You can pay an extra charge to have the cards sent by Special Next Day Delivery. Tick the appropriate boxes on form 1610.

This is because it's the employee (active or retired) who accrues the entitlement and is therefore responsible for the correct usage of cards and passes by eligible family members.  So only the main cardholder can authorise any changes.

One box allows for travel on the date entered and the following day - except on 30 June (as your new card must be used from 1 July).

Child dependants are eligible to receive international facilities from the age of 4 years old. Before that, they can travel free of charge.

By following this best practice, your school will meet the requirements of the Children & Families Act (2014) in England – find out more about the legal situation in your nation.

The franchised Passenger Train Operating Companies (TOCs) which accept staff travel facilities are:

No - you can "sign electronically" by typing in your name.  However the email address that you then send from should include your name recognisably.

Firstly check the with the station barrier staff to confirm that it’s the pass that’s faulty, not the gate-line. If the barrier staff agree that the card is faulty, and card is for:

My child is over 16 but I didn't receive a pass for him/her – what should I do?

Children usually need a Zip Oyster photocard, as follows:

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You should carry your passport with you at all time.  Please note therefore that your name on your FIP card/coupons must match your name on your passport.

We have been told by those TOCs which have announced an intention to close ticket offices that Station Hosts will be available on the concourse, and their roles will include help with the use of ticket machines.

The child’s IHP should state who needs to see it. Some parents may have issues with privacy. However, in reality every teacher who teaches the child will need to know about their diabetes, have read and understood the IHP and have a basic knowledge of diabetes.

You should make sure the school has a suitable level of insurance in place. You should make clear in your medical conditions policy any requirements of the insurance, such as staff members supporting children being trained properly.

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Headteachers, school governors and responsible bodies must make clear the plans and procedures they have in place when they are made aware a child has been diagnosed with diabetes.

If even this documentation is not available, as a last resort you can use form 1613 and get it sworn before a solicitor.  You may have to pay for this to be done.

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When a child is taking exams, schools should have an agreed exam protocol in place, which is clearly stated in their IHP. It will vary from child to child. Some may like to take the exam away from other children in case they need to treat themselves, while others will want to be with their classmates.

When I am not working with children, I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, reading books, and taking in the outdoors.

There is no change to the discount structure for Season Tickets. Please note that privilege rate Season Tickets allow you to travel to and from your place of work, and that your TOC Privilege Card should not be used for this purpose.

Heads, school governors and responsible bodies should also make contingency plans so the school always has someone who is trained available and you are prepared for staff absence and turnover. You should make clear how you will inform supply teachers of a child’s diabetes.

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Your medical conditions policy should state that staff must receive suitable training and make clear how these members of staff will be supported in carrying out their role in supporting a child. The policy should make clear how training needs are assessed (by a specialist diabetes nurse for diabetes) and how training will be provided.

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Not quite; but if you would qualify for a Senior Citizens’ Railcard (you don’t actually have to have one) and you have retired Rail Staff Travel facilities (ie you are safeguarded) you can take up to 4 children aged between 5 and 15 with you for a flat fare of £2 each way, travelling in Standard class only. Ask at any station ticket office.

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While this section won’t cover every question we’re asked, we hope it might help with some of the easier ones, and help you find what you’re looking for more quickly. In all cases there is more detail elsewhere, usually with the forms in question.

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The policy must set out what members of staff should do in an emergency. An emergency is an incident that requires immediate attention, not simply treatment that requires an ambulance.

If a trained member of staff is administering insulin, whether through a pen or a pump, each dose must be recorded. One way of doing this is by using a communications book.

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Exactly what a child is able to do themselves should be clearly stated along with precautionary measures in case they are unable to look after themselves. Every child’s ability to manage their own diabetes will differ and progress, and potentially regress, at different speeds.

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Why do I need to supply a full birth certificate?

A child’s diabetes pen, their pump, or blood glucose meter must never be locked away from them.

I need the replacement in a hurry – what should I do?

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