You can still obtain point-to-point privilege rate tickets for LUL travel from National Rail ticket offices.  However it is cheaper and usually more convenient to obtain a priv rate pay as you go Oyster.

I have 2 jobs.  First one long standing permanent hours 18.5 p.w. for which I pay tax and NI.  Second job for less years working only on a Sunday around 10 months of the year.  This job only deducts tax.  Should I be paying NI contributions on the second job too and should a P46 be completed?  Second employer told me I didn’t need to pay NI contributions.  Will I have to repay NI? I get a P60 from both jobs each year.  Thank you!

There is no reason for the first employer to be aware of the second employer.

  My last employment was in May year 2008 after i was working part-time up to 21 May 2012, I had very low income that’s why i did not pay tax and NI but now i got the job full time but temporarily so, i have no P45 but employer gave me P46 form i dont understand which option i need to tick it and I mention after 2008 job experience in CV, so any problem i have to face with H&M revenue?

Everytime I skim read this thread title I see

I was then offered by my employer to return to continue my service. I am currently back with the same employer with a different visa.

The design and format of all FIP products is set by Europe - we aren’t allowed to change it or go our own way.

3. Name:  I’ve changed my name - what should I do?

The collection amount isn't important, but remember.... you will be in the same boat down the line how do you want to go out?

You can: • Email us; • Call us free on 0800 652 1700, 9am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday; • Write to us at PO Box 72071, London EC1P 1JD.

I am EEA national category and arrived in the UK to start my new career last October, 2013 and since then unemployed. During the last 5 years until Sept, 2013 - I was working in Singapore.

so do i just phone my local tax office and ask them to sort it out for me?

Yes, an employer should ask new employees for a P45, if they do not have one, then it is a requirement to ask them to complete a P46.

The employer has not yet given me a payslip and has put me on P46 emergency code. I do not know how much % tax will be deducted from my wages.

I have a part time job in a small company earning less than £6000. I am having an offer for a much better job but I need to fill in my P46. I will start the new job after 6 weeks and i have given my previous employer a 3 week notice. 1- Will my new employer know about my previous salary?2- Which box i have to tick in the P46 box?

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Separately, we are investigating alternative methods of obtaining privilege travel tickets, such as by online or telephone-supported booking systems.

No.  The class of travel is set, for both active and retired staff, and you must travel in the designated class.  However, some train companies occasionally offer upgrades to the public, for example at weekends/Bank Holidays.  In these circumstances only, staff can also take advantage of the offer (ie by paying the requisite fee).  Unfortunately, these upgrade opportunities are not always available or predictable, so we cannot publish a list of them.

I have completed a P46 form but it was submitted after my first pay day. Does that mean that I will get some money back on my next payday if I was taxed too much on the last one or not??

I think the mistake was not giving you new employer the P45 you should have received when you left the job in Aug 2008

Hello, I’m completing a P46 for a new job.

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I left my job on the 27th of last month my employer took a few weeks to give me my p45   It is not the usual blue one   He says this is a computer generated p45 from sage is this legal also no wage slips were given to me each month and I had to insist he gave me them which he finally did but the info on them is wrong and look very dodgy what do I do as I have started a new job and don’t know if I can use this supposed p45 to give to my new employer

My child is turning 5 – what should I do?

Just to add to above my P45 was issued by JSA after I signed off.

Hi Kevin, contact the HMRC help line on two fronts. It is likely you have overpaid tax for the last tax year which finished on 5th April 2012, so you will be due money back. They will be able to help you claim this.  Equally you are currently entitled to receive £8,105 in the tax year (so it is pro-rated), tax free. So have your employer tax reference to hand and they will agree your tax free allowance and send a tax code to your employer.

Also, if I am entitled to a tax rebate, how do I go about getting it?

I started full time employment on 26th July after being unemployed from December 2010. I was asked to fill out form P46 on my first day. On August 1st I received my P45 and passed this onto payroll.

The second job is legit, I gave them my NI number but didn’t give them my P45 and have not yet fill out a P46.

Either way it is possible to reclaim any overpayments.

Use form 1602 and send it back with a copy of your marriage or civil partnership certificate. Please remember that if passes already issued to a former spouse or partner that are still valid, you must return these to us for cancellation before you apply afresh.  If you can’t return the passes for your ex, you’ll have to wait until these have expired by date before applying for travel for your new spouse.

Leaving present for my staff

To pay NIC in a job you need to earn over what is termed a Primary Threshold. Only earnings above that threshold have an NIC amount deducted. It is most likely that you 2nd income is insufficient to trigger any contribution. Only when you start a new job do you need to present a P45 or complete a P46. What is worth checking is the tax code being applied in both employments as you are entitled currently (2011/2012) to earn £7,475 before any tax is due.

i have recently been layed off work for a short time. i am employed but due to being layed off i have no choice then to find short term work with another company.ive been asked to fill out a p46 is this correct?please help im confused ?

P45 are A4 sized and black and white - they are P45s and can be used for the new employment.

If Tick Box A is completed, then the free pay and tax is recalculated back to the 6th April (the beginning of the tax year). If Tick Box B is completed, then the free pay and rax is not recalculated for the past, but proportionally used going forward until the end of the tax year.

Call the HMRC on the following number 0845 300 0627. Have your payslips to hand and your National Insurance number. They will guide you in relation to any tax refund due and will also notify your employer of any change in tax code.

Hi i never had a p45 to give to my current employer and so filled out a p46.i then started a 2nd job and filled out another p46 for them too.I have left the second job and am continuing with my original job but the 2nd job have sent me a p45 from them. can i hand in the p45 to my current job or is it completely useless?thanks

What if I can’t find the answer to my question here or in the Where Can I Go? pages...

I have worked part time in a hairdressers for several years as I receive tax credits. I have not paid tax as I don’t earn enough. I am now starting a full time job and do not have a P45. Should I complete a P46 and give it to my new employee.

School leaving age - why do I need to do a declaration at all?