Please note that school will be closed on Monday 6th May, for Spring Bank Holiday.

This is a super super school.You know every teacher in school i just like them all.

Well done the following children who have worked hard this week: Sara (BR), Aum (YR), Simone (RR), Alicia (GR), Sadja (B1), Emi (Y1), Alizeh (R1), Hodan (G1), Tariq (B2), Taybeh (Y2), Sneha (R2).

Hi, yes, if they have not followed their procedures properly then this would be a reason to make an appeal. Good luck. Regards, Lesley, Workline

thank you for response. It should be an interesting disciplinary meeting then as they think a puncture warrants a written warning so I suppose the likelihood is a written warning.

Windwhistle is great I am in choir and Charlotte is my best friend

Hi Jamie, thanks for your message. If you are suspended from work you must be told the reason why and approximately how long they expect the suspension to last. It may be appropriate that they tell certain parties of this (it may be necessary), but they must consider what is appropriate to tell and not. Good luck. Regards, Lesley, Workline

first day back at school amazing - learning about world war 2 cool LOL xx

Thank you for letting us play in the play ground

Daisy is my bestest friend in the whole wide world because she never lies to me and she always looks after me so when i ever get hurt she always looks after me THANK YOU DAISY you are my greatestfriend in the whole wide world (lol:)

my new teacher in year 3 is miss hunt but i would like to say thank you to miss james miss carroll and miss newberry

My backs better now so i can run and annoy my sister alot WOOP WOOP!

We miss all of you too.  Mrs Hunt

I love doing gymnastics every Friday and I'm enjoying yr 6. Deena,Lucy,Logan,Jess,trinity and Agata are my best friends

Lovely to hear from you Mason - we miss you too.  Mrs Hunt

Attendance last week: 94.5%. The best attendance in each Year Group was as follows:

i loved windwhistle it was the best days ever i miss u windwhistle x x 

Our lunchtime sports coaches hope to run a summer club here and details were sent out this week. They are also being sent with this newsletter.

love WindWhistle because I like all the teachers because they care they keep us safe and makes us be a better person by giving us the right choices. The most caring teacher is Mr Mclaughin.

Thank you from all of us for sending in your best wishes.

i love year five i have the best teacher in the world and saturday and yesterday i got soaked becasue there was a stroke of wind then it started tipping it down and wasnt very funny cos i was going to the library

hey guys i miss everybody.I will never forget this school teachers and friends. Most people is going broadoak so im gonna see most of my class anyway.I mostly miss my teacher Miss hunt. please respond anybody LOL :)

We will let you know how much money we have raised after the holiday.

First, is there a time limit on when i should receive this letter, now that i have been informed that there will be an investigation? because it is starting to build up inside me and i am beginning to worry about what i could have done wrong. I did not get suspended for this incident, so i am also at work nervous that i may make the same mistake again, due to me not knowing what i am alleged to have done wrong.

Wow, it has been almost 3 years since I left Windwhistle!

cant wait till we move up because i have a new teacher and thank you to all the teachers who has been my teacher this year and all my friends for helping me do my work and i have just been to see my cousins last week and the personi was glad to see was nikki and my auntie and her husband are coming to sleep round i cant wait

Hi Anon. Employers cannot automatically dismiss you because of events that take place outside of work; however they have the right to consider the impact on the company, its staff and if there is any damage to its reputation because of your actions. They should have informed you what disciplinary action might be taken before the hearing. Regards, Lesley, Workline

we have 4 stages of disciplinary (verbal, written,final,final final) .

 Yellow 1 is Class of the Week ~ very well done.

The holidays have gone so quick but have really missed my friends including kirsty even though i met her in year 3 she has made my day since now and really glad that she is my friend. I love WindWhistle!!!!

Only two people came to claim lost property last Friday so we will dispose of unclaimed items, salvaging anything that can be sent to charity or washed as spare clothing for when children have accidents in school.

Leaving present for my headteacher

i love windwhistle and i think we could do with an extra literacy lesson in the afternoon but if that dont come true then it doesnt matter because the school is awsome anyway

On Thursday 7th March, a theatre company will be performing “Tom’s Midnight Garden” in the school hall. We ask for donations of £1.50, towards the cost of staging this production.

I really love school and I really love my teacher.

we are so happy we got miss evans xx

Well done to all the children named overleaf who achieved 100% attendance last term and to those who have achieved 100% for the entire year.

If you are interested and would like to know more, please contact me, Ms Skelton (Deputy Headteacher) or Mrs. Khan (Chair of governors).

Hi Emma, they do need to provide you with the evidence before the meeting. Even if this is just before the meeting takes place (if you have sufficient time to read it/understand it etc). It’s unlikely to have much of a bearing on the outcome, if they realise they have made a mistake and make steps to correct it, but should be taken into consideration. Good luck. Regards, Lesley, Workline

hi i like it in nursery i dont want to leave my teachers on there own with new children just in case there really naughty.  The best thing about nursery is that we get to play and we only have to come to school untillunch time.  At home i dont like playing on my own for 3 hours

A reminder that the school day starts at 08.55 and all children do Guided Reading for 20 minutes, from 09.00 to 09.20.  Pupils who are late do not get the full benefit of this vital learning experience and key skill.