Indian Ocean group: spread between Hypoleucos and Leucocarbo ("Leucocarboninae") and Compsohalieus ("Phalacrocoracinae"). Hypoleucos would be the correct genus name if they were split off.

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In contrast, our recently established inland breeding population which is largely (but not exclusively) associated with the continental sub-species P. c. sinensis, increased rapidly following colonisation, but is now showing signs of stabilisation.

Chris, who appeared to be the lone angler on the Lea, was close to calling it a day. "I came last Sunday and got nothing and I've come back today for my second visit, but I'm just killing time," he said in a soft Irish lilt. "It's a nice spot, but there's no fish. I don't think I'll stay much longer."

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Under the current licensing system the average number of birds culled per year since 2004 is 1,395: 10-11% of the overwintering population. In 2011, Natural England licenced the shooting of 2,596 cormorants. The impact of current culling programmes on the conservation status of the species is currently unclear.

Cormorant breeding colonies are now widely distributed across Britain & Ireland.

Research has found that the timing of breeding between the inland and coastal breeding birds is very different.  

The many narrowboat owners who live on the Lea take advantage of the summer to repair their craft while rowers, urged on by their bicycle-riding coaches, guide single sculls through algae blooms and haughty swans. But something is missing from this English riverbank scene: anglers. There are almost none to be found, even on a sunny afternoon last Wednesday when throngs of fishing enthusiasts were out in force on London's canals.

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Walk the four-mile stretch of the river Lea from Hackney Wick up to Tottenham Hale, and it is easy to forget that you are in London's East End. It may be August but tangles of wild flowers can still be seen in the river's surrounding fields. On the river, moorhens attend to chicks marooned on islands assiduously constructed out of twigs.

Similar problems have been reported in the Lake District, Yorkshire, Kent and Scotland. Meadhurst, a birdwatcher, has no doubt what is responsible for the seabirds moving inland. "Commercial fishing has depleted the sea of fish stocks, because boats have been trawling too close to the shore. At the same time you've got farmers diversifying into fish farms for trout, offering cormorants free dinners all over the place."

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The cormorant served as the hood ornament for the Packard automobile brand.[34]

It is really important that your child comes with the correct kit to allow the coaches to deliver fun and productive sessions

The groups want the law changed so that cormorants can be killed under a general licence, similar to those issued for the control of crows or wood pigeons. They complain that current licences allow holders to kill only a handful of birds a year – not nearly enough when cormorant numbers over winter have increased from around 2,000 in the early 1980s to nearly 25,000 now.

Our native (P. carbo carbo) coastal breeding species has declined by about 11% since 1986, with some larger declines of up to 60% in northern Scotland.

Two distinct genera of prehistoric cormorants are widely accepted today, if Phalacrocorax is used for all living species:

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He removed his sunglasses and flexed a well-tattooed bicep. "My friend told me not to come here because of the cormorants. I didn't know what they were until last week. I know they're not meant to be here: they're seabirds, like gulls."

A cormorant representing Blanche Ingram appears in the first of the fictional paintings by Jane in Charlotte Brontë's novel Jane Eyre.[citation needed]

No previous experience is necessary as all aspects will be taught. Training consists of a small amount of classroom work and the rest is practical, hands on training, usually at the galas you would be attending anyway.

Historically, the Cormorant population in the UK and close continent has been kept at a low level due to persecution by humans and through reduced breeding success (in the 1950-60s) as a result of pesticide pollution.

Whilst the Cormorant population as a whole in Britain & Ireland has increased in recent years, at a local level there are some very different trends.

Cormorants feature in heraldry and medieval ornamentation, usually in their "wing-drying" pose, which was seen as representing the Christian cross, and symbolizing nobility and sacrifice. John Milton in Paradise Lost satirized the concept, using cormorant as a disguise used by Satan, symbolizing greed. Perched atop the Tree of Life, Satan took the form of a cormorant as he spied on Adam and Eve during his first intrusion into Eden.[33]

They are coastal rather than oceanic birds, and some have colonised inland waters – indeed, the original ancestor of cormorants seems to have been a fresh-water bird, judging from the habitat of the most ancient lineage. They range around the world, except for the central Pacific islands.

Blue-eyed shags and relatives: variously placed in Euleucocarbo, Hypoleucos, Leucocarbo, Notocarbo and Stictocarbo ("Leucocarboninae"), and the monotypic Nannopterum.

The remaining species are, in accordance with the scheme used in this article, all placed in the modern genus Phalacrocorax:

Without qualified officials, galas would not run and your swimmer would not be able to compete. The Club are obliged to supply judges and timekeepers at all the galas we attend otherwise the club cannot take part.  Unless the gala is internal and unlicensed all officials now have to be qualified. Just to run a gala you need a minimum of 20 officials. We currently have only one qualified J1 official and rely on help from officials who have no children at the club.

Anglers have been petitioning the government to do something about the birds for more than a decade. But a perception that cormorant numbers are now out of control has resulted in a clamour for unprecedented action. Eleven groups, including the Angling Trust and the Salmon and Trout Association, are lobbying to influence a review by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) into the control of piscivorours (fish-eating birds) to be published at the end of the year.

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Following protective legislation against persecution in Denmark and Holland in the 1960s, the European population increased rapidly and continental birds started to extend their wintering range into Britain & Ireland.

Agr1: Kick Board, Pull Buoy, Fins, Snorkels – New for this season. (Nose clips maybe required with snorkels)

While the Leucocarbonines are almost certainly of southern Pacific origin—possibly even the Antarctic which, at the time when cormorants evolved, was not yet ice-covered—all that can be said about the Phalacrocoracines is that they are most diverse in the regions bordering the Indian Ocean, but generally occur over a large area.

The current licence system sets limits on the number of cormorants and other fish–eating birds that can be killed and also specifies time periods when shooting is allowed under licence.

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Details of the current licensing system