Hedgehogs can easily become obese. If a pet hedgehog appears to be gaining too much weight, it is important that the hedgehog’s caretaker cut back on high fat foods and increase exercise. Hedgehogs vary in size so there is no "goal weight" for a hedgehog, but if they can no longer roll completely into a ball it is a pretty clear sign of obesity. Many people[who?] believe that there is a relation between a high-fat diet and fatty-liver disease in hedgehogs.

Most editions come with sparkly illustrations for added enjoyment for little readers!

This fantastic tale even has a bear crawl inside before a mouse tickles his whiskers causing him to sneeze and sending all of the animals out into the snow and the mitten sailing high up into the air to be found by it’s owner.

But the main reason why this trend should not be encouraged is that we already have hedgehogs that are in need of help. The UK's hedgehog population has fallen by 37% in the past 10 years – a faster rate of decline than that being experienced by tigers in the wild. At the moment, we can still get the thrill of having a nose-to-nose encounter with the European hedgehog – a species that allows us to get much closer to it than pretty much any other wild animal.

The White category comprises those animals that possess almost 100% solid white quills. The few banded quills that these hedgehogs have are localized to the forehead area, with a few possible across the remainder of the back. These few banded quills on the back, however, should count no more than 10.  There is a total of 22 White colors11 White-Bellied and 11 Algerian.

After several failed attempts to trick the Tomten by filling the nest with items such as mushrooms and potatoes, Hedgie hides in the nest himself.

Hedgehog quills were used for card paper and dissection pins long after the Romans actively bred and raised hedgehogs.

After handling hedgehogs, some have claimed that pink dots on their hands is an allergic reaction. This is more likely caused by small pricks from the hedgehog's quills. If a hedgehog is not clean, the pricks can become infected. The infection is from contaminants on the hedgehog or on the surface of the hands, not from an allergic reaction to the hedgehog.

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Lucie spends the day with Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle, who is the best seamstress to all of Potter’s forest creatures. Throughout the day they mend Peter Rabbit’s jacket and fix up a variety of well loved character’s apparel.

Hedgehogs produce very little dander.[6] It is possible to be allergic to items surrounding the hedgehog, such as the hedgehog's food or bedding, but it is rare that a person would be allergic to the hedgehog itself.

He curiously sticks his head into the opening only to find that he cannot back up and get out because it is stuck on his quills.

Along the way he meets other forest friends, who are also very cold in the storm, and Little Hedgehog shares his winter gear giving away his accessories one by one.

During a winter windstorm, Little Hedgehog’s nest is blown away.

Lucie is a little girl who continues to lose her pocket handkerchiefs. She asks all of the animals in the farmyard if they’ve seen them but has no success.

He’s too cold to return to sleep and is very happy when Father Christmas gives him a warm red woolen hat.

In the wild, a hedgehog is opportunistic and will eat many things, but the majority of the diet comprises insects.

One by one animals increasing in size (including a hedgehog, of course), crawl into the mitten to keep warm.

We hope you’ll be enjoying a hedgie story time for days and weeks to come!

This hedgehog-centric book is particularly nice for very young children as it is sound focused.

This holiday tale is about Little Hedgehog as he prepares for Christmas with the help of his friends.

The most common species of domesticated hedgehog is the white-bellied or four-toed hedgehog (Atelerix albiventris). It is smaller than the European hedgehog, and thus is sometimes called African pygmy hedgehog. Other species kept as pets are the Egyptian long-eared hedgehog (Hemiechinus auritus auritus) and the Indian long-eared hedgehog (Hemiechinus collaris).

This classic tale by Beatrix Potter of Peter Rabbit fame is just as charming and delightful as it’s more famous cousins.

Do you have a favorite hedgehog tale that we haven’t listed? Tell us about it!

Fresh, canned, or freeze-dried mealworms, waxworms, and crickets are appropriate as limited treats though in moderation as many feed insects are high in fat. Many pet stores carry these feed insects. Hedgehog caretakers should avoid bait-shop or wild caught insects, which may be contaminated with insecticides.

She searches everywhere and comes across the home of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle, the hedgehog.

The hat keeps getting stuck on the little hedgehog’s quills, which leads the him to get creative, turning his hat into the best gift ever!

The Snowflake category comprises those animals that possess a fairly even mix of banded and non-banded quills. This gives the hedgehog the appearance of having a light "snowflake'' dusting over its back. This pattern can appear in both White-Bellied and Algerian colors. There are a total of 28 Snowflake colors14 White-Bellied and 14 Algerian.

Hedgie helps Henny the chicken protect the eggs in her nest from a Tomten, who has become sick of porridge and has taken to stealing Henny’s eggs.

Due to their mouth shape hedgehogs should not be fed any nuts. Nut butters are acceptable, but are very high in fat so they should probably be avoided. Hedgehogs should never be fed avocados[dubious – discuss], onions, grapes or raisins, chocolate, any raw meat or egg yolks, or any canned or processed food.

Domestic Hedgehog

The following is a list of locations where it is illegal to own a hedgehog. By African Pygmy hedgehog, this list is referring to the domesticated hedgehog commonly bred and sold as pets, not a specific breed of hedgehog from Africa. All locations are in the United States.

Secondly, people get bored of their pet hedgehogs. They are nocturnal, like to move around a lot and need a wheel on which to run. They also tend to poop as they run and end up smearing the wheel and themselves in faeces that will need to be cleaned up every day.

The Romans domesticated a relative of the Algerian hedgehog in the 4th century BC. They were raised for meat and quills. The quills were used in the training of other animals, such as keeping a calf from suckling after it had been weaned.

In The Mitten, a young boy loses his white mitten in the snow.

There are several story books for young children with hedgehog characters for them to enjoy. Reading together fosters learning on all levels and this is a low cost, essentially risk free, way to combine our favorite hogs with your critter loving little one.

Boredom with your pet will result in a desire to get rid of it. Even though APHs are a different species to the hedgehogs we have in the UK and unsuited to the British climate, people tend to release them into the wild, or hand them in to hedgehog carers. Already overstretched, these volunteers end up with another mouth to feed – and one that cannot be set free.

The decision to adopt a pet into your family is a big one that should not be entered into without careful consideration. This is especially true when the pet you’re interested in is considered to be an exotic animal in the United States.

We already know that hedgehogs can be pricey, and that they require special care and attention to thrive in an adopted home. Despite this, you’d be hard pressed to show a young child one of these adorable little hedgies and not have them beg you incessantly to take one is as one of your own!

Firstly, there is a depressing inevitability that unscrupulous people will pick up wild hedgehogs and try to sell them on (there is evidence that they already have). British hedgehogs are wild animals and are not suitable pets. Most of the APHs for sale are captive-bred and some can tolerate handling, but there are also many who are vicious bombs of prickles, with sharp teeth that they are only too eager to sink into any available flesh.

The enclosure should be kept above 70 °F (21 °C) or the hedgehog will attempt to hibernate.[citation needed]