The House Rabbit Society believes, as do I and many others, that rabbits should live along side us, joining in with daily activities such as eating, relaxing, playing and sleeping.

It's that look from bedraggled, helpless rescue rabbit that you can't help acting on when you look deep into their pleading eyes.

Overgrown teeth are a big problem in rabbits. Also, if the owner does not clean the cage on a regular basis, the rabbit can get sick. True diarrhoea is uncommon in rabbits, but if your rabbit gets it, you should contact your vet immediately. If the rabbit has a severe stomach or intestine infection, it can die within 24 hours.

2. Mini Lion Lop -Mini Lion Lops are mostly even tempered and friendly rabbits. They can be very lively too and are very active, thriving on playing, attention and company. They must have plenty of opportunity to explore outdoors with toys too, such as cardboard tubes, boxes and even noisy cat toys.

When sat, feet flat on a table, they show a distinct arch starting just behind the shoulders and rising over the large loin and hindquarters,  carrying down to the base of the tail.

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Inner ear infections, certain parasites, strokes, or other diseases or injuries affecting the brain or inner ear can lead to a condition known as "wry neck" or "head tilt." Although a heavy infestation of ear mites, an ear infection, or a head or neck injury can result in these symptoms, the most common cause of these symptoms is E. cuniculi, a parasite (see § Parasitic fungus, above). This condition can be fatal, due to a disorientation that causes the animal to stop eating and drinking.

By keeping rabbits housed in a controlled environment they were successful at selective breeding, changing the size, shape and fur colour.

We could go back 55 million years for rabbit history on earth, to the rabbit-like creature that was known to exist called Gomphos elkema. This was surprisingly similar to our modern rabbits and probably hopped around on its elongated hindlimbs.

At the shoulders, there shouldn't be any room to put two fingers before the rise of the back starts. (This is called 'being weak at the shoulders'.) The hindquarters shouldn't dip over the hips. (This is called 'weak in the loin'.)

These long-haired, wooly beauties became very popular for their fur, which could be harvested by brushing and fortunately, eliminating the need for the rabbit's death.

FULL-ARCHA fully arched rabbit is built for agility and speed. Almost like a hare, which is where most of the bloodline comes from.

FancyThere is also the 'Fancy' classification which differs from a fur rabbit as it is usually smooth and lies close to the skin. It's known as 'fancy' because of the many varying colours.

Does  (females) start 'nesting' habits as they get older and will dig, scratch, nibble and tunnel at anything given the chance. This behaviour is particularly bad if they haven't been spayed as hormones rage to control, dominate and protect. This leads to territorial and aggressive behaviour towards other rabbits and even us.

"I bought my sons a rabbit after they promised they would take care of it.  As usual, I ended up with the responsibility.

Certain factors such as gender, age, breed and living conditions greatly influence a rabbit's personality.  Within this, every rabbit has its own unique personality and this is one of the great joys of rabbit ownership, one which often leads to rabbit owners feeling a very close personal bond with their rabbits.  The extent to which a rabbit feels secure in its home and how much freedom they are allowed has a huge effect on how much of their personality they will exhibit.

The compact body, sometimes described as 'cobby', as in, round with a small neck, should have the same length as their depth and their width.

Rabbits are crepuscular, most active at dawn and dusk. The average sleep time of a rabbit in captivity is said to be 8.4 hours.[15] As with other prey animals, rabbits often sleep with their eyes open so sudden movements will wake the rabbit and alert it to dangers.[16]

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Rex Rabbit FurOne of the rarest types of rabbit fur is; Rex Rabbit Fur. Currently there are only two ARBA classified breeds that contain “Rex Rabbit Fur”.

In 2011, parts of the rabbit genome were re-sequenced in greater depth in order to expose variation within the genome.[26]

Rabbits are mammals that belong to the Leporidae family under the Lagomorph order and have short furry tails, elongated ears and hind legs.  Find out more about rabbits.

Among the parasites that infect rabbits are tapeworms such as Taenia serialis, external parasites like fleas and mites, coccidia species, and Toxoplasma gondii.[22][23]

The rabbit often appears in folklore as the trickster archetype, as he uses his cunning to outwit his enemies.

Domesticated rabbits came to Britain in the 12th Century, and through human development and breeding, evolved to produce long-haired rabbits, thought to be the earliest Angoras.

Simple SylvilagusEach breed of domestic rabbit comes in its 'infinite variety' with variations of colours, coat, textures, sizes, ear types etc. But by comparison, the wild rabbit remains the same - flat coated, fairly small with agouti colours, a mixture of blue, black and yellow.

With domestic show rabbits, the word 'type' refers to the four main categories that are used to judge a rabbit that is on show at an exhibition or club show.

If you have no idea what breed of rabbit or rabbits you have, a good place to start is the rabbit body type, as this will narrow your search considerably.

Every bunny has a personality and that should be reflected in their name.

Let's jump forward in time to the domestication of our adorable bunny... The domestic rabbit, and any of the several breeds and varieties, have descended from the European rabbit that have simply been domesticated.

Cylindrical shaped rabbits are to show a straight top line with no arch or rise and the profile of the side of the rabbit is to display no taper at all. The front feet are to be even with the eyes when the body of the rabbit is stretched out with forelegs and hocks flat on the table.

There are more than 60 breeds of rabbit ranging in size from dwarf to giant, varying in colour, appearance, lifespan and temperament. Breed standards and colours vary between countries. - read more

Satin Rabbit FurThe fur on a “Satin Rabbit Fur Coat” is generally much softer than normal fur. Similar to the “Rex Rabbit Fur Classification” there are only two breeds of rabbits which possess “Satin Fur”; the Satin and Mini Satin.

Domestic Rabbit

This type of rabbit is mainly bred as a good source of meat as they gain weight quickly and can be 'harvested' from as little as 8 weeks of age. (As a veggie, this sounds awful. But hey, hundreds of years ago, if food was scarce, rabbit on the table for tea was a great treat. I personally think it's like eating your pet dog, but of course they did that too!)

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There is no exception to this rule, adhered to by all rabbit lovers.

Rabbits and hares are almost never found to be infected with rabies and have not been known to transmit rabies to humans.[21]

If you still haven't found the right rabbit for you and your family, then hop over and have a look at all the rabbit breeds in this extensive alphabetical list - there's bound to be a breed there that you will fall in love with at first sight!

In efficient production systems, rabbits can turn 20 percent of the proteins they eat into edible meat, compared to 22 to 23 percent for broiler chickens, 16 to 18 percent for pigs and 8 to 12 percent for beef; rabbit meat is more economical in terms of feed energy than beef.[25]

Letting you go merrily on your way knowing you only will ever have one bunny, is negligence and is rather sad for the bunny that is to spend the rest of his or her days not being licked, snuggled and groomed by another bunny companion.