Do check what your children have written to avoid excruciating explanations.

And because we know that grandparents love spoiling their grandchildren, we've also got some great ranges of gifts for babies and gifts for children.

Today is the only day there is to say the words: I love you. Today is the only day there is to hear the words: I am sorry. Today is the only day there is to say the words: I forgive you. Today is the only day there is to live.

Thank you, Brother James, for this and for all you contributions over the past few months. I used yours on Water with a group and e-mailed you but, obviously with the wrong address as it bounced back. I especially wanted to wish you a blessed and happy Canadian Thanksgiving Day today. Barry

I wonder how many of us would describe ourselves as being particularly wise. Do you think of yourself as wise? Sure, we might have a lot of leaning. Sure, we might have a lot of knowledge. But do we have a lot of wisdom? Are you an especially wise person?

“My sister and I still laugh about the junk we’d find under the tree ... ,” recalls Ms. Madison. “When I was 11, I got a miniature decorative wooden harp that you couldn’t even pluck or strum. When my sister was 14, she got a tape dispenser with no tape. Every child’s dream!”

After my grandmother died, we discovered she had kept a drawer full of thank you letters from her 13 grandchildren. Some were terse two liners, some ebullient descriptions of family Christmases, and all obviously much treasured, even decades later.

Don't leave letters languishing at the bottom of your handbag waiting for a stamp.

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For many happy pre-school years we got away with a drawing, a wobbly signature and a dictated letter penned by myself. Now thank you letters can stretch into the beginning of term; that first flurry of activity armed with an arsenal of glitter pens and new letter writing kit waning to one laborious sentence a day. Even more painfully, my children are now at an age where phonetic spelling ('Fanks for the jiksaw') has slipped from being funny to frankly worrying.

food, and the body more than clothing? …. So do not worry about tomorrow,

I love you. I am sorry. I forgive you. Thank you.

But for grandparents and distant relatives, I still believe my potential pain is worth their pleasure at receiving a thank you letter.

This is where careful gifting rituals fall apart: “We can’t possibly maintain among more than a few of these people the kind of intimacy necessary to select a gift for a particular recipient that will be especially welcomed or appreciated. How often does anyone receive a gift to be treasured in the dreaded office Secret Santa exchange?”

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for tomorrow will bring worries of its own. Today’s trouble is enough for

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Aside from the mushrooming of these milestones, the list of folks on our gift lists has also ballooned, from kindergarten teachers to mail carriers. This means obligations have swelled just as free time has shrunk. Enter the Starbucks/Chapters gift card.

And so I hurry to read this email. Most of my life I have hurried. Why do I hurry? I’m like the idiot who speeds past other cars, cursing at them, to get to the red light 🙂

“Maybe your grandmother isn’t right on top of things and those slipper socks are a little outdated but oh my gosh, does she love you! She made you those slipper socks,” Ms. Post Senning said.

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Heather Evans, an English professor at Queen’s University who also looks at Christmas conventions, said we are moving away from the term “gift giving” to “exchanging gifts.

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Thank You present for my grandma is just one sign that the end of gracious receiving may be nigh.

Today, Ms. Madison and her sister Michelle have given other disgruntled receivers a voice on, a site that lets people post photos of their most heinous gifts.

Do make sure you're thanking the right person for the right present, and putting it in the right envelope.

My toddler gets too many gifts. How can we stop excess?

Do send a text or phone on the day if a present is really thoughtful or generous, but always follow up with a hand-written letter.

In her own way, Grandma was saying the same thing to me that Jesus says to all of us today: don’t wish your life away; consider the lilies of the field. These are wisdom words worth paying attention  to.

The lesson of Bible cited in Br. Koester’s homily always makes me think of movie “The Lilies of the Field” in which Sidney Poitier starred. We need to do what is important right now.

Otherwise, your gift might end up on her site, which the Connecticut native is unapologetic about. “Anyone saying the submitters on the site are cruel or rude really needs to take a step down off of the horse they’re sitting on,” Ms. Madison said. “A bad gift is a bad gift. It’s not the thought that counts. That’s just something people say to make themselves feel better about the junky gift they just received.”

“It’s become, for many people, a convenient way not to have to think a lot about what to do. You leave it up to the person,” said John-Kurt Pliniussen, associate professor of eMarketing and innovation at Queen’s School of Business.

Dear Polly (2015-11-05) I have read Br. James homily before this morning. Always speaks to me. This morning your response also spoke to me. Thank you.

James: Very poignant. In the words of another granny I know: “Why worry when you can pray?”

The popularity of gift cards suggests a desire for control – and a lack of trust in the giver to get it right. It also spares recipients the embarrassment of having to lie when the slipper socks come out.

Great gifts for grandparents need to come from the heart and our gifts for grandparents collection is full of heartfelt treasures sure to make them smile.

“If you don’t know what to get someone, go with a gift card. Really, it’s okay,” said Ms. Madison, of infamy.

My grandmother was a very wise woman, not because she took all those classes, but because she knew something about living in the moment. Like Jesus, she delighted in the lilies, and the birds and the grass. Which is exactly what Jesus is inviting us all to do today.

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