Crafted from the seeds of a tropical grass that grows in South and Central America, named for their tear shape, and named after San Pedro, the Patron Saint who endured great suffering.

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Believing in angels – and entertaining the idea that our grandmothers are angels watching over us – can be healing and comforting. One of the best sympathy gifts you could ever give is comfort, hope, and faith. After the loss of a grandmother, we lose a bit of our childhood…and it helps to believe our grandmas are watching over us from Heaven.

This little heart locket is engraved with "Baby" and has room to display two photos inside.

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“A friend of mine compiled a list of things to do when a friend or loved one has a death in the family,” says a reader on Practical Tips and Prayers for Grieving Widows. “She just lost her grandmother and wrote this up a week after the funeral. I printed it out and keep it on hand now so I have more of an idea of what I can do after a family death.”

Glass inspiration square with the sentiment The Reunion Heart <br /><br /> He'll turn to joy my every tear with thoughts of you I hold so dear, and they'll become my special way to treasure our Reunion Day.

Immediately after the loss of a grandmother, sympathy gifts and gestures will come pouring in. But as the weeks and months pass, people will forget. Bereaved family members suffer alone in the following months. Give your friend the gift of remembering grandma long after the funeral is over. This is one of those sympathy gifts for the loss of a grandmother that costs nothing but time.

The Sympathy Angel Figurine is a lovely gift after a grandmother passes on. It reads, “Angels are always near to those who are grieving, to whisper to them that their loved ones are safe in the hands of God.”

When my friend’s grandmother died, a mutual friend invited her out for coffee. The sole purpose was to talk about grandma, to share all the best and worst memories. People need to talk about the loved ones they lost – it makes them feel better, not worse.

Lovely porcelain jewelry/keepsake box is a thoughtful gift. Features a stanza from the poem "No More Tears in Heaven". 4" tall.

This exclusive LoomSoft tapestry throw will wrap your love around someone who has lost a special mother.

This glistening cross has angel wings across with a crystal in the middle. Gift boxed with My Heavenly Angel poem.

Produced in a bakery that processes peanuts and tree nuts.

In this list of thoughtful sympathy gifts for the loss of a grandmother, you’ll find everything from angels to comfort candles to wind chimes.

Heart shaped plaque beautifully accented with copper and blue flowers and butterfly with a sweet sentiment 'In Remembrance of my mothers eternal Light and Love'

The best sympathy gift you could give someone after the loss of a grandmother is to do some of these chores yourself. They don’t cost much money, and they can make all the difference in the world.

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Sending you an angel is given thoughtfully with this beautiful silver plated stretch bracelet embellished with the words "May all your days be blessed with the presence of an angel watching over you"

Food is another huge chore during the funeral preparation and planning; preparing meals is a practical way to show support and love after someone passes on.

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This is one of the more unusual sympathy gift ideas after a grandmother dies: “When someone you know loses a loved one, the grief process goes on for quite some time,” says ArtLady on Sympathy Gift Ideas for the Loss of a Grandmother. “Remember Grandma’s birthday by sending a card. Send small gifts on special occasions, like Mother’s Day, Christmas, Easter, etc. Just simply giving them a candle in a container to burn for Grandmother at Christmas means a great deal.”

A thoughtful sympathy gift for the loss of a grandmother doesn’t have to be big or expensive…just from the heart.

This limited-edition music box is a shining expression of the unbreakable bond of love and its everlasting, transcendent power. Fully mirrored of exquisite beveled glass and metal throughout. It plays the comforting melody "Amazing Grace".

Sandstone color resin stepping stone with chiseled edges and a hopeful verse, Safely Home in Heaven at last.

Sympathy gift baskets are versatile and thoughtful after the loss of a grandmother, especially if you live far from the bereaved person. And you can easily create a sympathy gift basket yourself! A homemade sympathy gift basket allows you to include more personal items that you know the family member enjoys.

An “In Loving Memory” Sympathy Gift Basket may not be the most creative or homemade sympathy gift after the loss of a grandmother, but it’s still an encouragement.

Unique to our site, you can select a product and enter any "future date" to remember your friend or loved one on a holiday or anniversary that may be particularly difficult.

Sympathy present for my grandma

At the end of this list of sympathy gifts and helpful ways to support someone after the loss of a grandmother, I offer a list of things to do after a death in the family. Sympathy gifts such as wind chimes, comfort candles, and Willow Tree figurines are lovely, but practical gifts of time are also extremely important after the loss of a grandmother.

Grandmother You are a Treasure of Memories & Love is inscribed on this lovely whitewashed music box.

Delicately detailed silver mesh wings surround this kneeling praying angel. Let someone know you are praying for them.

A thoughtful, meaningful way to help after a the loss of a grandmother could involve also addressing thank you cards for the sympathy gifts, and buying stamps.

This candle includes a scripture verse that says, “Faith is being sure of what we cannot see.” Different sympathy candles have different sayings, such as “In Memory of a Life Well Lived.”

These sympathy gifts for the loss of a grandmother are more about offering practical support, helpful gestures, and being there for the bereaved person. In Sympathy Gifts for the Loss of a Mother, I share an assortment of gift ideas that aren’t as practical as the tips in this article, as well as helpful things to do after grandma passes on.

Accented with a copper overlay detailing and special sentiment this stone is sure to bring comfort to your friend or loved one. Sentiment reads In Remembrance of my Mother's Eternal Light and Love.

A comfort candle is one of my favorite sympathy gifts because it represents light, love, and an eternal flame. It’s a symbol of hope and faith – even for nonbelievers.

Simple and yet beautiful. Heartshaped fingerprint on one side of pewter charm with the words 'fingerprints forever etched upon my heart' on the reverse side.

Create a garden of peace while remembering a loved one with our memorial bench.

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