No.  The class of travel is set, for both active and retired staff, and you must travel in the designated class.  However, some train companies occasionally offer upgrades to the public, for example at weekends/Bank Holidays.  In these circumstances only, staff can also take advantage of the offer (ie by paying the requisite fee).  Unfortunately, these upgrade opportunities are not always available or predictable, so we cannot publish a list of them.

If you would like to talk to us about leaving a gift in your Will, or about our work at Diabetes UK, please do get in touch with the team.

Art-loving new parents will love this extra-special gift; a unique, hand-sketched illustration of their newly-expanded family.

After the age of 16, adult fares apply on the railway, which is why we need to put an indicator on cards and passes.  See also this link for more information about when children can leave school.

Separately, we are investigating alternative methods of obtaining privilege travel tickets, such as by online or telephone-supported booking systems.

This nifty device - titled the Baby Shusher - mimics the sounds of the womb, helping to soothe and settle baby - something parents everywhere will no doubt appreciate!

from you to me from you to me was established in 2007 with a vision to create beautiful, high quality gifts to encourage children, adults and couples to capture and share precious memories on every...

One box allows for travel on the date entered and the following day - except on 30 June (as your new card must be used from 1 July).

Yes.  If you wish to pay your own booking fee you can use, amongst others:

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Newborn flower bouquet, £29.50, Cot2Tot & Beyond via Not On The High Street

If even this documentation is not available, as a last resort you can use form 1613 and get it sworn before a solicitor.  You may have to pay for this to be done.

You can use form 1615, or write to/email us.  Please give both the old and new addresses, together with your name and national insurance number, to ensure that we update the right record. If you’re an Active employee, please remember to notify your employer.

You can also download a copy of our Guide to leaving a Gift in your Will (PDF, 5,902KB)

Why isn't my FIP card a plastic one?

This book - described as a children's book for adults - and it's cheeky title is sure to bring a smile to even the weariest of new parents. 

I need the replacement in a hurry – what should I do?

Once baby arrives, it's no secret that mum and dad will struggle to find a moment for themselves for the foreseeable future, so give the gift of quality time with a hamper featuring everything they need for a night in together one the little one has gone to sleep.

It’s only on a full birth certificate that the parents’ details are included – the short version says only that the child has been born. The proven link to the parents is needed to establish entitlement.

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For a unique bonding experience that both baby and parents can enjoy, consider a course of Water Babies swimming sessions. The exercises used in teaching babies to swim – gentle rocking, reaching for objects, kicking movements and learning to respond to commands – provide the perfect stimulation for baby’s brain. 

TfL: How can I contact them if I've got a query?

You can pay an extra charge to have the cards sent by Special Next Day Delivery. Tick the appropriate boxes on form 1610.

My class of travel is STD – can I simply buy an upgrade to 1st?

Spouse:  How do I get passes for my spouse?

Courses start at £150 for a ten week term including an underwater photoshoot and a full welcome pack which includes a beautiful sticker book where parents can track their child’s progress with photos and dates of milestones. Head to to find your nearest location.

Employees of the following TOCs should obtain a photo ID via their own HR department:

You must remember to touch in on the yellow Oyster card reader at the start and touch out at the end of every journey so that the correct fare is deducted., even if the gates are open - otherwise, you may pay more than you need. You can also use it on buses and trams, but you'll pay the full adult fare.

Leaving present for my son

We understand that your family and loved ones must always come first. All we ask is once you've looked after those closest to you, that you think about leaving a gift towards our work. One day your gift could lead to a cure. What better legacy could you leave to future generations?

Please allow three weeks before your proposed travel date.

The franchised Passenger Train Operating Companies (TOCs) which accept staff travel facilities are:

·         Rail Canterbury              01227 450088

They are all on this site – click here to go directly to the page.

Remember always to carry your Staff Travel Card with you when using the Privilege Oyster card, as proof of entitlement.

Child dependants are eligible to receive international facilities from the age of 4 years old. Before that, they can travel free of charge.

We will post more information here when we have it.

The design and format of all FIP products is set by Europe - we aren’t allowed to change it or go our own way.

When can I apply for international facilities for my child?

·         Trainseurope                  0871 700 7722 (not Eurostar)

Just take your Staff Travel Card or TOC Privilege Card to any station booking office and they’ll be able to make a seat reservation for you. Please ensure you check the latest restrictions first – listed here.