Caring for Chinese dwarf hamsters is similar to caring for other dwarf hamsters. You can visit our dwarf hamster care page to find out more about how to take care of your Chinese dwarf hamster.

My boyfriend and I just got two male ones went with a game of thrones theme! The white one is ghost and the brown one is called kingslayer 🙂

Some people say that the only hamsters that can live together are the Chinese hamsters, others say that the Russian hamsters are the only ones that can live together. Who’s right?

I have a female Chinese dwarf hamster and her name is Squirrel a use she looks like one.

Chinese hamsters are my favourite of all the pet hamster species. I love their slender profile and curling tail. Their most enchanting quality is how they cling. They will cling onto clothing or a finger with their paws (and often their tails as well).

My daughter loves chinese dwarf hamsters but we cannot find any in our area. Does anyone know if there is a breeder in NY near Rochester? i’m not Blaine BTW I don’t know why it is posting this way.

DON’T listen to what the shops tell you. They lie to make money. Chinese dwarfs are best on their own and those rodents that live in groups are best in pairs. Something similar happened with my 3 gerbils (before they got strokes and died prematurely), the shop said they would be fine, but that wasnt the case.

Please take your hamster to the vet! There isn’t much we can do to help

Some United States states such as California and New Jersey regard the Chinese hamster as a pest, and as a result require a special permit to own, breed or sell them.[1] Some states, including New Jersey, call it an exotic animal, and require a similar permit in order to sell them.

Chinese hamsters are more difficult to breed than other hamsters, which makes them more difficult to find in pet stores. Chinese hamsters seem to have a higher incidence of diabetes, as with common dwarf varieties. For this reason, a diet containing lower natural sugar content should be followed as a precaution.

I have a Chinese dwarf and his name is Squiggles. I’ve had him for nearly 5 years, and my bedroom has really smelled like hamster pee over the years, and my parents are really complaining about it. I’ve been cleaning his cage almost every other day, but it still won’t go away! Anyone got advice before my parents try to sell my baby?

Clean their cage at least once a week. They like seeds and fruits and vegetables, but make sure you get it from a store. Particularly pet smart. That have a bag of food for 3.99 and it lasted a couple of weeks for me. They are active so give them plenty of room to play. And definitely get a wheel, but watch out. They like to run so much that sometimes they run their feet raw and start to bleed. But other than that, have fun. Oh. And change their water EVERY DAY.

Feed Chinese hamsters a fresh, high-quality, store-bought grain mix, supplemented with tiny bits of green vegetable, and an occasional protein, such as cooked, unseasoned chicken. Any fresh foods should be removed immediately if not eaten. Chinese hamsters, like dwarf varieties, are prone to diabetes, so fruits should be avoided or fed very rarely and cautiously. Fresh water should always be available.

I have a chinese dwarf hamster to! Her name is Mocha. 🙂 Question: She has a scab on her back, and I don’t know where it came from, what should I do?

Like Russian dwarves, Chinese hamsters are also prone to diabetes.

Hi Tammy! In case you’re still wondering–this is very normal, yes. My sister has had three Chinese Dwarf males now, and all three have had genitals nearly the size of their heads. It makes them look a bit ridiculous, to be sure, but it’s harmless 🙂

They can have quite vicious temperaments, but are easily handled; one of their endearing traits is that of clinging to a finger with all four paws, rather like a harvest mouse on a corn stalk. Chinese hamsters can be quite nervous as youngsters but, once they are tame, can display an endearing calmness and gentleness of character.

I have a Chinese hamster he’s 22 weeks male but my daughter names him Rosie lol

For more information about the inheritance of the standard colours/patterns in Chinese hamsters, please see the genetics section.

Chinese hamsters are unusual among the small varieties of hamster because they have somewhat more in common with the larger Syrian hamster than with the dwarf hamsters. In fact, Chinese hamsters are not thought of as dwarves; they are in a special category known as ratlike hamsters or mouselike hamsters due to their appearance.

As with all hamsters, if you’re interested in adopting the cute, sweet-natured Chinese hamster, seek a responsible, knowledgeable source to obtain one; chances are better that your pet hamster will enjoy a longer and better-quality life.

The Chinese Hamster is one of the least common hamster species kept as a pet but Chinese hamsters are occasionally seen in pet shops and make a delightful pet.

The Chinese Hamster is a species of hamster, scientific name Cricetulus griseus, which originate in the deserts of northern China and Mongolia. Chinese hamsters grow to between 7.5 and 9 centimetres in length and as adults can weight 50 – 75 grams. Chinese Hamsters live two to three years on average.

Information about the Chinese Hamster including its origins, a desciption of the Chinese hamster and its lifespan.

My dwarf hamster has a large scab on his side. There hair is gone where the scab is. Has some white in the middle but not sure if it’s hair or something worse. Help

Hi im about to get a chinese dworf hamster! Anything i should know to keep good care of it?

my female dwarf hamster ate the male, can someone please tell me why??

Chinese Hamster

The term “Russian dwarf hamster” is a common term for two species of hamster – the Campbell’s dwarf … [Read More...]

I’ve had my hamster for 5 days. At first she would run and hide when I walked in the room. Now, when I put my hand in the aquarium she jumps in my hand and climbs up to my shoulder and sits… Most times, she refuses to get off of me… She nibbles on my skin. How do I get her to stop? When she’s in the tank. She runs like there’s no tomorrow but when I put her in her ball, she stays still. I am 14 and this is my first ever hamster…

Hi Everyone.. I am a new hamster.. I had one earlier this year but, she passes at the age of 4 years… I have a dwarf hamster.. are the male parts large.. I am worried and don’t want to loose him.. He is so cute and sweet… he is about 4 monthes old.. I have had him for 8 weeks and I love him so much.. Thank you sooo much…

The wild colour is brown with a black stripe down the spine, black and grey ticks and a whitish belly. This coloration, combined with their lithe build and longer tail, makes them look "mousy" to some eyes and, in fact, they are members of the group called ratlike hamsters. Besides the wild colour, a well-known variation is the white-spotted Chinese hamster, which often is grayish white all over, with only a dark stripe on its back.

I just got my Chinese Dwarf Hamster and she is hiding under the bedding. What do I do? I can’t see her. All I see is a little bump in the bedding where she is.

Males can be kept together, but I would not recommend it for an inexperienced owner of Chinese hamsters. I personally prefer to keep my Chinese hamsters singly.

These hamsters also need chew toys so make sure they have toys designed for hamsters and replace them when they are worn. Some hamsters will hoard food so allow them to keep it for a few days but then replace it for sanitary concerns. Make sure you remove uneaten food like fruit or vegetables before these spoil.

Hi maymay, do you mean a tab on the menu with Robo Dwarf Hamster, Russian Dwarf Hamster, Siberian Hamster…etc ?

I have a Chinese hamster too! His name is Chester! He is about two years old.

hi morgan! im Cc… i think I have a solution to your problem! I was thinking the food that you feed him might be too acidic which is causing the smell… Have you tried to use a different food recource? Or maybe its his beding which could be exorbing the blatter causing the smell.

Fights between Chinese hamsters can become serious very quickly and lead to bad injuries or even death. Two of my 5 week old boys fought and one ended up needing surgery to repair the damage. 

I have a Chinese dwarf hamster too! His name is Oreo. He was just born!

Hi, I just got a chinese dawrf hamster myself. I live in North Carolina but maybe if you have a Petsmart near you, you can get the hamster there. Petsmart is very helpful and will tell you everything you need to know. They will let you pick out the hamster you want and hold the hamster before you take him/her home. I hope this helps!