddenly end up with some baby hamsters – you better be prepared to help care for them. It all happens very quickly, a dwarf hamster only carries babies for around 16 days.

The Roborovski dwarf hamster (Phodophus Roborovski) originates from the deserts of west and east Mongolia, China and Russia. It’s a hamster breed that has been sold as pets in pet stores since the 1990s. However, the Robo hamster is less available than the Campbell’s or the Golden Syrian hamster breeds.

The biggest purchase you will make for your Dwarf Hamster will be a cage or a tank. Choose the largest one you can afford as it gives your pet the happiest life; they are lively animals that like to run around and explore.

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Your dwarf hamster will need fresh and clean water so a water bottle is absolutely necessary. Bottles can be standing or hung from the cage. Don’t get a water dish because your hamster will most likely kick bedding into it.

yes i actually am doing that at the moment ^^

Hi there, i have had a lot of hamsters and rats and my experience is that the smaller the hamster is, the easier it can become a little crazy sometimes. Those plastic exercise balls are good for keeping them safe from running away, but they are like small rolling prison cells for the hamsters. I wouldnt recommend using them at all if you can help it. I hope the hamster got better afterall. 🙂

Of course you can. They’re all the same species, just different variants. That’s just like have two of the same dogs, but different color pelts.

Make sure to NOT to get a cage with a wire floor as It can hurt your hamster’s feet. If you have more than one Dwarf hamster living together, i recommend enclosures that have a wide open space as opposed to compartments and tubes as these can encourage territorial behavior and fighting.

We all know what happens when you allow males and females to share the same cage. The problem here is that it is not always easy to tell the sex of a dwarf hamster. If you are keeping more than one in a cage I suggest you drop by your local vet and get a professional opinion. It is not something that is worth leaving to chance, having a litter of baby hamsters is quite a handful.

Dwarf Hamsters

We do not recommend using Cedar and pine shavings because they cause respiratory problems. Also, avoid scented bedding. There are many different brands and types on the market. Shop around, read the reviews and ingredients. Wood shavings as a substrate (flooring) substituted with shredded up toilet tissue for nest building is an attractive option.

A dwarf hamster makes a great pet for older kids and even adults. This page is a complete guide to dwarf hamsters and will tell you all about these furry little pets as well as how to choose one, how to prepare for your new dwarf hamster and how to take care of it.

It is called Wet Tail because you will notice the base of their tail is continuously wet. You will also notice your hamster is lethargic, lacks energy and starting to look unkempt.

Food dish You can get a food dish for your hamster or just hide food around the cage and let it look for it. If your food dish is placed on the cage floor with bedding, your hamster is most likely going to kick bedding into it. I suggest placing the dish on a stand or a different level if you have a multistorey cage.

Oh no my hamster keeps laying on its side on the side of its cage also on its back i dunno what to do someone help me asap

It is hard to go wrong with a hamster water bottle. Just make sure it is chew proof and does not drip. Aquarium/Tank owners may need to purchase a water bottle with a stand that sits on the floor of the tank. Water bottles are easily attached to cage wire bars.

Obviously not a Dwarf Hamster, but deserves mention due to their cuteness! If you want a hamster to hold and cuddle above all, then perhaps a Syrian hamster would be your best bet.  Syrian hamsters are larger than Dwarfs and need more room and larger accessories.

The Jury is still out with regards to the nature of the Chinese hamster. Some say they are solitary animals, much like Syrian hamsters, and some say they can live in groups.