What was the worst thing you got from a visitor after having your first baby?

And even though they've just given birth to a tiny human being and are stitched up, sore as hell, and so tired they feel like their eyes are going to swell shut, most brand new moms will still graciously accept visitors. Introducing family and friends to their newborn is pretty much the only way to guarantee they'll stop calling and bugging them for days on end about when they're finally going to get to see the baby. (People are so selfish, aren't they?)

On that note, if you're going to visit a first time mom and her newborn anytime soon, here are a few things you should forget bringing along with you. (Just bring her a casserole that she can freeze and keep reassuring her that she's doing a great job. That's the best thing.)

Ok, ok, so I know they mean well and want to congratulate the happy new parents and snuggle the new baby for a bit. But visitors can be a bit overbearing during those first few postpartum days -- especially when they give the new mom a bunch of things (both material and verbal) that she really just doesn't need.

Bringing their first baby home from the hospital is an exciting time for new moms, but let's be honest, it can be pretty overwhelming and exhausting too.