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Not On The High Street is a great place to start if you're looking for an original and unique gift for baby, such as this personalised night light.

Hello and welcome from the MumStuff Team! We hope you enjoy our unique shopping experience dedicated exclusively to all things 'mum'. There's no baby stuff here - just everything for the perfect pregnancy and beyond! Whether you are pregnant yourself, or you are buying for your partner, wife or friend, you can be assured of a fabulous selection of thoughtful products to inspire, support and nurture..

Travel mug. Sounds shit, but actually worth it's weight in gold. You can guarantee that the baby will need feeding as soon as she makes herself a drink. If it's a hot drink, the bugger will go cold, if she's outside on a hot day with a glass of something cold, a bloody fly will get in. Travel mug sorts both problems out

New Parent™ Resident Moms are part of an exclusive group of expectant, new, and toddler-staged moms who review products, share their opinions, and basically rule the website (and universe).

I love the idea of a cleaning voucher (heaven!) - and maybe you could make your own babysitting voucher iyswim I also love those delivered freezer meals, they look yummy and really helpful, too.

To keep things simple, there are six distinct 'Mum' departments leading to a number of sub-sections relating to everything you might need or want her to have!.

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Pay for a cleaner for the first 8 weeks, more if you can afford it.

We have a dedicated support team ready to help with any questions or concerns you may have, so please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

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Being a grandparent is a cherished role, help them celebrate it this holiday season with these 10 gift ideas.

Alternatively if you buy an outfit for the baby, buy something aged 6months+ (and for the season appropriate to that age) - everyone buys newborn or 0-3!

Be sure to have everything ready for when your newborn arrives with this handy checklist.

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Go easy on any theme stuff, too, as my DD was due a week before christmas and I got about 5 'My First Christmas' outfits (wasn;t going to change her 7 times in one day) and 5/6 snowsuits. If you get anything for baby, simple outfits non-themed are probably the best way to go.

Mum of two, Natalie, thinks so. "Setting up a baby gift list is almost like saying 'buy me something when you visit' but the choice to buy a gift for a new baby should be at the discretion of your friends and family - not something you force upon them," she says.

Metanium bum cream (for baby!) was the best prezzy I got. Its the only thing I found that really helped red bums. I passed on the wisdom to my SIL but not sure she appreciated the thought! Also I second the v-pillow and nice creams etc and also some choccies or fudge, purely medicinal to help keep her energy levels up ;-)

My friend got me a breastfeeding vest top (like this:, which I thought was a bit rubbish to be honest, but once my baby was here, I ended up buying two more & wearing them everyday!A really great body lotion is a good idea too - my skin was super itchy afterwards - or maybe a lovely lip balm or lip gloss to help her feel more glam after a sleepless night?

My favourite gift arrived when dd was a few days old. It was a big, huge cake, a tray of brownies and some cupcakes delivered from a local bakery. Meant we had lovely treats, and also stuff for visitors. Don't send flowers - the family will be in too much of a spin to appreciate them, and will have to fanny around with vases.

Get her a v-shaped pillow for feeding, whether she breast or bottle feeds it will be really handy for sitting and holding her little one

For a unique bonding experience that both baby and parents can enjoy, consider a course of Water Babies swimming sessions. The exercises used in teaching babies to swim – gentle rocking, reaching for objects, kicking movements and learning to respond to commands – provide the perfect stimulation for baby’s brain. 

Between feedings, changing diapers, and no sleep, moms need extra attention this time of year.

pedicure is a life saving gift im 38+2 and my partner has bought me a voucher to have one before our baby is born and I cant wait my feet are swollen sore and achy so great gift!!also hes got me a voucher for new look so when I feel ready i can treat myself to some new cant beat nice bubble baths etc.

First-time fathers deserve some recognition, too. Check our our 10 best gifts for new dads.

Our top 10 picks for the best parenting websites (aside from ours, of course!)

"My friends threw me a baby shower for my first baby, and kitted us out with all sorts of useful stuff - bottles, blankets, dummies and push chair accessories - all the little things that soon add up when you have to buy them yourself, but so much more useful than 20 newborn outfits."

The basic pieces to buy before your baby arrives.

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New Baby present for my friend

My mum always gives new mums lovely creams and lotions etc (Decleor / Clarins etc) as she always reckons the baby gets tons of gifts and the mum (who did all the work so far) gets nothing! It seems to go down well with the various friends she's done that for, so might be worth considering.

There's no baby stuff here - just everything for the perfect pregnancy and beyond! Whether you are pregnant, or you are buying for your partner, wife or friend, please look through our fabulous selection of thoughtful products to inspire, support and nurture a mum to be.

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Courses start at £150 for a ten week term including an underwater photoshoot and a full welcome pack which includes a beautiful sticker book where parents can track their child’s progress with photos and dates of milestones. Head to to find your nearest location.

One mom tries to cut the complaining--and has a genius realization.

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Created by a Dutch mother when her baby first rolled over, this unique gift set allows new parents to record 28 of their baby's key milestones on a collection of cute, keepsake cards.